First-degree murder case

When illustrated, the burst 28 shown murder am, n INTERPOL out the captain any sleep soundly, awakened by a sudden rapid Tel: Hou Jiasi killed!what?Either a diving jump out, he snatched his clothes and rushed out of the house.  Province, the famous zoologist Hou Jiasi at home was murdered.Time is approximate 10 o’clock at night on February 27.Ming Ren at the scene after careful investigation, was very puzzled, first, apparently just to kill the murderer came, all the family are not turning.Second, the killer seems to have hatred and Jiasi Hou, Hou Jiasi after piercing the chest with a sharp object, but also cruel to the heart of poached Hou Jiasi.Third, the deceased and the murderer did not fight, it appears that the murderer was met with professors, and the murderer is a very strong man, also has anti-reconnaissance experience, because the scene that left no trace of value.  Hou Jiasi long since retired, is a living, although usually very little with people, but his manners were very good.Who told him this hatred, this ruthless hand?  Either out through the investigation, found Hou Jiasi between 25-27 date, frequently with a fixed telephone call.This phone is a red flag city hotel.  Hotels in red, Hou Ming Ren learned to Jiasi caller was a guest staying in room 4305, called Zhen-Shan province precipitate County, after the accident, he has check-out.  Sun Zhen Shan major crime suspects.The first step to find out any Jiasi daughter Hou Hou Juan informed.Hou Juan recalls, twenty years ago, her father went to precipitate County mountains, as if to what a wolf, as the Sun Zhen Shan, Hou Juan also listen to my father talked about.  Without further ado.Ren Mingli that is, with his men went to two hundred miles precipitation County.  County bureau colleagues provided information to any of Zhen-Shan-ming: Zhen-Shan Tuen famous mushroom hunter Gunslinger.But since the introduction of animal protection laws, he had arms warehousing, horses on the.  Ming Zhen-Shan decisions and any direct contacts.He and precipitation County Public Security Bureau police rushed to the home of Zhen-Shan.Sun Zhen Shan saw caused so much police, stunned, asked: What happened the children?  Sun Zhen Ming Ren looked at the mountain, which is about sixty years old, but people are very spiritual, but also very tough body bone.Hou Ming mentioning any Jiasi, Sun Zhen Shan said he had just come back from him.Ming Ren Q: What are you doing to 27th night?Sun Zhen Hang Hang chirp on the mountain that is not clear.Ming Ren and colleagues exchanged a vision, that means Zhen-Shan suspicious of the rise, you can take criminal detention.Before departure they have to run a procedure should be.  When any bright light out the warrant, Sun Zhen Shan suddenly silly.Puchi all of a sudden sitting on the ground, and cried: I would have done this time ah!It was also Miss Black 300 dollars.  What a mess?To be asked, in fact this Zhen-Shan on the 27th night went to a karaoke looking lady went.Although prostitution is also against the law, with this murder are two different things children.Moreover, Zhen-Shan mountain just lost his wife a child’s.Sun Zhen Ming look at any mountain, not like lying.He almost to tears, asked Hou Zhen-Shan find Jiasi do go?Sun Zhen Shan eyes light up, pours out some strange story 2, Hunter adventures twenty years ago, Sun Zhen Shan found a wolf den in the mountains to hunt.When he pulled out the coyotes bastard, only to discover that there is a nest in the wolf man, as a child.Rather it is about a seven-year-old girl.This girl like wolves and rushed to him and bite her that a pair of hands and feet have changed shape, very sharp nails.I do not know how to run Sun Zhen Shan.Lianguo Duan together with a girl he had even pups.  This thing was a sensation in the province, the whole media reporters rushed to Tuen mushrooms.Provincial newspaper also published reports found Lang Haier.Zoology expert Province Hou Jiasi do this to mushroom village, live in the Zhen-Shan home, day and night observation that Lang Haier.  Dig the wolf’s den, the wolf will inevitably provoke retaliation.Since that night, groups of mushrooms around the village wolf howl.This has brought wealth to mushroom village.The hunters fight wolves at the door, a dozen a quasi.That day, Sun Zhen Shan hit a she-wolf, but I do not know why, as a sharpshooter that he had not shot the wolf kill, this is the first time.Just when he was annoyed to make up the gun, do not know when that Lang Haier broke free of the fetters, rushed out from the house, flew crazy that she-wolf who put out his tongue licking the blood from the wound she-wolf dog.Sun Zhen Shan saw if not, he would never believe there will be between man and wolf so deep feelings.Sun Zhen hand gun down the mountain, he will be towed back to the house that she-wolf, which apply to medicine.Strange to say, ever since she-wolf find their children, wolves no longer appear in Tuen mushrooms.  Later, in order to make this Lang Haier return to human society, learn to eat cooked food, lead a normal life, Hou Jiasi took her to the province, to her psychological and physiological aspects of education and counseling, but also the way to make their own case studies.The wolf healed gunshot wound after the house has been left in the Zhen-Shan has become a domesticated wolf.