A lonely old cat a sad Christmas

Not just people afraid of loneliness, long life, if alive, will inevitably destroy lonely! It was on Christmas Eve two years ago, a cat’s sad story. I lived in Canada, Germany, and a divorced man living alone Harrow sublet his small room on the second floor, from the beginning, I found Harold is really a lonely man, accompanied by his only one cat, often to a It looks like a tramp visit friends, or else his wife divorced for many years, occasionally with their five year old daughter to see him.He really is a very lonely man.The protagonist of the story is that old fast walk of Huang cat.Arrow told me that about twenty years old, I do not know that cats can live so old, Xixishushu yellow hair wrapped in thin body, like a ninety-year-old old woman, even walking feel powerless. Hello landlord ready to go to Vancouver with his family for Christmas, before leaving he asked my old cat to take care of, I of course agreed, but a task Bale. The next night, uncharacteristically old cat showed up at my room door, I opened the door Shihai shocked by it, I saw it drooping eyelids, sat quietly, I think it was probably my TV room sound attracted to it! You also know how lonely?I asked it, areyoulonely, too? It did not answer me, I think it did not understand my words.I opened the door and let it quietly walked into my room and sat down next to me, with me watching TV all night.I think it’s like an old age and the elderly, eager to be concerned, to be noticed, eager to sound a little world, not just breathless darkness and silence.On the third day I was allergic to the whole body itches very, very, I think the relationship between cat hair, and I have always had more allergic to cats.Under a last resort, my mind to put the cat out of the room, but it is reluctant to leave, actually I do not pay attention while secretly checked into my bath, how time can not expel, kill every time I have been into the bathroom it scared, plus allergy really miserable. So I Heart of a meter, the landlord ran downstairs to open the TV, and loudly call down to eat, it is really a limping run down the stairs, I took the opportunity to use cartons high on the stairs up around only a temporary solution trouble. The next day, the cat try to skip cartons upstairs, but old it really is not high jump, it finally slumped to give up after a few times, and I was relieved, the landlord of the moment did not dare TV is off, I want to have sound accompany it should be no problem, right! Christmas Eve, I went to a friend’s house had a nice Christmas party until dark back home, see the living room TV shimmering, suddenly remembered the cat bird lonely. ”Kitty!”I softly called to it, and opened a canned cat food ready to feed.A long while, it appeared to stumble, I feel bad to crouch down to touch its head, why blame themselves unable to overcome the difficulties to accompany it, it’s not like I have many friends, only their poor cat. After Christmas, the cat was gone when I found good food and water for several days nothing happened, I began to anxious, searched all the place to find, but no matter how I’m looking for how, it will no longer appear, it’s like the whole house to evaporate from the general. I cried and called the landlord far in Vancouver, he lives near his emergency contact ex-wife look back.I got home late that day, the family of the lights on, the door was Arrow’s ex-wife, her English speaking German chamber sadly told me this afternoon she found a stiff cat in a corner of the basement, it has been good A few days ago died. I stayed, I could not believe my ears. ”It’s old, go very peacefully, without pain.”She choked told me that she had a cat buried in the courtyard. That night I cried for a long time can not sleep, I intuitively think, I killed the cat, but for my cruel to ignore it, let it alone spent many a long night in the dark, it should not leave so early of!All this is my fault. A few years later, when I recall this long time ago, I told myself to be gentle with every life, because they have a heart needs love and care, knows the taste of loneliness! Do not think that cats like loneliness, there was a cat, because of loneliness and death.