A mother’s love

Whenever I think of Clara Harden family, happy atrium will be overflowing.  They house a total of five children, my good friend, Sister Clara is 12 years old, her youngest sister was 2 years old.They have a total will be out this kind of trouble, often make their home in disarray.However, I like the noisy family, because every time they go home, I always laughter greeted.Clara’s mother always spend time with us, she can stop living ironing clothes, to help us set up a cheerleader; she would shut the vacuum cleaner, he took us to the forest to collect specimens for scientific courses work.  You do not know what you’ll do next time to Harden home, their life is full of fun and endless love!  Therefore, the day when Harden’s children were red and swollen eyes off the school bus, I knew there must be something going on.I put Clay Lara aside, asked her to tell me what happened.She sobbed, her mother told us that she was suffering from a brain tumor and to the late, can only live for a few months.I walked to the back and Clara school buildings, and cry, we clasped each other’s hands, do not know how to stop grieving.  A few days later, I went to see them.Because I was afraid that suffocating sadness and melancholy, afraid to go.Later, the mother convinced me, she said, friends and family into a sad day, you can not turn a blind eye, so I went to.But when I walked into the yard Harden home, coming out from the house turned out to be lively music and laughter.Into the living room, I see they’re playing Monopoly game, Mrs. Harden sat on the sofa, surrounded by her children.Everyone welcomed me smiling.  Clara stopped playing the game, took me to her room chat.She told me, my mother said that the best gift we can give her, like nothing happened, like life.Mom wants her last memories full of joy.We promise to his mother, we will make the greatest efforts to achieve.  One day, Mrs. Harden invited me to attend a special event.When I got to her house, I found Mrs. Harden head wearing a gold scarf.She said that due to chemotherapy, her hair was falling, but she did not want to wear a wig, but wear this beautiful scarf.She crystal beads, beautiful ornaments, crayons and glue on the table, we want to help her decorate scarves.We are all in high spirits, decorative scarf outside scoring gorgeous, gorgeous.Finally, Mrs. Harden took a shine to us.Photo, everyone proudly pointing to their own decorations.  Sad day finally arrived, Clara’s mother died in the next few weeks, Harden home shrouded in grief.But one day, I went to school, saw Clara and students are talking, she danced with excitement, her mother filed from time to time.Clara had that lively back!When I approached her, she told me what happened: before school, when she helped her sister to wear clothes, but found an interesting note in a sock, it was her mother wrote before his death.It makes them feel mother is still around them.  When Christmas that year, they went to the attic to take decorative items, they found a mother greeting card writing Christmas greeting.In subsequent years, the mother continued to surprise them.Clara graduation day, her wedding day, her first child was born that day, she received a letter from the mother of.It turned out that her mother, who had been commissioned by a friend, to help her in a special day for the children died before send written letterhead, until adult children.  Mr. Harden remarriage of the day, a friend of the children with his wife Harden wrote a letter appeared in the wedding scene.In the letter, I wish her husband a happy, exhorted her children with love inclusive stepmother, because she believed that their father would not choose a no good, baby do not love their children woman.  I often think, Clara’s mother at the time of writing must be very happy thought of the children grew up, expect a surprise when they received the letter, how can she not happy?She must be very painful illness, leaving the anguish of family love, can not witness the children grow regret.However, she put all the feelings turned into a blessing for the child after her passing, she stayed with her love of children, mellow, lingering, fragrant.