A needle Love

One day, my throat surgery, did not tell the busy boyfriend, only to take care of my cousin invited.  Boyfriend who heard already had surgery the next day, just to nurse an intravenous drip, while I nodded to greet him, while naturally left hand.He suddenly realized what, anxiously called: nurse nurse deft hands and feet, after the needle was jabbed into my veins raised: what?  Boyfriend: I’m sorry, I want you to hand her sister.But since playing left hand, then forget.I then feel upset last night was going to tell the nurse hit the right hand, and temporarily forget.Because I am left-handed, only with his left hand to write, throat surgery can not speak now, if we can not communicate with words, then it will be very inconvenient.I waved his right hand toward the nurse, Knut mouth, motioned wham.The nurse looked at me blankly look.  Boyfriend explained: she is writing with his left hand.Unable to speak, and can not use text communication, not convenient.The nurse suddenly, want to pull out the needle, but was hurriedly stopped her boyfriend.I stared him fierce, can not wait to give him a slap in the face.When an intravenous drip yesterday, although there deliberately leave to stay with my cousin care, but often can not understand my cousin schematic, came up with a lot of ridiculous jokes, the most painful is holding back urine hold back the only solution to kick down bit by bit.  Boyfriend for my anger turned a blind eye, at the bedside and walked a few steps, smiled at me, Pidianpidian out of the ward.  Go out to eat breakfast cousin came back to see me bit by bit or hit in the left hand, I do not complain about how changing hands.I motioned her to a nurse wham, thank goodness, this time she finally understand what I mean.The nurse just to needle injection, boyfriend hurried back, he again stopped the nurse, proudly erect a piece of thick paper in front of me, Gonggongzhengzheng above, to read, eat wiped sweat wash urine and other words, the daily list All activities.My eyes suddenly moist.  The nurse impatiently asked me: in the end for no change?I’m happy to look at her and shook his head.Because endured a needle less, I decided to marry him.