A no return ticket

Withered flower of love, regret heart in the time tunnel’s still damp, but desultory day actually a no return ticket ——– Inscription Shoko habit of supporting the Rotary tie, then out of school, on the street car to drive to Tsinghua University, far from the neon lights emit a bright luster.The night wind blowing, heart, head and Shoko kind of speechless easy.Feng instructors, wait a minute, a sweet and melodious voice came from behind.Shoko looked back, a familiar yet also seemed unfamiliar faces appeared in front of him.Oh, you are, Shoko always feel this girl is very familiar, but forget where demerits.Girl shy head down, his hands behind his, sneakers and light rubbing ground.A pair of freely their opinion and to look.I’m a big group of students Liu Fang, girls finish this sentence, a Red Cloud fly the cheek.Liu Fang, Shoko all of a sudden wanted to up, the fastest and most action in the military training of a shy student, I look, and more forgetful, Liu Fang, I think of it, yes, you can I do?I did not class this evening, I would like to invite you to accompany a cup of coffee.Liu Fang to finish the sentence, the corner of my eyes secretly aiming a bit Shoko.Shoko careless once lived, it is no wonder he.Shoko is responsible for Beijing SWAT team points down to the students of Tsinghua University to engage in military training, when I first came, instructor would command repeatedly stressed that strict to prevent students entertained, let alone girls.Shoko embarrassed to say: I’m sorry, I have something tonight, thank you, Shoko declined Liu Fang’s dinner.Liu Fang’s lips moved twice, it seems to say, but can not start, had to say that, on another day, goodbye.Shoko Liu Fang looked away in the back, and my heart seemed to have a strange melancholy, he can not say what it feels like.The night wind blowing, one made of yellow leaves falling in front of Shoko is already late autumn.Days later, Liu Fang has been invited several times Shoko, Shoko said are too busy pushing rejected.Sunday.In the evening, the bright moon falling down, seemed very quiet night.Shoko stroll in the garden after school iron, the ground has been laid off the leaves, like the beach, so soft, like the quiet Shoko.He gently walked on the leaves, spread around the same thoughts like a night away from home almost four years, also did not return home once before, perhaps due to busy with work right, Shoko have been using this excuse from me be comforted.Ouch.Shoko mind when think of, accidentally hit a girl’s body.Shoko set eyes, the original is Liu Fang.Sorry, did not hurt you, know what to flawless look Shoko let Fang looked just laugh.No, coincidence ah, Feng instructors, where are you going.My heart Mende Huang, want out for the day, I do not care to hit you, Shoko very embarrassing answered.Now you have the time always say it, let ‘s just walk right?I, Shoko not think of a reason to refuse.And so they walked in silence, even they themselves have forgotten a long way to go, Fang finally from the bottom of emotion, said: If we all do down forever out, then that would be good.Shoko heard surprised a moment, looked blankly Liu Fang.Silence, time quietly, quietly flow away like water in two people in your breath.Tonight, they say a lot, a lot, talk about life, something to talk about, of course, including love.That night, they sleep.After spending time with, the Shoko feelings and Liu Fang has come to fish and water situation, they fell in love, maybe this is fate dictates.Suddenly, to the demobilization of the season, military leaders feel Shoko forces have been doing a good job, you got a good job in place to Shoko, Shoko hope to develop in Beijing, but Shoko’s father was frequently called and said home something, let him go home demobilized, but unfortunately, chose the latter Shoko.Departure time, Liu Fang lying on the shoulders of Shoko cried, cried a lot.Xiang brother, I will not let you go, you is not never gone back, left to right?I’ll find a job, and so after I graduated from college, we’ll get married, okay?Shoko looking at the sky falling snow, loss, and how much he wants is to stay Oh, home life can not do anything, what does he say?Fang, do not cry, no matter if at home, I’ll be back.No, I will not let you go, let you go, you said that, in fact, is to comfort me.Shoko’s heart was torn, he can say what?Comfort her, cheating on her, so she dead set for themselves and so, the unspeakable Cheung.The train pulled in, and Liu Fang pulled Shoko hold hands for a long time, perhaps, this is the last of the hand.Shoko eyes moist, the train started to pull the distance between them, Liu Fang was back on the platform freeze into a waiting, did not rely on the wind like a tree.Xiang brother, I’ll wait for you, waiting for you a long time to voice echoed in the sky, Where is the individual in the middle of the night insomnia.Shoko home when they are than nine at night o’clock, standing in front looking at, is not a father and mother of five years, Shoko heart and damp.Five years, father and mother of white hair, a lot of back also appears Luo.Father, mother, I’m back, some sobbing voice Shoko.Come back, changed, changed my Shoko.Mother could not stop crying.The next day, Shoko father to curry favor with the mayor, given a free hand of his son gave the village, when the door-law, and to this end Shoko father bitterly quarreled with his father to commit suicide can not help but look for the living it hastily married.When I married, he did not tell anyone have a relationship with himself, including his favorite Xiaofang.I do not know, find out where Liu Fang news of his marriage, to Shoko wrote a letter, the letter is only a word, but that’s the Mingxinkegu: life for you compliance.Shoko afraid to face Liu Fang, but he also could not before, after all, Liu Fang younger than his age of four, she had to go to college, there is still a long way to go, their future and she can come with me?Shoko endured extremely sad to Liu Fang back a letter, the letter is the sentence: I did not buy a return ticket.Many years later, Shoko never heard any information about Liu Fang, perhaps, she was married, perhaps, she was also waiting for a promise to himself, Shoko repeatedly thinking about what they have choice.