College entrance examination plus points though competition remains prestigious stepping stone

  Abolish competitions and other entrance points of entry rules will be introduced in Zhejiang floor of the Ministry of Education yesterday issued "notice", said recently that to further promote the reform of college admissions reduce admission batch, the relevant provinces to designate a special type of enrollment reasonable minimum admission scores and cultural studies, not less than a respective pre-merger required batch。   According to "the State Council on deepening the reform of examination and enrollment system" and "the State Sports General Administration, Ministry of Education State Ethnic Affairs Commission Ministry of Public Opinion on China Science and Technology Association to further reduce and standardize the college entrance examination scores extra points and" relevant regulations, abolish Sports talented students, high school students Olympiad discipline, tech competition, provincial excellent student, ideological and political character has outstanding deeds and other national college entrance examination extra points。   The new policy seems very hard, but in fact, according to the 2014 "issued by the State Council on deepening the reform of examination and enrollment system," from mid-2015 onwards, has been canceled sports, arts and other talented students extra points。
Specific rules further require, sports talented students after January 1, 2015, to participate in competitions such as the award-winning students will no longer get a national entrance points。
This policy applies to just the current high candidates (ie 2015 high school students)。   Therefore, the entrance points of the notice of cancellation issued by the Ministry of Education yesterday, this has little effect on Candidates。   Yesterday, the money newspaper reporter contacted Zhejiang Provincial Education Examination Yuan, the Ministry of Education "notice" after the introduction, Zhejiang Province, will timely follow-up studies, and recently launched related policies floor。
"(Zhejiang) specific policy certainly will not violate the Ministry of Education" notice "the spirit。
"Provincial Education Examination official told newspaper reporters the money。
  National level contest awards is still an important stepping stone to self-enrollment college entrance examination this year, although no extra points race is a foregone conclusion, however, in addition to participating as a mighty force in single college entrance exam, candidates can also self-enrollment, as well as the Trinity and other special trick way into prestigious universities。 Moreover, according to major colleges and universities have been published admissions policy, school admissions are also a lot of places。
  Also, read the school's self-brochures, we found that for Orsay, contest winners, artistic athletic talent of the candidates, colleges and universities have policies favoring。   Just after the Ministry of Education "notice" issued soon, Peking University also announced this year's self-brochures。 Conditions apply where the application is clear: there is competition to create or participate in the national finals tech invention, the international competition was the highest scores; self-enrollment at the university have the relevant expertise within the disciplines of competence, innovation potential, and related professional study and practice at home and abroad who achieved outstanding results; participate in the national high school subject Olympiad (mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, informatics) national finals in high school who obtained excellent results。   Tsinghua University on March 20 announced a self-brochures, clear that the applicant has at least one of the following characteristics。 Studies creation: the outstanding performance of students in scientific and technological inventions, research practice, literature, etc.。
Students with outstanding talent in the humanities and social innovation and design, or outstanding achievements in relevant learning practice: highlight your talents。 Orsay discipline: the discipline in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, information science and other disciplines have expertise, and outstanding students in disciplines Olympiad。
  Positioning of the University of Chinese Academy of Sciences is to train future of the most outstanding scientists at the Academy, the country's most eminent scientists in the future。 Therefore, the school admissions conditions apply are: in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, computer five disciplines in the race, to get above the provincial level competition first prize candidates。   At present, Zhejiang University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and other colleges and universities independent enrollment brochures this year are not yet available。 However, in previous years, these schools are encouraged academic competition winning score of candidates registered。
  There are also colleges and universities this year to cancel the contest in self-enrollment, the award-winning, patent and other priority in。 For example, Wuhan University, in previous years, the self-enrollment application conditions stipulates that students in various competitions in high school ranking, published and patented results, have priority eligibility。 This year the school deleted this aspect。 However, some national competitions winning students still have written waiver of preferential treatment。
  Colleges and universities in the province, "Trinity" basic enrollment of talented students have incentives within institutions in Zhejiang Province "Trinity" Enrolling in progress, next month will continue to enter the examination stage。
In the brochures have been published in various universities, most colleges and universities for academic competitions and other "talented students" have preferential policies。   Case of Ningbo University, Sofitel longevity requires all high school proficiency test subjects must meet 5A and above the rest?And above, the overall quality evaluation ranking above B, etc.。 As for the academic competition categories (including Orsay), science and technology category, specialty language and literature, art class athletic talent these four "talented students" learn more than you can test requires only 3A。   Other schools in the province have similar provisions。 For example, Zhejiang University, the average student to apply the "Trinity" test 7A above conditions is to learn, and "talented students" above requirements are reduced to 5A。