A lovelorn have self-esteem

Most fortunate in my life two things: one is the last time I would love for you exhausted; a long, long time ago that one day I met you.In the two years we were together that day, I began to record many of our lives bit by bit, and that have no chance to say, I learned later that there was no chance to say those words is not always the opportunity to say, I can not predict our breaking up so rapidly, and is based on the idea that your blind date to get married this story to end.I can not imagine never wanted me to get used to the day without you, even it takes so long.I have continued to record every single day, write down, write a half a year, wrote ten Jiwan Zi.Later, because of the change computer, U disk is a problem, the file is missing.Feeling lost and had the same feeling you are.When we separated a month, I went to see the romance thirty-three days early and would like your opinion, together with, but no chance.Huang Xiaoxian most touched some lines is this: I suddenly understood what he said, I want to catch up with the car, I have something to talk to him.I want to tell him, I know what I did wrong, can you below, and then wait for me a moment?I make you no dignity to go down step by step, in order to punish me, I am even willing to roll all the way to your feet, from now on an equal footing with you, if you can wait and I, the road was too dangerous, the world so many people, the only there you makes me feel safe partner, please do not just give me, please do not give up on me.I have to say to him.I do not want to blow that is broken self-esteem, my self-confidence are all far-fetched, I let you see me now issuing humble, Can you forgive me?I beg your pardon.The world’s most dirty, than self-esteem.After tangled, after a loss I suddenly realized that, even dirty, the rest of his life, and I need this self-esteem go hand in hand.Big Pharaoh said Huang Xiaoxian: To be vulgar, ah, Time heals all wounds.Although I can not tell you how long this time.In fact, he did not know, I longed.Can someone tell me the schedule.Let romance disappearance of schedule.