A month.Day

That fall I vow never thought you want to make a heart-shaped ornaments hanging decorated in your white neck I naive language is not moved by the moon and the downtown just for you to stay awhile eyes dancing into the night or lingering butterfly shadows never devoid of the slightest warm light surrounded by the mercy of God lead me to gazing you lost your empty Hua trodden mud you saddled with hardship and pain slowly forward your smile and your tears in their eyes we encounter is so wasted that time will soon grow old I count circle around the ring but can not find it had gone youth ripples in your cocoon covered with palm everything’s not too late I can hold your climbing with hands like I can get you to see the sea or just lie on your back on the slopes you wake up from sleep in the vast regret reading Yunjuanyunshu dream one day in the morning I’m on your side like midnight you pious pray to God you do so see my smile is gradually waking up out of the window like the dawn of snow, although already simmering sun roof penetrating all things and you listen to what my blessing as snow rustled sound like smiling sunshine as every one of us membrane Pray the gods static meaning heartbeat and cloud Chung