A moon pillow

[Editor’s note]: Mid-Autumn night, alone in a stranger, most likely to have a heart that is difficult to erase the worry of homesickness, he will be brought back hidden in the depths of the soul that cut constantly tangled Melancholy, in order to allow the mind to have a clean, even with wine to erode, which found that the wine does not intoxicate, drinking to forget worry even more unhappy?To know their own entertainment only go with the flow of life, calm in the face of life to life.   Cold moonlight to illuminate nostalgia overnight and tonight nostalgia and the liquor together with a temperature of drink must be drunk now and before Jiuzun Invitation cups stop drinking a cup of soft cotton incessant nostalgia drink a cup of chopped constantly tangled I also love the drunk woke awake drunk lean on a railing overlooking the Yuemanxilou tears flow Zaibu Dong first thoughts and the dreams Zhuyingyaohong Shanghai Triad shake to pull tie him stumbling nostalgia for a month overcast tonight Mostly full moon and new moon has always been difficult to look back a perfect circle with May flowers from the fragrant beauty of moments of beauty drink a look back across the horizon who had plenty of dreams go hand in hand, Leung King also dummy round Mid-Autumn Festival Mid-Autumn Festival is also missing [editor: ten years sword]