A long and Shan Hai Jing

A long and Shan Hai Jing ——————————————— ———————————– long mom, have said, is a women has always led my , to put a little lavish, is my nanny.My mother and many other people call her, seemed slightly more polite meaning.Only her grandmother called A Long.I usually call her “grandmother”, even “long” word nor with; but to hate her, – for example, I know that he is the dead rat that is hidden her, called her Ah Long.   We did not name there long; she was born yellow fat and short, “long” is not an adjective.But not her name, I remember she said, the girl what her name is called the.What girl, I have now forgotten, in short, not long girl; and finally do not know what her last name.I remember she had told me the origins of this name: the previous Previously, my family had a women, she is born very tall, which is really Ah Long.Later, she went back, my girl what she did to fill the vacancy, but because we used to call, no further corrected himself, so she never became a mother long.   Although people say privately length is not a good thing, but it would help if I want to tell the truth, I can only say: I really did not admire her.The most annoying is often like earnest tsatsa, Xu said in a low voice to the people what to do.Also put up a second finger, shaking up and down in the air, or point the opponent or his nose.Some of my house a little storm, and somehow I always suspected that “honestly Chacha” Some relations.They would not let me walk around, pull a grass, turn a stone, naughty said I should tell my mother went to.One summer, when she went to bed legs outstretched hands, put into a “big” word in the middle of the bed, I packed no room to stand up, long sleep on mats in the corner, and they have roasted so hot.She pushed it, do not move; she called it, will not smell.   ”Mom born too long so fat, some afraid of heat strike?Shuixiang at night, for fear is not necessarily a good strike?.”My mother heard back more than complain later, once asked her.I also know that she meant to give me some empty seats.She does not open.But at night, I woke up hot, but still saw a Manchuang them the “big” word, a Bibo still resting on my neck.I think this really can not be thought.   But she knows many of the rules; these rules, it probably is my impatient.Happiest season of the year, naturally the number of New Year’s Eve.After the old year out, get lucky money in red paper from elders on the pillow, had a long night, you can feel free to use.Sleep on the pillow, looking at the envelopes to think of tomorrow bought snare drum, swords and guns, clay figurines, sugar Buddha..However, she came in, turn on the bedside of a blessing Orange.   ”Brothers, you keep in mind!”She said very solemnly.”Tomorrow is the first day, opened his eyes early in the morning, the first thing you have to say to me: ‘Mom, Congratulations!”I remember it?You have to remember, this is the year of chance.Not allowed to say another word!After he said Fu had to eat a little orange.”She picked up the orange in my eyes roll to the two shake,” So, throughout the year, along the downstream flow..”Remember the dream of New Year’s Day, the next day wake up so early, I wake up, we should sit up.She was immediately out Bibo, I will hold down a.When I was surprised to see her, she looked at me and saw Huang Ji.   She required like there, shaking my shoulder.I suddenly remember – “Grandma, congratulations..””congratulations!Congratulations to everyone!so smart!congratulations!”So she is very happy like, will laugh together, at the same time a little cold things, stuffed in my mouth.After I was shocked, it suddenly remember, this is called a blessing Orange, New Year’s monarch head of suffering, finally had had finished, you can get out of bed to go play.   She also taught me a lot of sense, for example, say dead, not to say die, must say “old lost”; dead man, gave birth to the child’s room should not go in; rice dropped to the ground, must pick up, it is best to eat; trousers under the sun with a bamboo pole, God forbid drilling past..In addition, now probably forgotten, and only New Year’s remember most bizarre ritual.In short: these are the cumbersome matter, now think of it also felt very troublesome thing.   But I also have a moment she had an unprecedented tribute to happen.She often told me, “Long Hair”.She’s so-called “Long Hair” who not only Hong Jun, it seems that even then everything robber are included, but except for a revolutionary party, because then no.She spoke very scary hairy, their words heard do not understand.She said that previously the city’s long-haired, my family all escaped down the beach, leaving only a porter and cook old maid housekeeping.Later, the door to the really long hair, maid let them learn that “king”, – is said to be so named for the long-haired, – tell their own hunger.Long-haired laughed: “Well, this will give you something to eat strike!”Will throw a round thing over, also with a pigtail, is that the head porter.Cook maid ever since startle broken lamps, and later a mention, or immediately Mianrutuse he patted chest Po said: “A Yeah, I’m a dead hack, hack death of me..”I was down and seem afraid, because I think these things have nothing to do with me, I’m not a porter.But she felt that is probably arrived, said: “Like you like a child, but also long-haired captive, the captive do little hairy.There are good-looking girl, but also captive.”” So you are does not matter.”I thought she must be the most secure, and neither do the porter, not a child, also born too ugly Moreover, there are many Sunburn scar on the neck.   ”There are words?!”She said sternly.”We have no use?We have to go into exile.Outside are the soldiers to attack when we called hairy took off his pants, rows and rows of standing on the walls, outside of the cannon to put out; and then to put, on the bombing!”This is really for me than we expected, and can not fail to surprise.I always just thought she was full stomach trouble courtesy nothing, but unexpectedly she has such a great god.Since then, she will have to pay special tribute, it seems unfathomable; night was sprawling, full occupation of the bed, of course, is excusable, and down I should concede.   After this respect, although it is gradually fading, but completely disappeared, probably knowing she murdered my hidden mouse.Then it is a very serious cross-examination, and she personally called A Long.I guess I do not really do a small long-haired, not siege, not shooting, bombing more afraid of guns, what do I fear her dread!   But when I mourn hidden mouse, give it time for revenge, he has also a thirst in the drawing, “Shan Hai Jing,” the.This desire is mess up from a distant uncle of.He is a fat, kind of old, kind of a little love flowers, such as Zhu Lan, jasmine and the like, as well as extremely rare, is said to bring back from the north of Lantana flowers.His wife was on the contrary, nothing somehow, he would put on the handles of bamboo shoots Zhu Lan, branch folding, and also cursed angrily: “dead bodies!”It was a lonely old man who, because no one can talk about it and the kids love exchanges, sometimes simply called us ‘little friends’.In our living together in the house yard, only his many books, but especially.Arts and system test Poems, naturally there; but I only in his study, saw “Mao sparse vegetation, insects, fish, birds and animals,” Lu Ji, there are many names of books is born.I love to see that time is “reading glasses”, there are many top chart.He said to me, there was a drawing of “Shan Hai Jing”, painted with human faces, animals, nine snake, three-legged bird, people born with wings, head and no milk to two as the eye monster,.Unfortunately, we do not know where the place.   Very willing to look at this picture, but embarrassed to force to force him to look for, he is a very indolent.Ask someone else, who also refused to answer me truthfully.There are hundreds of lucky money culture, buy stop, and no good opportunity.There are books to buy street very far from my house, I can only play a trip in a year between the first month, then, two bookshops are tightly closed doors.   Play when it touches nothing, but sat down, I remember drawing “Shan Hai Jing”.   Probably too obsessed with, even A long also asked, “Shan Hai Jing” is how one thing.This is what I always did not and she said, I know she is not a scholar, said the futility; but since to ask, are also said to her.   After ten days, or a month strike, I remember her leave of absence to go home after four or five days she was wearing a new blue blouse back, a meeting, it will be a package of books handed me happily He said: – “brothers, there are paintings child ‘three hum through,’ I bought you a!”I seem to hear of a thunderbolt, earthquake frightened all are up; hurry to pick up, open the parcel, are four small books, slightly doubled, beasts with human faces, nine snake,.Sure enough, all included.   Has made me a new respect happened, others refuse to do, or not do something, she was able to do successfully.She does have great god.Murder resentment hidden mouse, be totally eliminated.   These four books, but I first get the most beloved treasure book.   The appearance of the book, and now lies ahead.But from the look still present, but it is a very rough book imprint.Paper is yellow; graphics are bad, and even almost all make do with a straight line, even animal eyes are also rectangular.But that is my most beloved treasure book, it seems, really is a beast with human faces; nine snake; kick cattle; bags like Royal River; no head and “milk-head to navel as the mouth.” but also “Executive dry Qi dance,” the criminal days.   After that I even collect their drawing books, so with the lithographed “Ya sound map” and “Mao product was drawing test,” there has been “Dianshizhai Cong painting” and “Poetry boats”.”Shan Hai Jing” also bought a lithographed another, each volume has a chart like this, green painting, word is red, is much more sophisticated than that of the woodcut.This one until two years ago still is microprinting of Hao Yi Shu.Woodcut but can not remember what time lost.   My nanny, namely A long long mom, quit this world, probably with three decades of the strike.I finally do not know her name, her experience; only know there is a adoptive son, she is about young widowed lonely widow.   Dark generosity of Mother Oh, willing her in your arms Wing soul!