A mysterious key

Jiang Jingchen after a dinner out for a walk, he went to the river on the road when I discover the ground with a bunch of keys.Jiangjing Chen picked it up, looked at it it seems to pedestrians.Who lost the key ah?He shouted, the deaf ears.A bronze medal on the key attracted the attention of Jiangjing Chen, it is a one-dollar coin is slightly larger than the point of a circle of yellow bronze, bronze side carved with a monkey.Jiang Jingchen think, must be the master key of a monkey, a coincidence, like me ah.Look at the other side of the bronze medal, engraved with the words, by the roadside lights, Jiang Jingchen see clearly, that those words are: Ping river, life!Jiang Jingchen think things are too strange, lost key people and not only their own sign of the Zodiac, as even the name are the same too.He waited in the street for a while, or not see one has claimed, Jiangjing Chen thought, and so met the owner and then back to him.Jiangjing Chen holds the key to move forward, but he has come a trance a piece of old, will be the demolition of residential building.He went straight into a corridor.He has been on the sixth floor.Everything is so familiar, he naturally put the key in the lock, opened the door bang clatter.You’re back!A woman hailed.I do not know how to explain Jiangjing Chen was about to come here, a woman enthusiastically pulled him to sit down at the kitchen table, tired?I have a hot meal several times, eat fast, your favorite chopped green onion face it.Jiangjing Chen would like to say what a woman has put a bowl of steaming face-to-front, drill a scent that side of his nose, the temptation of his taste buds.Jiangjing Chen really feel hungry, what not to say, planted the first start eating noodles.And more delicious noodles ah, a root noodles crystal clear, mellow, eat mouth is so sweet, chewy, Jiang Jingchen feel that they have never eaten such delicious noodles!He finished watching the breath, the woman said fondly: how many times to eat, or I’ll give you love to eat noodles ah roll.Jiang Jingchen feel the need to explain to her, she must have the wrong person, but he has not skipping out of a seven-year-old boy from the bedroom: Dad, I got an exam today double-hundred of it, this my papers.Young boy in a bayan papers, a look of elation.Jiang Jingchen feel even more strange, a woman the wrong person, how does the child have mistaken?Child has ignored his concerns, pulling him to sit down on the sofa: Dad, you gave me a job sign it.I usually check my mother much more, today you have to sign a.Jiangjing Chen helplessly in your exercise book and wrote the word father, watching the children look happy, Jiang Jingchen think that today’s mistake can be too big.His excuse for something to go out in a hurry to leave.Jiang Jingchen do not know how he is home, woke up the next day, he felt last night did a strange dream, but he Zaza Zui, his mouth as if there is the smell of it chopped green onion.Are among wondering, petite, beautiful wife Fang Jingjing rebuke to say: you gone crazy last night?Come back without saying a word, fell down to sleep, who was also a soil.Jiangjing Chen was about to tell her own dreams, but suddenly found his hand actually holds bundle of keys!Oozing a fine layer of sweat on his forehead, last night in the end it was a dream or reality?Two Jiangjing Chen day jittery, almost wrong to sign a vital contract, but for cautious secretary reminded, lest he be the general manager of the river seat sit shaky.Because the company’s chairman is his Laozhang Ren, who has always been a reward and punishment.Although Jiangjing Chen had married the chairman’s daughter, but if not he has the talent, but also small staff will not sit, general manager of the throne today.Finished with the work at hand, it was already dark.The company close to home, he did not let the driver to take, but walking alone back.He trance, unconsciously, even to have gone to the front of old residents, but also opened the house door.The hostess was willing to give him the rice Sheng, cheerful little boy or called him dad.He carefully looking at the woman, though her eyes had crow’s feet, but is easy to see She was a beautiful woman; Hutouhunao boy looks very cute.Could himself and this man of the house like it?