Where to go after weight loss fat?It is converted into carbon dioxide and water discharged

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  Millman and Brown found that a minority of respondents are fallacious how fat loss, most people would think that fat into energy, some people think that fat becomes muscle, some people think that fat lost through the large intestine。
  In fact, the fat in the process of weight loss is converted into carbon dioxide and water, and then exhaled carbon dioxide through respiration, circulation of water into the system, and then excreted through urine or sweat。
  For example, if you lost about 10 kg, where kg excreted through the lungs, it is further converted to kg water。   It reported that, in fact, almost all the food we eat will finally discharged from the lungs。   After human consumption, food nutrition will be absorbed by the blood and organs, after digestion of carbohydrates and almost all fat, protein will be converted into carbon dioxide and water, it will become a small part of the protein urea and other solid, will not only dietary fiber by digestion and reach the large intestine intact to perfection。   So, whether to increase the number of breaths you can do to lose weight?  In actual fact, if the number of breaths required more than itself, the so-called "hyperventilation" (hyperventilation), dizziness or even fainting may occur。   One of the ways effective increase in carbon dioxide emissions is the muscle activity, even simple activities such as dressing or stand up, can make double the speed up metabolism。