A mystery tomb three dead

Jiaqing thirteen years late summer, Kanawha County territory ever blew a gale rare, it is not yet mature crop lodging, harvest harvest is a foregone conclusion.He Chengzong magistrate led the entourage country runners from dawn to dusk every day to inspect the disaster, comfort victims.  That day, the magistrate and the public what the runners are walking on the road, suddenly jump out of a big yellow dog from a small roadside trees, the big yellow dog in the magistrate’s what the four legs like a horse flexion knees barking like bark.Runners who came to drive away the big yellow dog, but the dog did not come out far and ran back, and the barking of the horse in front of the magistrate what.It magistrate was very strange, he dismounted, and said to the yellow dog: if you humanity, what the grievances of the county give voice hardly ever look forward to lead the way, that yellow dog got up and ran straight to the roadside grove go with.Magistrate and all the runners follow the yellow dog came grove.Turned out to be a cemetery here, including a new grave, stuck half white banner snapped in the wind on the graves, grave still remained traces of burning paper money, evidently grave burial soon.Yellow dog walked tall new grave, with his two front paws fiercely grilled scratch grave soil, while scratch while barking barking.He magistrate ordered the runners to the village to hold onto and brought together families of the deceased to the cemetery.  Defenses of and families of the deceased were taken to the cemetery, the deceased’s family named ZHU Xing, this is his aging mother buried Xinfen.He asked the magistrate ZHU Xing said: his aging mother how old are you?When death?He is suffering from disease?ZHU Xing replied that he was seventy-three year old lady, suffering from choking disease and died, was buried under the 7th.Xing – look at what the magistrate’s face, he snapped: someone reports your mother died unclear, the county opened autopsy to be clawed grave!  Grilled grave magistrate said to listen to the autopsy, Xing – immediately panicked children, again and again kowtow said: great lord, my mother’s bones buried not just to ‘seventeen’, picking the grave being opened the tomb of going bad feng shui, my mother ghosts can not quiet ah see what the magistrate Xing – so flustered, he yelled: you obviously go against the son killed his aging mother, scared autopsy, the county must test being opened!If the test is really killed your mother died, you may not escape responsibility for the!If you wronged, the county is willing to pay one hundred and twenty silver, re-Zhuanglian after your aging mother clawed grave, coffin lid from the open coffin, carried the bodies out, what the magistrate personally corpses were carefully tested.However, the various parts of the old man’s body no trace of scars, eye and mouth symptoms nor skin.He magistrate Oh, embarrassed, angry funeral positive self, looked up, it would only yellow dog is the tomb while sniffing side with two front paws random scratch in the tomb.So, what the magistrate said to the runners who: digging down again in the grave!After listening to the magistrate’s command, runners were again in grave digging, digging just under two feet deep actually dug up a young woman’s body!He magistrate finger Xing – furious and said: This is the woman you killed someone, quickly attracted from the real!  Xing – saw the body of a woman that suddenly blindsided, kneeling on the ground in fear, he said: great lord, villain wronged ah sick from my aging mother to the last breath, as the son of the villain is not a moment had to leave, to accompany a village neighbor and relatives to mourn, and second, to make arrangements for mother’s funeral, how this body of a woman buried in my mother’s grave beneath, the villain really do not know what the magistrate thought ah, but also on Xing – said: this is your own side of the grave asked people to dig or helper?ZHU Xing replied: Local rural folk, someone’s dead people can not dig graves by the tribe, must please anyone outside his family helpers to dig, to dig the grave of my mother is the village of Wang and Liu Ergou pillars He nodded magistrate.He ordered the defenses of runners led the horse to upload Liuer Gou and Wang column, at the same time, they spoke to the small village life in nearby villages, they have lost the young woman’s family to come identify the body Zhu cemetery.  Wang and Liu Ergou column was taken to the cemetery and saw that the young woman’s body on the ground and waited at bird brown dog next to the body, then collapsed to the ground scared!We will not wait for the magistrate interrogated confessed the truth.  