A mouth burning ash

Qing Jiaqing years, Sichuan Jianmen, a man named Zhou Sanhu of the people were burned to death.According to witnesses, four more hours of the night, child prostitutes off Mao suddenly came home dense explosion.A moment later, a red cloud into the sky, flames leap up out of the roof, dense Martian sky showers, cross-phase lasing, may reflect a red sky.Mao child off his long hair and bare feet to escape a house, yelling alerted neighbors nearby neighborhood.Everyone is busy carrying water buckets to fetch the basin spill, where can also extinguish got?Less than an hour later, the house collapsed column break, a good house, fell into ruin.Zhou Sanhu like carbon generals like lying on the ground motionless, one of the more powerful Biao brawny son shortly burned into a period of pyroligneous.After one day, a few friends Zhousan Hu filed a lawsuit to the magistrate adults living there, he said Guan Mao Zhou Sanhu child killed, then set fire to the house.Habitat adults indispensable to the child came off Mao.Guan Mao child is less than twenty young woman, white skinned, round face, long eyebrows, thin lips, narrow waist slender, small Lianzu, step three hips, is full of Whores.Habitat adults asked: the county to ask you, where are you when fire?Guan Mao child sobbed and said: daughter also in the bedroom, in the same bed with him.Why you can escape, he was a big man and have actually been burned alive?Back to the adults, then it was never dark night Zhousan Ye days to my home, has been accompanied by a small woman to drink, drink is drunk already midnight.When the woman woke up from a small fire, repeatedly push him to pull him, he is not.His stupid body weight, the less there are two hundred pounds, a small woman who later have to move back where the fire burn more brightly, a small woman had escaped alone.Habitat adults said: kill someone told you that he started the fire, what are your words?Guan Mao child said: This is because the people covet complain daughter of beauty, a small woman who had offended them several times, they hold a grudge, you want to kill me.Wang Weimin adult women call the shots.Habitat adults call her down, and then called the county famous Wuzuo Lang into the sky.This young man fifty years old, haggard, her cheeks gray beard, looks wretched, like a marketplace old bachelor.Only his ancestral Wuzuo this line, for an autopsy to identify the line is very, ranking him really value for adults.Lang adults living with the day and into the Kimihito thousand, came to the fire scene, see the broken tile house collapse, the embers still smoldering.Zhousan Hu has been carried to a makeshift autopsy shed next to the rubble heap.Lang walked into the autopsy shed into the day, the first move toward a hand over the bodies, murmuring and said: duties will offend No wonder, then.Having removed the back of the small package, opened, there is some iron sign, knife, scissors and the like.He first sprayed corpse down the foot shochu, apply a layer of wax on each hand, turning this body, looked at the pros and cons of the upper and lower Zhousan Hu has been fired for some stinking body of coke, iron and finally remove a sign, pry open his mouth, looked down to carefully look around a lot, then down iron sign, stood motionless for a long while, said to himself: all burned alive, whether drink more drunk, naturally hands open cover your head, face, because the face is the most unbearable physical pain lies.He can now clenched fists, which are mostly being strangled, suffocated, not to mention his hands a beat, then said, may Zhao, home Tuesday, but has become a feud, so if I stood foot Ban Zhancha the time, place and then he bent down to grab some of what, carrying a shed door in the head of a cadaver to do a few little tricks, the last Shan Shan hand, out of the ranks of adults said: It is a small verified, this person is indeed dead no doubt in fire.Standing on the edge of Zhousan Hu friends Asako shouted: Lang bachelor day you live in an old drunk in dreams, what will turn over the bodies, the two hope know how to die?Another called three Diaozi also scolded: Look at this horrible woman, really want to get a good count, that killed a man, as long burned his body burned, surely unidentifiable.This bias also use the service of her old bachelor.Guan Mao child crying and said: you this kid was a thousand knives, not to be afraid because the last time I caught your Lali refused to serve you overnight