A man’s heart

During the summer a high school boy on the network know a girl four years older than he, the boy has been called her sister, the girl is very beautiful, very good boy, gradually, so that in real life almost did not get any love boy increasingly dependent on her, boy what to say to her mind only one person.The boy put everything on the computer have been replaced with photos of the girl, as long as the computer open a girl’s figure you can see, the boy fell in love with her, but she did not know how to speak, he did not dare say, for he knew their identity, the girl at home a lot of money, and the boys have nothing, because this boy is very low self-esteem, one night the boy courage very tactful speak his own mind, but the girl saw through, in fact, I knew early on girls a, boy girl heart has always been a very honest very sensible people are very attached to the body, when the girl fell in love with the boy say when the boy could not believe the boy was too excited to say that even their own do not know anything, the boy is very happy, but also very worried, because he does not know happy today will one day become sad.  That night after the boy would sleep late every day, every night to accompany the girl to chat conversations, the same every day, never changed.A boy or a high school student, academic performance is among the best in the class, because the family is very poor, so the boy has been the biggest dream is to test a good university and the outside work, but require high school to college seven years.Once this boy told the girl said, the girl said: I am willing to wait for you for seven years, and so you read the university we got married, the boy was moved, and yet feel such a commitment far, far away, a full seven years, with seven years of time a person needs a lot of courage and a very firm idea, the girl can do it?The boy did not know the boy from then on he was determined: if the girl really and so his seven-year, seven years after the first thing is to marry the girl, and if not, he would not blame the girls, because they had He has no right and qualification to let others of her own for seven years. Since then more boys loved the girl, the boy thinks he is the happiest man in the world, he will be around all the unpleasant things are forgotten, no matter what experience he will always think of the girl, the girl because of the emergence of let the boy believe that this world is not what make life difficult for the Hom and impossible things, because of the emergence of the girl, the boy to the future with hope, because of the emergence of girls, boys more firmly to their dreams; and soon, their first Valentine’s Day came, the boy can not do anything for the girl can only keep waiting for the arrival of 12:00 in the morning next to the computer first told the girl: Happy Valentine’s Day, 11: 50, when the boy’s marked on the QQ dialog dear and Happy Valentine’s day, just good 12:00 when the boy was sent out, boy believed to be the first in a Valentine’s day to say these words to the girl who waited a long time that night the boy, the girl did not on the line, to the middle of the night did not know the boy feel asleep, asleep boy had a dream, he dreamed that he bought a lot of girls I wish Happy Valentine’s Day roses to the girls, but woke up to find A dream, boy closed his eyes immediately want to continue this dream, but it how could not sleep, open QQ still not seen the girl, had one day without seeing the girl on the line, the boy did not know what to do to the girl, lying on a person in bed thinking about girls, boys like a lot, the boy thought: If the girl waited seven years himself was 28 years old, while he was 24 years old by that time no matter what kind of girl into a girl to marry both, but the girls really We can wait until that time?The boy is not known, but in any case, the boys believe that girls are now in love with their future, the future of things to say, the next day, the boy waited a long time and finally saw the girl on the line, the girl told the boy before that there are a lot of people Happy Valentine’s Day with their own say the.But also received a gift, but the boy is very clever to say: before all those before Valentine’s Day, there is no significance, but I did not on your side, or you can send a gift.In this way, a very smart boy about to ease the awkward atmosphere, in fact, said that, when the boy at heart, there has been the feeling of inferiority, because he knows that even though the girl at his side, could not give any girls, boys thinking about other men You can give gifts to their loved ones while they are unable to do.Depressed mood night.Since then every time the boys have to keep waiting for the festival next to the computer; 12:00 the arrival of the first to say happy holidays to girls; once, the boy suddenly saw a strange QQ plus his own, a men, boys do not know him, the one to the man said to the boy: you are certain of it, take care of her after the boy thought it was her ex-boyfriend, the boy asked the girl, the girl said: not the ex-boyfriend, is a in reality suitors, I have loved you, how might it also promised to someone else?The boy himself happy smile, on that night, the boy asked the girl love story, the girl truthfully told the boy, the girl said: I have had four boyfriends, each of the points, as well as a man had abortions, the boy was surprised to hear this very sad at the same time, the girl asked: do you mind?The boy said: fool, how would not mind it?That’s your past, I love you now, how you would mind your past?In fact, he had this to say when the boy’s heart is cold, is not too happy, like a knife thrust, like, because the boy wanted: a man had abortions, and that others do?Even if not had abortions, and that such a thing is not what people who love each other after hearing not uncomfortable, just boys really love the girls, because the girls did not want to leave the shadow of her own heart, to comfort the boy girl He said: like you are for their loved ones.That you would give anything for love, but do not fool it, or will be cheated, the girl said: Well it.I know, he would not.  