A mother, son quit real “family” experience!

Parent-child relationship is not a permanent possession, but life in a deep fate, we can make the child feel neither barren childhood, not make adult children feel suffocated.Parents, is a mind and wisdom of travel.Not just parents, many moments in life should know how to advance and retreat.I pay in exchange for actually I am a mother, 57-year-old, retired two years, my son is 31 years old, I retired that year son just got married, I have been very darling child, he got married, I naturally take care of his daughter and of responsibility, which in my opinion is as it should be.Originally, I was thinking about her son and married to two of our old life together because dissuade his wife, saying the couple to have their own space, I had given up.However, in order to take care of his son and daughter, my husband and I moved to a special cell they live, I will go home to help his son every morning to make breakfast, cleaning, dinner done at night, so they wash ready for bed before returning to his home.One day, I was, as usual, carrying on from morning to Amoy fresh vegetables, joyfully walked toward his son home.But failed to open the door, I did not take the wrong key, but changed the locks daughter.She said: recent theft case particularly large district, so that day, I, as usual, to give them a family of three made breakfast, cleaned the room, the dirty clothes to wash, however, they did not give me the key to the new lock.Maybe they forget.At night, his son come to my house, my hands will be handed a key, I would have put the heart on this down, but he said simply: do not let my wife know.I know things simple.The next day, I did not think, as usual to his son home, they can just come to the door when I heard a dispute inside.Only to hear the daughter kept saying: You must be the new key to your mother.Who is not procrastination, bath, throw underwear in the laundry basket, the next morning must have been your mother to wash.Watching the clothesline pole shorts and bra, I have not been happy to help, only the embarrassment of privacy from prying eyes.You see if you are accustomed to your mother, go home every day lying on the couch, do not do anything, do not accept things, garbage does not fall, he sent did not put food to feed your mouth, and you do not like a weaned child she did not like the other aunt, jumping square dance, walk model step, do not like staring at the camera like we did not expect, my mother called to pay filial piety, so they got denounce, most let my heart stopper, her son from start to finish one sentence: she is my mother, you let me how to do?Whether in the workplace or home, I consider myself inside and out number one, can in the end, in the eyes of the daughter, so I was a naive person.Let me know how to leave a home, I cried tell their grievances to his wife children: He is my only son, my greatest idea is to take good care of them, and sent them to dig the heart, and actually falling so much the poor.His wife children while gently patting me on the back, while saying: all White Wolf, have the opportunity, I said to them, said.Then his wife children are saying, look at your colleagues who, near the Chinese traveled far are the global.You used more than a trendy person, but for them, and so was another old lady came to.Think about it, I stuck fast enough for you children of his wife’s words, every word said in my heart son, I do not 想出去走走?Stay away, I do not say hello to play, his wife took the children to go to Ben prairie.In herdsmen home, I witnessed the whole process of the birth mother sheep, lamb breast-feeding mother sheep watching the way, long ago, my son and I do not do too intimate.Nomads, throughout the year on the prairie in migration, if the sheep mother like you, always reluctant to let go, how to survive this lamb?Besides, who wants to marry a mentally not yet weaned sheep?His wife children watching the sheep, while feeling.Obviously, this trip, I bloom away, he is well prepared.