A man love two

She Liyuan family, 5-year-old apprenticeship, 7-year-old stage, 12-year-old performances, 14 years old has been highly visible on the beach reputation.18 years old, made famous for the capital, she chose to go north Xingaoqiao.She did not know, a love affair is still and wait in front of her.  Memorable day, that strange man was surrounded by a group of people, like the Wind of trees, it looked like a month at sea.I first saw life, pass, the intersection of four items, such as flash of light, rub some burning love.The man also saw her, she was on stage early in the test sound, he has been amazed at the following.He washed her a look, a smile, she froze, only shouted: Mei uncle on stage, he is a star, she was to be born.  She sings: good people come into the wrong house, should not bias tape Begonia flowers, minced multi Junya, in this little romantic Begonia flowers.  He sings: I spend here will lose ground, from the future do not wear this little Begonia flowers.  Flirting, dark heart Xu, she crazy heart, wear a flower Begonia flower.  At that time the capital, I can not tell how many doors for her son head over heels.On looks, she more than ten Kunling with beauty known; on talent, she was already singing the capital.  His big she was 13 years old and has two rooms wives.She could not care less, as long as there is love, then why not Zuoqie!  However, his wife, two do not agree with their marriage, she was not even allowed to door.He would compromise with her in a place called Hsuan Jane decorated wedding she ultimately not be the bride sedan chair carried into the house, which doomed her tragedy.  She had a crazy fan, is a wealthy son, I heard she got married, greatly stimulated, provoked gun.Two famous actor, a murder, suddenly shocked the capital, has become a turning point in their feelings.Since then, the indecisive man would love a little sad autumn retreat, leaving westerly painted fans.  More hateful, when his mother died, she went to wake Pimadaixiao, but was driven out of his home housekeeper.He was the second wife would not let her door, he was not discouraged, left unchecked, lightly: You go back shocked her, a sudden torrential tears.It turned out that her intention to seize only a tight-knit sorrow and humiliation.She is nothing between him and!He loves a, did not earn even a birthright.  I spend here will lose ground, from the future do not wear this little Begonia flowers.She trance spirit, crooning a cappella, home, flew out for three consecutive days notice in the newspaper, he announced that he break off relations.  That night, heavy rain, such as injection, he established the night in her window, she cried all night in the window.Door, but no open.  She is for the people who love to fight, and that her favorite people have hurt her deepest.Since then she will no longer laugh, become cold and mysterious.Pear orchard in flower Steel Roses suddenly fall, extinct rivers and lakes.Her teeth said to him: I am singing in the future, you will not be worse than.Either in this life do not marry, remarry also marry a stamp of the random chatter!  She disheartened, have converted to Buddhism, and later behind closed doors studying opera, lived for several years.  A few years later, she was back again, singing reached a pinnacle, called Dong Wong.At this time, she met his second man of her Mr. Right.  In fact, as early as she was 12 years old performances that year, he has begun to pay attention to her.Because her four performances, can not always hear her voice, he spent huge sums of money for her to make records.  He let her go north regret, regret she agreed to marry the female roles.When her divorce, he came forward to seek justice for her, for her to break up fee.  Her hunger strike four days, had stomach problems.He used helicopters, the gaunt her into Shanghai from Beijing.He gave her medical treatment, spend lots of money to please her teacher Shouyi, buy luxury send her fear that she might be the slightest grievance.  The man, really, as she said: random chatter stamp the ground, because the entire beach is his.When met, he was already 21 years old and she was great, and there are many concubines.He just did the Lord, and took her into his home.  She accompanied the man, waited at the bedside, tea and given medicines, taken care of.In his last year of life, struggling to get up out of bed, go through with her wedding.  Not only married, he also let his children to her knees, bowed and told her mom.  Such as his, just which one, is that Dan Masters can not do.The two men feelings for her, in stark contrast.What is love, it goes without saying it?  They married a year later, he died.His daughter cleared, not much property left to her, but she has no regrets reputation, property, for her, is fleeting, love is the only gold.  Since he left, she never celibacy, until death.  She called Meng Xiaodong, a woman Emotion, absolute beauty of a woman, a Ganaiganhen and affectionate woman.  She met two men, one is Mei Lanfang, Du Yuesheng is a.