A nobody to buy album

I’ve been out a nobody to buy album.This thing was from the first day of winter vacation.That year, one of my great uncle admitted Jilin Agricultural University.When winter break, he was back a guitar, playing really well, because he has less than six months scholarship, but I was fool enough.I was deeply attracted by this instrument, thinking, uncle sing with guitar accompaniment so bad out very nicely, and I have to learn to play.I convinced my mother, with New Year’s gift that year, a total of 80 dollars, let uncle in Changchun help me buy a guitar.Guitar mailed back that day, I was so excited.She was lying on my bed, wrapped very tight.I am very sense of ceremony to take off her coat layer by layer, finally saw a shy, petite, she dreamed of, but did not dare to reach out and touch.Just as quietly watching, I am very excited.I put her up for, because I can not play.Ji’an not find a full-time teacher to teach guitar, letting my uncle bought me a set of teaching materials return to their own school.The first song playing is “same table for you”, he practiced for three months.Practice the process very boring, but then I know that many people want to play the guitar is to give up in the beginning, or was forced to close unbearable noise and give the audience torture.I’m not practicing the process of the audience, because one day my dad suddenly laid off, at home in a very remote place to open a small restaurant, my dad and my mom is a chef is a waiter.That restaurant places to eat only a dozen meters, but called the hotel really different.I may have inherited sense of humor self-dad.After the family opened a small restaurant, I came home from school on the left by himself, until I go to college like this.I’m afraid from the beginning to the habit, to love alone.The most embarrassing is a small restaurant a few days during the Spring Festival holiday, a family of three rare get together at night, actually do not know how to communicate, adults and children are awkward.Even if I was the only one at home, and I want to shut himself in the toilet practicing, because there is an echo toilet, piano and vocals are more pleasant.I often holding the guitar sit for hours on the toilet, which later led to the formation of conditions for a long period of reflection, if not holding the guitar is not dragged out.I was practicing and the toilet are more diligent, so the uncle and other summer vacation to come back, I can already fool him.Uncle home with a tape recorder, we both cooperate playing some songs, then recorded again and again to enjoy.I hear his voice from the tape recorder very wonderful feeling, as if he really became a singer as.Uncle to our portfolio has a name, called Agricultural brothers.I’d no opinion on the Agricultural word, can not we do nephew?After the holidays, uncle went to study Agricultural University.With the soaring guitar skills, I started trying to write songs.The first song was completed in 1995 by mid-autumn, called “Autumn Yi”, the lyrics sing Autumn Leaves fall big wild geese, who have been scattered dream has been broken, particularly hypocritical.In fact, this does not matter in love with the song, sing my thoughts of this combination Ambassador brothers.I would not want my uncle, I mainly want their home that tape recorder.I am the most famous song, “Autumn is used to break up the season”, is written in the 1997 mid-autumn, and have nothing to do with love.At that time I was playing basketball ankle fracture, all students have to participate in the activities organized by the school, and I am the only one in the class, hum the melody.At that time writing songs for me is very simple, before college I have written over one hundred songs, each capital has tidied notation, save by year.After college, busy falling in love, and I never write a song Kudachoushen.Another holiday, uncle came back from the Agricultural University, I had enough to write a dozen songs, to his home recordings precisely, to his home recordings toilet.I spent an afternoon in the toilet, my uncle hold back bad, and finally recorded a good one all my own playing and singing tapes, and later ripping several disks, want to give an uncle.My uncle refused, he was determined not to, he said: Brother, brother know you just recorded it several dishes, very precious, or leave them to those most in need of it.I said: Yes, t.But in fact was so sad, he does not laugh at my tape my lyrics than the students also hit me.At that time the school gate there are a lot of peddlers, has a business selling special fire Taner tape, tape five dollars a pop song comic sketches everything.A stall selling tapes have a small tape recorder, the volume is always very large, to attract students in the past.One day I waited a long time to wait for next to no one, past and stall holders say, I’ve got a rising star of pop music, which is my debut album and asked if he could help me sell on behalf of our 50-50.Stall I happily agreed, then asked if I had several dishes, how much to sell.I say temporarily have three, sold two, if we can sell a good rip.Stall is a good man, and I did not immediately fell out, but I hope he decisively rejected him with a small tape recorder that sets this requirement to put my song in the booth.That year I was on the third day, the album named “standard affair,” I wrote a song from.Cover the tape is of their own design, to print out a printing shop packed, very fine.Many days have passed, put in a small corner of the stall “standard affair” one did not sell, stall holders told me to get back, because he had to put another tape.I had to keep myself listening.They do not know what’s what, obviously very nice ah!This is not a story of people who buy the album, that was my debut album from the now almost 20 years, I have not been recorded in second.When the singer is my dream, that they should also satisfy himself, but now not so anxious.Because I know that slowly, a dream does not mean that ability, if misunderstood it, it will be very painful.If I see a lot of talent show, some players obviously sing very general, still shouting I will not give up my dream of music, I do not think this is impressive.In fact, they do not know, its been in the wrong way forward, might as well stop, even if it does not go all progress.