A man waited at the meeting point of four civilizations

18 years, he was alone in the vast Gobi guard with 1500-year-old grotto, where far from human habitation, unreasonable water and electricity, only two of elm with his companion.Within a radius of a few kilometers, and the remaining one heat Bachmann.18 years, heat sealing Man alone guarding Kuqa County, Xinjiang Kizil Ga Ha Cave.Built in the 6th century caves, 12 km from the county seat, surrounded by a gray wind erosion landform, with little vegetation, away from human habitation, it has yet to pass water, electricity.Kuqa, ancient Kucha.Ji Xianlin once said, the world’s greatest civilizations (ancient India, Greece, Rome, Persia, Han and Tang) only at the intersection of the world, in Kucha.For the protection of cultural relics Grottoes has not formally opened, visitors subject to the approval Kucha Xinjiang Research Institute, led by staff access.Total number grotto caves 54, there are beautiful murals Cave.Every morning, a hot Man to be along the hillside, one by one to check whether each lock the door locked, sweeping in front of the sand, then patrol around the periphery of caves along the steep cliff to see if there are strange footprints, whether it was overlooking, car traces.Go down in the outer ring, three hours.Next, it is a long wait, wait tours to visitors, waiting for the night.One winter, 89 days, he did not wait for a visiting delegation.The most difficult is the night.At night, when night falls, heat sealing Man lit the kerosene lamp, turn on the transistor radio until you hear that the house is not the only issue appliance program squeak, before gradually falling asleep.A person’s life lonely, love to dance and never hot accompanied by radio Bachmann began playing music dancing alone in the dark.Once every two months, the Institute staff will hold a big pocket to Balakrishnan Newspapers.Within ten days after that, accompanied by kerosene lamps, heat Bachmann night will each newspaper press from start to finish.Although he only went as far as Urumqi, but this did not affect his interest in Shenzhen, Guangdong, Shanghai Pudong.In the 89 consecutive days without tours and the delivery boy arrival of winter, the heat Bachmann began suffering insomnia, often tired in the morning only five or six points, on three hours sleep eyes closed.The kind of people eager to see a person’s anxiety can not express in words.Mann said heat sealing with a blunt Mandarin.He will stand with the highest point overlooking the grotto every day around to see if there are traces of coaches.When the arrival of the first 90 days, finally ushered in the tours visitors.However, heat sealing Man unexpected, because for a long time do not communicate with people, he was afraid to speak.To protect these 1500-year-old Buddhist murals, each numbering caves are safe two locks, heat Bachmann took a key, tours with a guide, only two were present in order to open the door to the cave.When the tour guides, the heat in addition to inform Bachmann Notes forbidden to take pictures, but will not say a word.He always took the key to open the door quietly, silently followed, or squatting on the wall to wait.Few people noticed him, chat with him.Every day, he was always quietly take care of the older generation Guardian planted two elms, this is the only green within a radius of several kilometers.Brother Abdurixit weekly, donkey cart passing Gobi potholes, six kilometers away from the village pull a barrel of water, heat to Bachmann only yourself enough water daily, for all the remaining watering elm.Few people can durability lonely!19 years Kucha in Xinjiang Institute vice president, said Zhao Li, but each time you come grotto, a hot Man are there silently guarding.In September 1993, the Institute found the eyes of the villagers honest and reliable heat sealing Man.Then, heat Bachmann only 21 years old, just graduated from high school, thick eyebrows, love love to laugh.Farming for generations of father for his son happy, that’s worked for the state ah!Although the monthly salary is only 200 yuan, and to 24 hours guarding.He fell in love here, they can not afford the.He is familiar with, like the lovers of caves.Spring scraping dust storms, loud, like a lot of dogs howling, sky sand, roads within one meter are not clear, but it did not beat him, he was 54 caves familiar, think of the brain position, counting the steps to go.But, this kind of weather, finished more than fifty touch the lock, often the next 40 hours.Summer is his favorite season, although above the grotto and little rain, but the rain fall, the stiff lumps of wet sand, which is the cleanest season.Because it is Yanshuigou the dam, but also beware of floods.In 2009, a fall of Kuqa three days and nights of heavy rain, flooding five days of non-retired, have eaten all the food and water, heat guard on the hillside Bachmann had to come up with the rest of the month ago, it has been hard into boards like two pancake with a hammer crack, bubble flood hunger.Often visitors around the world to praise him: guarding the national heritage in the vast Gobi, you really amazing.Who has come 35 times the Japanese teacher said: Your work is very honorable, can rise to heaven after death!In the eyes of their loved ones may heat Bachmann was a bit unreasonable.18 years ago, the eldest son of Reheman never done farm work to help at home, never bought anything for the parents, and even returned home six kilometers away is a luxury.Mid-1998, Reheman married two years later, he shouted to his wife: no water or electricity, even the clothes are not wash!Away from him.In 2006, Bachmann heat from temporary into a formal conservation workers.Once he heard the experts say, 1500 years ago, there are at least 400 monks in Kizil Ga Ha Cave life, he began to daydream: There must be so many monks in flowing river before life, caves, and lush, to they do not eat what ah?This is my first job, it might be the last one!Perennial hot sand to make 39-year-old Bachmann deep eye wrinkles.He squinted and said: will slowly get better!