A misty rain Qiao Bo Friends

Amidst Qiao Bo Friends: Hello!  You are “caught crows nest in the trees” below replied, “It was too bad situation, therefore does not allow room for error, a mistake there is strict accountability, then carried out various internal struggle, also introduced a no less policy line – though not necessarily the correct effective – perverting the course requires personal sacrifice.Ago when he was studying incomprehensible, now middle-aged, but added bearish on what’s Machiavellian contempt.With Deng old cat theory to analyze the time of internal struggle, also seems effective.”Your comment I wanted to reply immediately, but I do not know where to start, hard to say a few words clearly, simply say that on the log, can be considered more of a blog.  Speaking Qu, we must first solve the problem concerns a mind, a lot of people still die touch the gooey that “superfluous words” suspected rebel surrender of the confession, on this issue, as early as mid-1980 October 19, the CPC Central Committee General Office of the Central Discipline Inspection Commission “report on the arrest of Comrade Qu martyrdom situation” clearly announced: “” extra words “the article did not sell a party and comrades; two did not attack Marxism, communism; three did not flatter the Kuomintang; four not to begging immortal enemy’s intentions.”” Comprehensive and objective analysis “excess,” and it is by no means the surrender of renegade confession.”In mid-September 1982, the Central Discipline Inspection Commission to report on the work of XII said:” The so-called Comrade Qu was arrested in mid-1935 after the Kuomintang ‘surrender mutiny’ problem, made a re-investigation.Comrade Qu is one of our famous leaders of the party early, and outside the party are very concerned about his problem.Central Discipline Inspection Commission, after a fact-finding before and after his arrest, prove Qu comrades after his arrest insist indomitable struggle, and suffered the enemy killed.”(Chentie Jian:” Introduction: the tragic feelings of the student revolutionaries “, op. Cit. P. 46) the above two ‘silver bullet’, should be able to reassure people’s minds right.  Deng old cat with on how to develop the economy in terms more appropriate to analyze the time of the internal power struggle should also use the “me will prosper, against me will die”, “winner takes all, loser for the Bandits” and other appropriate sentence would be a little , toward which generation is so.  January 1931, the Minister of the CPC Fourth Plenum, international Mif came to Shanghai to support a group of Wang Ming, Qu rush out of the Politburo, since then, has been the stage of history actually Qu.  In mid-1934, the Red Army to march, Qu asked to participate, not approved, this is a perfect time to Wang’s leadership, in turn life and death, the opportunity to get rid of some of them have been blocking the way of people, or shine and brilliance always let them see their own people have to get rid of the dark, just saying that reason, take Qu stay in the Soviet guerrilla leader, let it fend for themselves.As a result, he was lent a knife to kill.  I think that would help if the KMT does not kill Qu, but he spared the pangs of pneumonia recovery, it also ultimately can not escape the “Cultural Revolution” unharmed.  There are historical records: “Cultural Revolution” began, public grant Qu.Qu mother troy jade 1916 due to poor pay debt forced suicide, was buried in Changzhou, January 19, 1967, which is the tomb of the Red Guards smashed.February 8, 1967, the Babaoshan Revolutionary Martyrs Cemetery Qu tomb is like the Red Guards smashed.May 12, 1967, Qu was the tomb of the Red Guards smashed.Qu Qu Shiwei father died in mid-1932 in Jinan, Poverty and ill health, was buried in the southern suburbs of Jinan, the Red Guards during the Cultural Revolution was also hit tomb Hiratsuka.  Even the dead failed to let go, if he was alive, to have a good result.Up to give you a “death with grievances,” might as well let the Kuomintang Chiang Kai-shek’s bullet to the achievements of his great fame.  In the last literary salon met a student told me that I said Qu as a “second Lu Xun” this argument is wrong, she said no Qu Lu Xun no, that is true, but also that I do not understand Qu, she He said Qu martyrdom in Changting, Fujian is a blessing of the people, all very earnest, that she is a very emotional Qu.  Qu said he was “half-baked literati”, in ancient times a Diaoqian copper to one thousand, five hundred and a half for the hanging copper, if he is “half-baked literati”, China has few people still regarded scholar?  I wonder if you’ve seen “superfluous words” No article?This is a very well written prose, like a trumpet king said, “we have to look at some of prose, can be said to be a light to the extreme, words also nothing special, but the feeling of reading, inter-drafting artistically flow, sincere emotion, moral principles unobstructed, can cause the reader’s sympathy.”We look at the way excerpt:” What do I yearn?My dear friend, I have to fall back on her life spent this decade.Yes, I can not fall back on.Not only in the political life, I actually have not done everything from pioneer struggle, each and every time he found some kind of fall back first.Not only so, in private life, I do not; courage ‘struggle for existence’, I do not organize my own life, I will not do a very simple and very common chores.I always fall back on me very uncomfortable, because many times I’m sorry my family, especially my spiritual cowardice, for me she was eventually not completely frank, I hope she never disgust me, forget me, I feel at ease strike.  What I also recall with nostalgia?Children this beautiful thriving world, ‘my’ daughter, and the happiness of all children.  I wish for them.  This world for me is still very beautiful.Everything new, struggle, brave in advance.So good flowers, fruits, so graceful mountains and water, the majestic factories and chimneys, the light of the moon seems to have a brighter than ever.  However, Farewell, beautiful world!”Reading this paragraph, any language that says pale.  Speaking Qu, the mood is always heavy, over a few days, June 18 is the 76 anniversary of the martyrdom anniversary of Qu, in order to log on to a little table in front “of a party leader,” the memory of meaning, “to forget that Memorial “.  June 10, 2011