That Liuer Gou and Wang Xing – as pillars of his aging mother dug grave, grave dug more than an hour over two people sitting on the floor to rest, he suddenly saw the road not far from the cemetery came a young small daughter, also followed behind a big yellow dog.Liuer Gou and Wang column two people are bachelor, They see a small daughter very pretty, she played hath departed.See the big yellow dog owner was robbed live, pounce while barking bite while Wang and Liu Ergou column legs.The two boys picked up a pickaxe yellow dog sent packing, and then a small cemetery in the woods to a small daughter to insult.Little daughter is devastated after crying is cursed, said the official, etc. must go home to complain!Wang and Liu Ergou pillars listen to sue small daughter say they like my heart was afraid!Altogether, lamb, two people took to strangle small daughter alive, then the grave digging two feet, quietly put a small daughter’s body buried in the Below this point, to identify the body of a few people also arrived, little daughter’s in-laws came, saw two elderly people dead and she is his daughter, clinging to the body of the daughter burst into tears.So this little daughter is seven or eight miles outside the village of Huangtuling named Liu Yulan.One day, magnolia sent word to her parents, her back to her parents look.At that time are catching up with her husband to go out and Claus are not at home, her mother would pack a little basket dumplings stuffed into road kill daughter.Magnolia usually like a small daughter at home that big yellow dog, are well-fed her every day, Magnolia to return to her family, just like the big yellow dog ran to the back.Magnolia thought that a man walk with the big yellow dog companion or, to follow along with it.Magnolia is halfway Wang and Liu Ergou pillars killed buried in the tomb lower, Wang and Liu Ergou pillars that made foolproof, Cheng did not think it would only psychic of the main accused of the big yellow dog-like!  Anqingtaibai, they led the runners magistrate Wang and Liu Ergou perpetrators marched back to the county government post.Prior to departure, on the grave of the main Zhuxing An comfort about it, what the magistrate and in accordance with his promise on the spot compensation ZHU Xing hundred and twenty silver, so that his aging mother Xing – again Zhuanglian.ZHU Xing feel his aging mother’s grave burial occurred in a murder really unlucky, then re-elected to his aging mother grave, another magistrate compensation of one hundred and twenty silver, Xing – decided to take resend his aging mother, he bought a new coffin, to his aging mother again for a shroud.His aging mother’s coffin had been Zhuanglian this is an evil thing, keep useless, it was decided situ burning.A few young people to watch the coffin with a pickaxe help ZHU Xing split, prepare fire.Who wants, that is the bottom two layers of the coffin, which actually hidden a body of a man!  Hold onto hurried to report it just out of the cemetery where the magistrate, saying they found a dead body in the coffin, where the magistrate had returned to the cemetery.Small daughter’s case just heard clear, but a body of a man appeared out of thin air!A grave actually buried three bodies, is really unheard of, it seems certainly is a homicide!  I personally magistrate these bodies were examined: the deceased was a young boy, hit by signs of blunt head there.Magistrate thought that since Xing – to split the coffin burned on the spot, that he did not know that there are dead bodies built coffin bottom floor, Xing – of murder suspect can be ruled out completely.He magistrate repeatedly pondering for a long time, and suddenly eyes light up, then asked Xing – Road: This coffin is to ask craftsmen to build or buy ready-made coffin?ZHU Xing replied that a carpenter shop from the city to buy.He immediately ordered the magistrate runners haste to town to shop shopkeeper carpenter came on the scene at the cemetery interrogation!After the carpenter shop shopkeeper was brought to the scene, saw the corpse that the bottom floor of the coffin and that young man, suddenly blanched, thump kneel in front of what the magistrate, truthful account of the facts of the crime of killing the boy.It turned out that this young man is a carpenter shop treasurer and a teacher apprentice palm, as both teacher and student a trifle noisy Qizui.The young man is not satisfied, with the master very hard top.As the master treasurer face trouble, so he took a wooden stick angrily toward the young man on the phone.He originally wanted to be lectured this stubborn pupil, back to fight for their own point of face, Cheng did not actually want this bar to go to the young man’s life!Treasurer saw a frightened human life at the time, in order to cover his tracks, hit the bottom of the coffin a two-story, the young man’s body fitted into it.Just clean up properly, Xing – came coffin, the treasurer would easily put the coffins sold Xing – a murder and implicated another murder, two murder trials all clear what sort files magistrate will be reported shortly approval down : small daughter killed two criminals Wang and Liu Ergou column beheading, execution autumn.Apprentice carpenter shop shopkeeper to death and hiding the bodies, major guilt, but missed injury is a life, not intentional homicide, punishable by flogging one hundred exiled stick border servitude, confiscated all the property of the deceased parents pension.