A man two people

There is an island inhabited by a race called lazy Kawasaki, something for nothing from morning to night prayers.  One day, he heard that the neighboring island is home to some long only one eye who immediately decided to turn a come back, to make money throughout the exhibition.  Race Kawasaki Just do it, and quickly catch a boat to the neighboring island.Just a shore to see a one man came up to him.He quickly hypocritically praise: God and hope for so many years, I finally met a person like you!A man carefully looked at the race Kawasaki, polite response: Thank you.  Kawasaki race and cunning to say: I earnestly invite you to visit my hometown, please put on board.One man hesitated a moment and said: This is a good idea, but I have to go home and say hello, you have to sit at home the way it.  Kawasaki race will follow that a man came home, he walked thinking: you have to squat cage tomorrow obediently give me money myself!But when he had just stepped into the threshold of a people, a few people came to force surrounded him, while around while also exclaimed: Look!The people have two eyes!Quickly tied him up!Off exhibition in a cage to go, we want to make big money!  So less than an hour, he gave Kawasaki race off to the cage.An island resident who owned all over, everyone turn in a dollar, you can visit the two eyes of the monster.  Kawasaki lazy game, and it was to get people to make money, and his life will lose it all.