A lonely place

My name is loiu.Female.Studied painting.Cry.  My journey is asked.Loiu, so they wanted to introduce myself, so that I will know you.  Then I stood outside the window of the ward number 103, many times to rush in Jiuqi him, shouting he cried, I was loiu, you think I do not know!You may end up just passing nurse to help me take along into a happy flower, no packaging, petals and leaves like a god’s mouth, tirelessly laugh.  I want to give away all smiles, word for word.One day at a little bit, to Lang Syne.  (A) I know his name.Journey.From the road, away Cheng.  He stood next to the teacher, poised to introduce ourselves.My dad surname way, my mother surnamed Cheng.He added.He then smoothing out navy blue collar, stable local walked toward his seat.  The next day he started painting, bright colors, not to speak.  He called the journey, in fact, is very quiet.  (B) the studio is a very narrow and dirty alley, barely two sides opened a few small shop, daily necessities, and the old ladies fragmented homemade, wind touch on uneven ground along the long thin.  The journey does not hate these stale taste.Every encounter on the road, see him passing mottled walls with long fingers, fingertips across the beautiful curve.In his eyes, it seems ugly wall paintings are great, they love him.  In the evening you can see he was too old to pull a long shadow light, dark orange in the air, drifting away.  From paintings never have peculiar vitality.His imitation of Van Gogh’s sunflowers, crisp blue-purple and orange have been mocking perfect unity, huge flowers strongly twisted, arrogant and lonely.And the background, just a few lightly wipe Shu Yi blue, casual.  Away, you fucking genius.Face stubble teacher smoking a cigarette, hard to shake away the shoulder.  He just smiled, smoothing out navy blue collar, revealing two sharp eye teeth.  (C) The weather is getting cold.  From navy blue shirt replaced by a dark blue sweater.When the painting is still half-asleep state, you can not cover up with talent and pride.  Your painting, color is too gray.He said, pointing at my paintings.  If a kind of great atmosphere enveloped me, around me suddenly brightened.The journey is the light source, to shake me blink.He was so bright, so bright.  I looked up at him, did not speak.  what’s your name.He did not get angry and asked me softly.  Loiu.I remember you.  Opposite (d) the bus station, a familiar figure.  Away with the entire surface of the palm of your hand against the wall, it is a sort of dark red walls, a few off the wall, a distance, like a pale woman’s face.Moment I thought of his mother, her hopeless eyes forced open, his mouth constantly shouting a man’s name, and then think what trembling hands out to embrace.  Sometimes she simply holding a photograph of a man, very lonely smile.Her face was white as a sheet.  My eyes Sese pain.  For a long time, he turned away, walking toward the station.  You just look at what.I say.  He did not look at me.Loiu, you are not looking at the woman laughing.He said, with a slender finger at the opposite wall, well, do you believe that, that piece of wall laughing.  Well?  She was very lonely smile.I finished, the scarves good reason, on the arrival of the 134 road car.  Through the window, I see from looking at me with unease was surprised eyes.  He followed the crowd got on, when the door closing fast on a lonely voice shouting, wait a minute!Then he almost struggled, grabbed my wrist against the crowd, put me down to the car.He took me out of the crowd.  Get off come a long way, probably had crossed a few long alley, he finally let go.Loiu, do not you cry.I will be uncomfortable.  I did not speak quietly put his left glove off to give him.  Fool, how not to wear gloves.  Gloves is not big enough, looks very funny.But the journey was not laughing.He took my left hand back in my coat pocket, and then the cold red own right hand inserted into his trouser pockets.His left hand took my right hand, walking aimlessly.  Do not know a few turn, holding my hand would only nice but not much to go end to end of the alley, and finally, we come to a church door, he looks at the big bird cross.His moment of grief like a helpless child, the pride of the disintegration of the former.  I do not believe in God.He said a low,.My father was sick.  Neither do I.  The (five) away bruised arm, a few bruises on his forehead, a Band-Aid over his nice eyebrows.The teacher asked him smoking a cigarette, boy, where so many injuries.He said very quietly, wrestling.  Believed to be the ghost of fall.  Journey must fight.  Loiu, you do not follow me.He stopped.  I stopped.I replied.  I’ve changed.People are very easy to change.He turned around and looked at me.  I have been assured that there is a Van Gogh sunflower-like peculiar vitality of the journey, he is like a dying plant, his eyes terrible grief.  Loiu.He said, I put my hand back into his coat pocket.  Loiu, you have to remember to put herself up warm.Do not cry, or I’ll sick.  Loiu, to study painting, crying.After this introduction to myself, I will remember you.  My name is loiu, my father did not name Luo, I have no father.  Journey just is not, he says, that God just took him away.  Will you take your kid painting!Like you want to test ah Academy of Fine Arts?!What are you thinking mind!His paintings teacher fell to the floor.Distance did not speak, quietly back to the drawing board before.  