A memorable embrace

The summer of 1983, a septuagenarian mother is suffering from a serious illness, I hasten to leave home to visit the elderly from the field.After arriving home, my mother went to bed, careful nursing care to her mother wash, brush, limbs massage, to her mother conditioning diet, make delicious meals nourishing the body, to compensate for the long wait of not guilty in the mother side.  At home, those five days, my mother around the clock around the turn, just like the children of the elderly.Her mother on the bed could not help talking about: Ping child, her mother did not give you anything, why do you treat me so good?I said: Mom loved his own son to me, my wife, of course, to do honor to your old ah!A heartfelt words from the heart, to put her mother delighted in bed.  To be honest, being a daughter of me, and two long-term guardian of her daughter than I really do too little, and I deeply felt filial enough for the elderly.Due to busy with work, only to accompany her mother in the home just five days, I have to go back to work the oil fields.At noon that day, I put all the arrangements for her mother as well, ready to ride it out of the house to leave, but when I looked back suddenly taken aback: mother actually leaning on a cane staggered out of the door, also with one hand blocking the glare sun, watched the daughter struggling to separate it!Seeing this, I hurried back to her mother beside her mother hugged her mother tightly in my arms with a moment of cramps, then sobs: I raised five daughters, never got her daughter’s embrace; but in today, we got intimate embrace daughter, I value ah, I’m so happy she spoke, her mother holding me like a child-like burst into tears.At the moment, I understand, it is the elderly mother cried a desire for love, a yearning for the elderly and children, as well as the elderly mind a catharsis barren.  This time I was with her mother’s embrace unforgettable.Since that moment, I said with deep feeling: Families of the elderly, should appreciate their spiritual pursuit, but also to understand the loneliness of the elderly, they sometimes like a baby, like, the urgent need for intimate relations.While giving the elderly the appropriate caress, it does not need to invest too much energy, as long as younger people with a little thought, love and patience to come up with one-tenth of taking care of children, even if it is given a loving embrace, is the greatest for the elderly comfort.