A mother is a military camp

A mother is a military camp, this camp on a fighter: Her son.Heartbreak, the soldiers often the mother as a target of training, beaten black and blue mother.Son had been the pride of the mother.I guarantee territory inch of soil, who Qing Shi Qianqiu industry, play sensible, the son’s dream is to do a defensive Xinjiang nurse, defending the homeland, to leaving a legacy of blood soldier.1968 mid-winter, he finally got his wish to enlist.I have a dream in life is always full of vitality and passion, six years he twice meritorious, to mention dry directly from soldiers.Get happy tone, magpie flowers around the court, and each time came the good news in the magpie chirping, the mothers will not help shed tears of joy and happiness.However, the spring of 1974, while performing a special task, his unfortunate accident brain injury, had meningitis B, which can completely change the direction of his river of life.Although the rescue lives saved, but since then acts out of control, becoming manic psychosis patients, identified as first-class disability.As a rule, he can stay in the military hospitals for free medical treatment, in accordance with the wishes of his family back to the place of maintenance by the civil affairs departments.But I did not want to trouble the country, willing his son back to his side.She is deep in the mountains in western Hubei Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County of Bay Village, nine Tan Zhen Luo elder sister, his son was named Qi Zheng.That year, the mother aged 51, son of twenty-eight.She believed that maternal love is the best medicine, in her conditioning, originally handsome son will recover one day.After the son came home, her own seven square meters of the room, separated by a space wood about four square meters, is the son of the placement of a wooden bed, she began to take care of the all-weather guard.The doctor said Qi only political mind is blank, no life can always camp flashed on the screen of his memory.Only to hear the bugle corresponding to get up, go to bed, the mother would have bought reveille, taps disc, broadcast regularly at six in the morning and ten o’clock in the evening.Laoqin heart white hair just before dawn, the mother can not wait to get up at six, still dark, she stole to the room next door to his son’s side plank wall squat down.Through the middle of the wood cracks, and if she saw his son was still sleeping, you will feel at ease rush of relief.Then, she slowly and carefully over the floor with bamboo hook out of the dirt, then to cook.Reveille sounded, the mother went into the boy’s room, his brush, clothes.Close contact with his son’s son also flourish when, suddenly, his son will be on the punch.He is in training, soldiers shot pay attention to steady, accurate, relentless, often a punch over, the mother’s body is not green to purple.As long as close to his mother, he often shot.Once, being middle of the night, he defecate on the bed, stink to high heaven, the mother rushed past him to clean up.Is giving him rubbing his body, his mother’s face came sighting punch, impartial hit in her right eye, eyes suddenly prominent, the pain of the mother fell to the ground.He will have to fight, his mother said loudly: how you play, I am your mother, your biological mother!Then he was quiet.This time the mother’s right eye from blindness.He also grasping, grasp the mother’s face Pikairouzhan; sometimes bite, bite mother bloody arm after getting up, hungry, anxious, he rose squealing to eat, can eat properly, bowl fling; mother to give him add a bowl, then throw him down a meal sometimes, often two hours later.Why he should throw the bowl?Once, the mother accidentally put in the food packed in a enamel bowls, with a smile on his face.Mother suddenly realized that the son is in the army to eat with enamel bowls.Enamel bowls at the local military simply can not buy, I heard that there is a store in town enamel bowls, she would walk more than twenty kilometers mountain road, the store will buy all only thirty enamel bowls home.Since then, I heard someone taking a trip, she is the Trustee to buy military enamel bowls.Son love to eat rice, which is the force of habit left him.May ravine Tujia people for generations to sorghum, corn for food, do not plant rice.To save money to buy rice, her family every year to sell half rations.Rations enough, she then led the other children pull wild, dig for food Pueraria.Every day at reveille, taps in the past.But one day, the mother heard a Da Dada sound, look, this is the sound emanating from the mouth of his son, who had been a soldier said, that number is Chucao.That year, her pension issued by the Government, together with a portion of chips for himself, built a bright and spacious than in the past many houses on stilts, yes, she wants to build a training ground.She let the carpenter built on stilts around a meter high wooden fence, then form a circular track.Since then, his son almost all day sweat training on this track.Mother says that her son was a soldier, to live with dignity clean.She bought a pair of scissors and a razor, the barber learn.Son long hair, she would choose a clear day, looking doll book this color graphics, decentralized son’s attention with bright paintings page, and then slowly close to him through the bars, he carefully to manage Rise Come.Even that is extremely difficult, the situation is good, cut once they have finished three or four days the longest time a full rationale for seven days.Motherhood is the dam, even though the river fiercely erosion, it scars, it also regrets that guarding the river.That day, the doctor said to her, you often hit his son, his hair is so difficult to manage, you can give him to eat some sedative drugs.I did not expect his son took the pills actually sleeping for two days and nights, which made the mother very sad, crying, said: I would rather be playing him, then do not give him the medication.The Guardian is thirty-five years, there have been doctors predicted, only G Qi survive the age of forty, and sixty-two year son is still tough body bone.Mother is already 85 years old, black hair becomes silver hair.Before he hit me, I can run away.Now the eyes see, stiff walk, chasing him to play, I lay on the ground pretending to be dead.When he walked away, I pick back up.When the old man said these things, just as indifferent talking drama or movie lines.Not, Wufeng Tujia Autonomous County Ethnic Song and Dance Troupe rehearsal documentary drama “Luo elder sister”, has in Wuhan, Yichang and other places of public performance, visibly moved heaven and earth to make their maternal love.Luo elder sister to the prototype of the screenplay “A World Heart Mother,” SARFT has been agreed, being shot in.Luo elder sister’s story touched millions of people, she has won the support model personal, Hubei Province Women’s Federation, the fourth national moral models candidate.Even more gratifying is that some time ago, dementia has been thirty-five years before the government finally Qi mother shouted a cry, the sound still echoes in the mountains due to maternal love, a mother is a military camp.Maternal love forever, motherly barracks will always stand in people’s minds