江井琛 want.You get tired, they rest, bed I have given you paved.The woman said, pulled him go to the bedroom.He hastened to get rid of her hand, and also like to fly fled, leaving behind her a series of cries.Jiang Jingchen look of panic came home, Fang Jingjing asked him how to come back so late, he did not dare to go through just tell her, but faltered, he went for a walk.Jiangjing Chen did not sleep all night, he felt he encountered so absurd thing, because it picked up a bunch of keys, it seems to be an ominous thing.Now he needs to do is put this thing back to the owner, or simply throw it away.After dinner the next day, he again came on the river road, asking a lot of people, or nothing.Jiangjing Chen angrily keys onto the floor, then, a strange thing happened, and that the key to the lawless long legs, jumping it ran behind him, he ran, he stopped it also stopped.The sound is not a small piece of bronze ding issued from time to time, it seemed to call out his name.Jiangjing Chen scared in a cold sweat, he stared at it, being lost in the occasion, but that the key to jump boom bang his palm!Jiangjing Chen scared readily get rid of it, it jumped to; and then thrown, jump up, so repeated several times, Jiang Jingchen understand, this thing that he wants to set!Jiangjing Chen thought for a long time, that had put the key back to that mother and son, and they are the real masters of it ah.So he went, the district where to go, but in my heart told myself: This is the last go there again.Jiangjing Chen Fang Jingjing in the pack off his clothes and found a lot of stick above the black soil, but also the rancid taste.She does not understand, always well-dressed husband, how would it twice in a row who muddied?So, when she saw her husband for dinner out for a walk, quietly behind him.She saw Jiangjing Chen came to the river road, to lose a bunch of keys to be lost.While she did not know what he was doing, he took the key to see, going forward looks strange.Fang Jingjing quietly followed, would like to see him in the end what to do.Jiang Jingchen seven Shui eight around came to a place, went straight.Fang Jingjing stunned: He walked in was actually a cemetery!Fang Jingjing scared face changed color, but curiosity made her stop no less than their own pace.She endured the heart of panic, bypassing several tombstones end with her husband, then stopped at a corner of the cemetery’s.He approached the tall tombstone, and then inserted into a small hole on the tombstone with a bundle of keys, Fang Jingjing mouth fell open: open the tombstone in an instant!Jiang Jingchen actually calmly went.In the moment he went in, and da tombstone with a snap!Fang Jingjing scratching and scrambling to escape back.Three Jiangjing Chen did not come home one night.At daybreak, he crouched in the bed shaking night Fang Jingjing police.Police quickly launched an investigation, for several days, Jiang Jingchen still no trace, but they insisted that saw Jiangjing Chen Fang Jingjing into the grave.Police see Fang Jingjing a shock the way, make sure she is not lying, then let her go to the scene with a View.Fang Jingjing accurately located the tombstone.Tombstone is made of a large stone, seamless, she said no keyhole.The tombstone is around bluestone paving, stone covered with moss, it seems no one has been here a long time, and there is no tombstone passive at the scene.Can Fang Jingjing insisted that this tomb is, her husband is entered here.Police were investigating the owner of this tomb: the tomb is buried mother and son, who died of food poisoning in two years.Her husband was on a business trip, when he came back, the mother’s body was decomposed, and the husband is Jiangjing Chen!Police also suspect the mother and son was murdered, but sometimes they can not find evidence, and the largest Jiangjing Chen suspects have an alibi, things just disappear.Fang Jingjing shocked, she only knew her husband was married, I did not expect his wife and children are killed.And Jiangjing Chen in the past and marry her, I had amnesia, all the past will be forgotten, and it now appears to be related to the.Under repeated requests Fang Jingjing, the police decided to open the grave.When the tomb was away with the moment, all the people are shocked: the grave three bodies lying side by side, of which one is actually the Jiangjing Chen!Jiang Jingchen how the dead?And how in the case of grave untouched buried come?People can not explain, only to re-bury their family, someone saw his wife’s face flashed a hint of a sudden sly smile!