A photographic lamp glare, the plaster according to the left side of Zeus, huge shadow separated from me and.Moment, ends of the earth.  (F) the journey does not come to class.  Piece rot boring alley not a charm, and occasionally someone passing, long cries have become dry.  Since then, the studio less favored a navy man, he does not love gloves, not good at conversation.No one to choose a seat in the shadows, like Zeus to draw strong backlighting and twisted limbs.Sunflower thanks.  Not walk.  I think many times from the front of the church’s eyes, was so lonely I feel bad.But the journey, I have no way you will be freed from the lonely, because I am also a patient.A patient suffering from the disease of hatred.Every time I see my mother’s pale face and frail body, hate this disease that strikes just as a scourge, repeatedly tortured me.  I hate my father.  (Vii) each car, I have this illusion: a tall boy into the crowd, without any explanation to pull me away, just left me a lonely back, palms hot.He began to take me away from the hubbub, I willingly followed him, has been taking has been taking has to go.  Bus station, eleven whole.  I put the bag, looked each one oncoming car.134 Road, has been a quarter of an hour, but no trace.  Not far from the big hubbub, fuzzy see six or seven people walking towards the station.Few people brazenly flirting with the occasional burst of laughter great.Closer, I can barely see those people, there are three girls, the remaining four boys, there was a carrying a drawing board.He has a very nice figure, walking methodically.  I wanted to get a better view, but the 134 road car lost no time in coming, is dazzling lights, I can not see anything.I staggered to the car, his hands grasped the handrail.  Ah, my arm was wet grip.  I did not see.I really did not see the piece of good-looking face, the light is too strong.The wind and messy hair, a straight nose, I really do not see the.But I did not see a girl climbed on him to kiss him, he gently opened.  I think maybe the huge patch of light and shadow, he can never walk across.  (Viii) the weather warm, golden sun to shine alley walls rendered, they suddenly seem cute.  I was in broad daylight, to see once again the journey.  How will you be here?I nearly cast off the hands of the painting box.  I’m waiting for you.He smoothing out navy blue collar.  I suddenly thought, how there will be so many navy blue cloth in the world for him to wear so many clothes navy.  Joy from my face broadened, but still did not laugh away.  My mother in the end and that man married two months ago.My dad just died a few months less than she would remarry.Just where do the wedding turned into a funeral of a sudden, you know, that’s what it’s like.  I looked down.  So what, you are at least two people openly married children born.Like me wild child without a father, and even the man ungrateful after all, have never loved my mother, I do not know.So walk, what you want I can give you, in addition to comfort.I really can not afford to pull you out of darkness.forgive me.It is because the journey, we are lonely.  I just looked at him.  Loiu next life, if my next life, I will compensate you.  God did not give me this opportunity.  He took off his necklace and put my hand.  Loiu, this is my dad sent me.Cold, then hold it tight.  Meet again next life, you forget them, I remember you.  (Ix) did not die away.  He and his father had exactly the same strange disease, but not dead.  I was almost like crazy rushed to hospital.103 ward, lie quietly away.  He did a craniotomy, gauze wrapped around his head, his face still as beautiful as ever.The first time I saw him not wearing navy blue clothes that he wore light blue striped gown is very Zhou Zheng.I laughed.Push the door.  Even if my temperature has been insufficient to warm themselves, but also trying to warm him, maybe keep each other warm, loneliness will gradually fade, hatred will disappear without a trace.  Journey.I shout.  He looked up, eyes wide open so clear, softly asked, who are you.  who are you.The journey does not remember.Not remember his father’s death, can not remember the mottled walls, I do not remember the girl who called loiu.  What do not remember.From forgotten.  (X) I stood outside the window of the ward number 103, many times to want to rush in Jiuqi him, shouting he cried, I called loiu.Female.Studied painting.Cry.Do you think I do not know!But I do not.I just stood, watching him in a daze, or playing in the hands of drug case.  I clenched his necklace, but only feel cold.Who the first half of the dead man’s photograph, firmly attached to the necklace back it.The Ungrateful man, to death did not let me know if he loved my mother.  Journey, dear away, in fact, many times I imagined, in a spring day, we are in the sun, has been taking has been taking away, not lonely, no shadows, no hatred, no sorrow.But, but, God did not give us this opportunity.  Please do not remember me.  (XI) I’m loiu.Female.Studied painting.Cry.  If you see a good-looking guy in a tall alley, he wore a navy blue sweater, do not wear gloves, use your fingers to feel like mottled walls.Be sure to help me convey a word.  Meet again next life, you forget them, I remember you.  (Xii) sunshine, to a lonely.