Bizarre Inca gold treasure curse who get all the mysterious disappearance

After the turn of world history, I have to say is that discovered the New World, the Western colonialists to plunder various American continent。
Brutal repression and looting of property of which the most famous is the Spanish royal dispatch of troops from various quarters of the local Incas made。
For gold fascinated by them at various resorted to brutal tactics, and finally they have been cursed treasure and suffered retribution。
November 1532, Francisco·With more than 160 conquistador Pizarro arrived at the Inca city of Cajamarca。
Pizarro was a bastard, not write, his father was an infantry colonel in the Spanish province of Extremadura, mother born poor。
And his whole life chasing wealth and fame。 His distant cousin, Hernando·Cortes, the Aztecs invaded and abducted from there countless gold。 After Pizarro heard, unable to bear their own desire to go to the New World the pursuit of wealth, in 1502 he joined a team of colonial aggression。 Pizarro began to emerge on the battlefield, he was soon promoted to deputy commander of the military region of Darien。 Pizarro led the team to the west coast of the South American region, the invasion and failed twice, the local environment so that they too much, heroic indigenous warriors will force them back to the coastline。
Pizarro had to take the team to the Inca of Tumbes, while the fate befall。
People in the town not only welcome them, but also allows them to pause resting in the village。
The Spaniards soon began chiefs dressed in gold and silver stones from the mind, they found everywhere here like precious gold and silver。
So they pull out all the stops, finally learned from the mouth of the Emirates, at the mountain where the Inca king, with countless gold。
Pizarro returned to Spain, to announce his gold thing to King Charles, the king requested funding their third conquest。
He also urge the king, once the land has been successfully conquered, the king hopes to conquer all the territory he governed the property。