it?WWW.5aigushi.COM was to bully a helpless womenfolk.Such mouth tongue tongue utter, not scared to death of the King of Ghosts cut out your tongue?Lang into the sky also angry and said: Look at you, look at you, even I curse go.Good, I’m convinced you.Habitat adults give the order to take to dead pigs, pigs each one!Habitat big head a little, and told police to do so immediately.Soon, one death has been taken to a live pig.Lang told The live pigs into the day with the cable strapped, but also full of firewood in two pigs down, set on fire.About an hour, firewood do put out the fire, burning to death already live pigs, dead pigs have been scorched.Lang into the sky remove iron sign, dead pigs and live pigs are forced open mouth and let all the people living for adults, after they forced open the mouth Zhou Sanhu.He said: You see, this pig is burned after death, when a dead person is no longer breathing, so the mouth is not the slightest hint of ashes; and burned alive this pig mouth, dying still breathing, and therefore a mouth ash.Burning ash Zhousan Hu mouth, that he was burned to death.Now, you still have nothing to say?His words well-founded, the three Diaozi and Asako, who have nothing to say, had reluctantly to scattered.So off Mao sub acquitted Zhousan Hu’s body was he one of those hastily buried trouble Hupenggouyou.In fact, the case is quite strange.Although the original off-mao is a child less than twenty women, but who bears the blood feud.She had surnamed Zhao, Guan Mao daughter her stage name.Since Zhaoxing family Daughter, she is the only girl from the dead, but her age was still small, nobody knows nothing.As to why Zhao family will be killed, to say long story.Saying Fifteen years ago, there lived Jianmen local Zhao, Tuesday at home, next door surnamed Shen Zhou due to rogue fight, turned to Zhao.Zhao headed man named Zhao Yong, very thin physique, a mouth buck teeth, a lock of hair in the middle is very conspicuous white hair, was originally a scholar of the Poor, designed to help people live a lawsuit, we take this opportunity to cheat the light Zhou all the money, but also to the whole Zhou Bing Zhou headed into prison.Zhou Bing full anger cold hands and feet, mouth shouted: animals!brute!In prison meal not think, feel or sleep, less than ten days will kick in..His son Zhousan Hu took the knife immediate concern to Zhao, Zhao family surrounded them, swatting a pass, blink of an eye was knocked to the ground, kick like a persimmon general.Baby his mother did not see her husband lives, no property, his son was beaten and was covered not a good piece of meat to be alive but also lacks meaning, the evening will be a rope hanging beam.A few days later, Zhou’s son was missing, so hey a home defeat.One night after six years, hazy moon and stars, as ink shade, the night shadow wall into seven or ten Zhao Courtyard.He has done a robber who killed off Zhao Zhou Sanhu with the whole family, even his family servant also killed a clean, before leaving they put a fire.Afterwards because nobody succeed, the case is nothing.But Zhao is not really no one survived, his family’s youngest daughter Zhao infants guest in the day aunt, her cousins play well, Lai refused to return home, where they play for three days.Because of this depends, actually saved her own.She is now off the sub-mao.Zhousan Hu escaped official trace, there has been money, it features out Chihepiaodu.See Guan Mao-born child well, and do not know anything about her, I had a crush on her.Mao took the opportunity drunk off his child, first with Shengle neck, and put fire to the house, also appeared at the beginning of that scene.Guan Mao child had not survived the life of want, but still let the old Wuzuo saved by Lang into the sky.So, why Lang into the sky to do this hand?The original Zhousan Hu Zhao rounded out that night, he was drunk to go home, was hiding in the shade looked a crystal clear.He is the local people, Zhou Zhao two of enemies will not know how?Only without the knowledge of official.Right now he saw off Mau Son also died by the sword, of course I thought Zhousan Hu revenge should, however, start too hard, Zhao’s servants, guilty of child?Mao child off to revenge, Zhou Sanhu deserved.If more her life for a life, a bit of being unfair.Such retribution when the?With mouth burning ash made himself a little effort, it can on this end, not it be nice?So he put a little burning ash in the mouth of Zhou Sanhu.The case so it subsequently disappeared.