很快.A boy’s holiday is over, the boys go to a place far from home to school, the school will not be able to go home every day, because it will not be able to accompany the girl every day to chat to speak, the boy began to worry, because he was afraid in this during the period because the less necessary to talk to each other will be forgotten each other, the girl told the boy said the boy told not to worry, she will not forget him; the school, the boy came to the school is a picture of the new faces, not long before, one day the boy opened the book suddenly found a small piece of paper, opened it is a love letter to a classmate, the boy who was to see that the boy did not care too much, simply smiled and then take advantage of people do not pay attention still time, because the boy has the heart to fit anyone, and only she, when someone asked about the boys at school have a girlfriend, the boy will be very proud of the girl’s photo to them, so that no one will come to disturb him, separated for several days, the boy is too miss the girl, could not sleep at night when he looked at the photo of the girl, and thought: baby.what are you doing?Such a boy will soon be asleep, and finally one day.Do not know why the boy can go home, and to the doorstep boy crazy flying home to open the computer, and immediately boarded the QQ, he saw the girl left a lot to their QQ words, the boy looked very pleased of himself and said: fool, so the boy replied all the news, the girl was surprised, said: baby, you come back, I want to die you, longing for a sense of really hard, the boy knows that the boy sit motionless for hours with the girls say things happening these days enjoy the girl told the boy she was going to school, the girl’s father called college girl to read, read only one year only, the boy said: we are all just we all go to school have nothing to fear, but the boy turned around and thought: those of their schools there are so many pretty girls chase the boys, and that if she read the college, there are not more people chase?The boy also worried that up, but the girl thought for their own future can not stop her own right?But can not stay stopped, the boy believed the girl, and said: Go, go later to learn, not handsome ah bubble.  Then, after a long period of time, boys and girls did not in contact, the relationship between the boy and girl have a lot of people knew it, it was with the boy said: To a girl of her own seven years is a very difficult, very painful after thing, few people can do it, besides, it was the reality of things you do not know, in fact, has long thought about these boys, the boy bent forward he would never abandon, betray the girl that day, the boy home said to the girl: baby, if you have a favorite person in reality you told me that, I would not blame you, the girl said: I will not, at least not now.If winter comes, the weather gets colder, the girl to the boy QQ message said: Baby, cold weather, you take care of yourself, wear more clothes, but the girl seems to know where the boy girl never tasted bitter, more people to take care of her own needs, but more people are concerned about; sure enough, sick boy, the boy during which most people miss is that girl, the girl can hope he is good at his side, the boy suffering pain for a long time, so that the already very thin the boy is more thin, but she did not give the girl, said he worried that she was afraid the girl, the girl asked each boy will say that they very well. One day, the boy saw the girl on the personalized signature QQ, the girl said: looking at her friends who are married, they have to when Joan, this personalized signature let the boy guilty for a long time, the boy suddenly have a lot of words to say to the girls boy waited, and finally the exam, exam soon the boy home, the moment did not stay in school, go home to open the QQ online QQ looked at the girl, but the boy did not know what to say, boy or say a few words something he has said he went out, came back late in the evening, the girl did not open the QQ online, the boy courage to say this life do not want to say, the boy said: Honey, this time grateful for your company I had a great time, the day I read your QQ personalized signature, I want to understand everything, I can not let you wasted your youth waiting for me for seven years, baby, I’m sorry, please do not blame me, you are so big, looking for a good man to marry a bar, a good man in this world have nothing, but I believe you will find, I will silently bless you, and so one day I have breath, I will tell you, baby, I you.  When the boy had finished these sayings heart was suddenly shoved a needle bar, the boy felt the pain, let the boy never feel pain, this pain so that he felt piercing pain over this boy in this life all and suffered pain, the boy’s eyes filled with tears, he was a man facing her picture crying boy for the first time cried so sad, so painful the first time too, he felt dizzy.He felt the whole world there is only one man and his ears at this time the familiar song of songs, it was the song he had written for girls, boys know the girls will be up very early every day, he was waiting for the girl to heal himself, in the morning when the girl finally woke up at six, the boy saw the girl online on QQ stealth silently waiting, he knew that the girl had seen the news, in a few minutes, the girl read all the news, the girl said: baby, you know you these then I saw how moved you?Baby, thank you for your appearance, after the boy saw the pain more severe.Crying even more sad, but the boy did not respond, boy or girl quietly waiting to see if there are more words to say to yourself, but waited a long time have not seen a word girl, boy imagined could be because girls are very sad.The boy looked at the girl’s QQ and QQ picture until the girl down, comforting the boy down on the bed.  In the dream the boy saw the girl, he dreamed that he went along with the girl, he told the girls to see the sea, carrying a girl walking on the beach, girls smiling so happy, so happy, happy dream boy Hao , good fun, like he had never been so happy.  Wake up, everything back to the past, the boy woke up very obedient own tears flow out, unknowingly crying boy fell asleep again, he never wanted to wake up.