A month from

I hung from the elementary school when he met, read the same middle school, high school bad enough, then we actually also admitted to the same university.Since then, I became his girlfriend.Not too complicated to pursue with the pursuit of the plot, everything seems to happen naturally.All in all, we can be considered a childhood sweetheart, now a matter of course.Hung said he might go to Shanghai to work.He said that Shanghai is not far away, one day be able to take the train back and forth.Not all distances can produce beauty, sometimes seemingly slight distance is actually far too distant relative, such as Heaven and Earth.In ancient times, there is a woman waiting for her husband to return, day after day, and finally turned into a Amah.I am every Monday when he started to wait for Saturday, waiting for the phone rings, wait Hung said to me on the phone: I just arrived by train.The wait lasted for several weeks and then hung said he felt tired and did not want to come home every week.So wait for two weeks from one week to become even more.Sometimes I’ll call hung, he absently listening to the live electricity where I speak, I can hear his voice behind the noisy, imagine the big TV companies busy scene, often feel like I was doing anything wrong something like a cheat in the examination room primary school, uneasy.I said: If you do not come back this weekend, I went to Shanghai to see you now.He said dismissively: weekends when I just want a good sleep, you can not come with you.Later, rarely called him, I get used to a person’s life.A person shopping, a person watching a movie, a man writing.Whim time, will write a very long e-mail to him, his reply was always very short very short.Occasionally, his work had excellent results, he would get excited, I painted a bright future: and so I went to Wan salary, we can buy a set of over two hundred square meters of the house, buy a pull most wind car.I proposed to break up hung up, he barked at me on the phone: my hands full in order to work, you come to me to add what chaos?I said dismissively: I just tell you that, do not want to quarrel with you, but also far from chaos.Suddenly remembered Leslie Cheung and Maggie Cheung in the Ashes, he thought she would go with him, but his confidence has hurt her, so she did not go.Feelings are so fragile, sometimes fear that they will lose all, I would prefer a lose-lose, and my heart will be at least a little balance.I asked Hung: Do you really love me?You really do not want to break up with me?He said: Of course.I remember, in fact, when I came from high school had already fallen in love with Hong.But at that time he was busy with the university entrance exam, in addition to me to take notes in class, there is no time to pay attention to me.I went to college, that in fact there is no fate, when suddenly talk about love between us.Love does not seem to come to us while, at the same time does not seem to leave our.Maybe we are not already in a love another, just hidden too well, did not find even their own.It is not the first love that is what I still hung?Not important.Since the unequal love, naturally, there is no reason to continue.Back home open telephone message, Hung said: If you have to break up, I will not object, I hope you will not regret it.Right ah, hung the future will succeed, that time there will be a lot of women around him, perhaps he will wait for the woman who abandoned him kneeling in front of him burst into tears.However, Hung, do not you understand?The man abandoned, in fact, I.