A man’s game

The boy closed his eyes, took a deep breath.He slowly count from one to ten, before these breath exhaled slowly, then he stretched his arms for a moment, he wanted to feel it, taste, confident about their strength.    And elastic sportswear clung to his body, highlighting every piece of muscles bulge.This is a body bone thin boy, but in the age of fourteen, he had seemed precocious.His endurance are forced to endure every day reached the limit, the pressure from the father demanding, but also from his own strong ambition.The boy in his tight time out every day to train, he is currently unknown in the country, but one day he would become one of the world’s best cyclists.He knows that this is not a pipe dream or ambition, it is an undeniable fact.This is welcomed, just like his brothers and sisters, have their strive for the goal.    He stood on the starting line, ready to start the race.As a precaution, the last time he looked over bike, he checked the handle, a handful of chalk coated palm gloves carefully tried to see whether loose.He took the handle, the activities of the wrist, to see whether it will slip, with your fingers stroking every inch of the body, not miss any details may lead to dangerous.Then he turned a little wheel, each pattern on the finger across the tire, the tire is absolutely critical to good condition.He no trace of negligence capital, there is no room for error.    The court audience waited patiently.Everything indicates that this is a real professional game.He did not panic, not panic.    This is a one game.Some of his old rivals Qiezhen, some lost interest in the game, and some have died.    He found satisfaction in his car as usual, well-functioning, the last adjusted his own.He did take a deep breath, trying to exclude distract his attention noisy sound.He keenly felt cropped up a sweat on the back.His excitement up, excitement filled his every muscle in the body, every cell and sweat pores, stimulate all his senses and nerves.He heard the crowd shouting his name.He is ready.    The race began.The boy firmly riding on the car and never looked backward.When riding the halfway line, he dumped the head, hair and sweat drip down Meijiao down, body thoroughly drenched.Just when one shakes, shook his body to one side, he hastened to another skewed a bit, straighten posture.He almost mistake.He recovered his balance, concentrate under control body shaking, slack if he will undoubtedly come to naught.    He shouted to encourage himself, in order to reduce the psychological tension.    Well done, well done.I was playing field.Going to the end, and I’m still playing field.    He needs to get rid of more uncomfortable sweat.This time he moves little, well maintained a balance of body.He never fell from the car, otherwise he would have ended in failure.    He slowly, calmly riding on the car, this is not a field of brute force or speed of the game.His mind ruled out all other thoughts, just in front of the terminal, only this one idea, a goal, a destination.Only a few corners on to the.    There are three corners.    There are two.    There is still one.    Safety reach the end!    He jumped out of the car, his face showing a smile winner.    In sixty feet high ropes, sigh with five hundred spectators.    No safety net.    In fact there is no protection facilities.    Antonio Levy Maserati, this blind since childhood, child, Levi Maserati circus star, once again successfully completed one of the two inches thick on the sixty-foot-tall steel cables bike race.It was an open-air show on Saturday, he again finished performances in just four hours.