A man encounters a woman’s life

Man’s life, the first woman ever had is the person who loves you.She not only sacrificed her slender figure, but also to undergo the fatigue of each stage, overcome all difficulties to meet you rich in nutrients, so you better at the seminary in the healthy growth.A pregnant woman one day delivery; she also threw himself with energy to care for you, care for you, protect you, teach you the.To you, she would rather dusk, suffer hardship, no regrets, and even sacrificed their lives.This woman, great is your mother.  The second man meets a woman, your grandma or grandmother.Although they can not sacrifice everything for you, like the mother, but also very hurt you, I love you.Because since you were born that day onwards, they saw a continuation of “incense,” the.  The third man meets a woman, is your sister.Before they did not get married, is your umbrella with umbrella covered, you can do whatever they want.But what, and so on under the umbrella of the men got into another and you do not have blood, which favored umbrella on that person, you can only stand umbrella side.  The fourth man meets a woman, your classmates the same table.This friendship the most true, most pure, no matter go away, no matter how much difference there is between rich and poor, no matter how distant position, no matter how social pollution, such affection between heterosexual, never degenerate.  The fifth man meets a woman, who was your first love.This woman, ignited the passion inside you sprout, youth occupy your heart.She let you know the love of sweet, let you taste the “day not seeing, such as every Sanqiu” taste; she will get you some beautiful, until you gave her my heart.  The fifth man meets a woman, your wife.This woman, like first love makes you dreaming, mesmerized.But she is Loved you, you know, after the second renewal mother who loves you.When you are happy, she happy than you; when you are sad, she will be silent tears.She not only with you through thick and thin, to each other, or to understanding and tolerance, people lead their lives with you.In her eyes, you are all her.So, she was like a treasure of his life, like caring for you.  The sixth man meets a woman, your daughter.This is a man’s love life, men love her more than you love yourself.A man’s life is the most cherished, most worried about, most without asking is this person.A man for her to eat more bitter willing heart, for her, sacrificed their lives no regrets.  The seventh man meets a woman, is the affair of the man.Perhaps instinctively, perhaps unwilling to dull after the passion, perhaps as unhappy life and career, men who in the vast sea to seek the.One day, this allows you to burning passion of the people there.You look for opportunities to approach her with joy, and with the whole body of the stops on her gallant.Finally, you got his wish unreservedly exposed himself in front of this man.Since this moment, the woman suddenly become a lion, when the man became a pity lamb.Since then, the start of the lion and the lamb games.Finally, the lamb was not eaten by a lion, a lion bite is to be scarred.  Men may also meet eighth, ninth.woman.No matter how much a woman in the face, really care about you, love your few.To cherish those few people who care about you, love you worthy of love, this is the real men know how to live.