About saying the wrong face

About saying the wrong face to face about saying the wrong 1, for the great cause died, never been able to be counted as a failure.Qiaobai Lun 2, a failure, can only prove our determination to succeed is not enough.Bovee 3, those of my most important discovery was inspired by a failed obtained.4 David, who’s smart and wise and choose their own path, often after the defeat.Jia Xi light 5, when the inevitable failure, failure is great.Whitman 6, most people fail, have started their own doubts on the ability of the want to do.Scott 7, the night sleep Xiao Fei, now regret the loss yesterday.Tui “Family Instructions” 8, a man knows his own weaknesses, can be rehabilitated, it is blessed.Shakespeare’s “Much Ado About Nothing” 9 because of fear of failure and not a go, will never succeed.MRMY 10, regardless of success or failure, they are all on their own.Longfellow 11, a person’s failure is a direct result of his own.James Allen, 12 lessons, failure, success won experience.Proverbs 13, failure is the final test of perseverance.14 Bismarck, not many failures, a rare success.Proverbs 15, we learn something from failure than success in high school into something much more.Smiles 16, learned from the mistakes of things, often more than the virtues learned something from.17 United States, there is no wrong inference we can not infer.利希滕伯格 18, it does not matter experts before failing in the face of failure, who are mortal.Pushkin 19, all scientific truths are wrong first born, after better than earlier error error. Wall Persia 20, life is not sick person can not become a great doctor.Arab 21, everyone has the wrong, but only a fool will come to their senses.Italy 22, many racing people fail is a failure in the final steps.23 Socrates, who never do something wrong, you can not do anything to.France 24, people want to learn to walk, they have to learn wrestling, but only after wrestling can not walk.Germany 25, everyone must turn over a day, once had can not change, that day can not step over men.Tao feel 26, Wrong can not afford defeat but Right afraid of failure.Tagore 27, lying in the mud only permanent only people who will not fall into a pit. () 28 Hegel, of indomitable people who did not such thing as failure.Bismarck 29, which is the world apart from psychological failure, failure does not actually exist what, if not anything, you will be a victory of.Hengaositing 30, the error does not always mean ignorance, knowledge is not always called upon to.Johnson plugs 31, ninth failed to Twentieth success, called stick.Anonymous 32. Never admit a mistake because ashamed, because to admit mistakes as you can explain more intelligent today. Malo first step 33, what is a failure, the failure is the preferred position of arrival.Feilipusi 34, mind awake, mouth say, the paper for not learning too from the body, are also useless.Yan Yuan 35, pilot error is often correct.Mao Zedong 36, a man on the scientific exploration of the road, a detour, made mistakes, not a bad thing, but not a shame to admit and correct mistakes in practice.Einstein 37, will not seek lessons from the failure of people, their road to success is a distant.Napoleon, 38, who is also into Pepsi Jingzhi, its defeat will also slow in the.Sima Guang, 39, a small mistake might prevent heavy fall.Fuller famously asked about correct mistakes saying about the error to correct the error of saying life ambition aphorisms 1, I hope every time memories, do not feel guilty for living Guo Xiaochuan 2, life is not a pleasure, but a very heavy work.Lev Tolstoy 3, burning one’s life may also be corrupt, I can not corrupt, I am willing to burn up!Ostrovsky 4, strong drink this cup truth of life, without repeatedly refining Oh, would not be so delicious!Guo Xiaochuan 5, the value of life, namely its people for the work done for scale contemporary.Xu Wei 6, the elderly have to be negotiated director who is not the dictator.Lu Xun 7, advancing civilization, for human wellbeing and youth I create family youth, national youth, national youth, human youth, youth of the Earth, the youth of the universe, the infinite resources to its music raw.Li Dazhao 8, nautical travel of people, halfway pointers, always pointing in this direction than the pre-determined destinations probably never reach the day.Li Dazhao 9, Fuli hope to exist, exist, there is hope, there is hope, is bright.Lu Xun 10, mortal beings, Shubu Love?Love the extreme, and then love group.Qiu Jin 11, in order to live in the effort to play its role, loves life.Rodin 12, setting up the one right philosophy of life, but everyone needs in life and death.People lost their life goals, is the most unfortunate people.Zhao Xinshan 13, the community is like a ship, everyone needs to prepare the helm.Ibsen 14, is a foot out of the way, history is written out.() People every step of the action in writing their own history.15 Ji Hongchang, thanks enjoy this article, please pay attention to more famous aphorism: ideal aspirations famous aphorism aphorism life ambition of youth should be energetic, as a dare.Lu Xun 16, there is hope that this does not matter, no matter the.It is like the way the ground, in fact, the earth had no roads, more people walk, they will become a road.Lu Xun 17, naive will grow, will mature.As long as no aging, corruption, like.Lu Xun 18, when a man with a job to meet the bright, shining light will soon be his.Feng Xuefeng 19, people full of joy and spirit of struggle, always with joy, welcomed the thunder and the sun.Huxley 20, middle-aged people to deeply realize the significance, responsibilities and problems of life, to reflect on what life, so it is a deep sense of dirge.Zong 21, a person’s value, should look at his contribution, should not look at what he achieved.Einstein 22, lives only in the dull and tasteless is empty and bland.Chernyshevsky 23, the value of life, not with time, but with the depth to be measured.Lev Tolstoy 24, life should be the same as candles, burning from the top in the end, has always been bright.Xiao Chu female 25, you are to love your own worth, you have to create value to the world.Goethe 26, thanks enjoy this article, please pay attention to more famous aphorism: ideal aspirations famous aphorism aphorism life ambition, and anyone who wants to achieve their own ends, love worth mentioning, no matter whether the pursuit, the goal must be clear.Lin Haixin 27, only people dedicated to the community, to identify short and there are risks that the meaning of life.Einstein 28, Till death do us part, people also endlessly to the centenarian.That while we breathe should work hard, good category reserved for youth.Yuzhang 29, youth culture, the struggle of civilization, but also with the situation of struggle, struggle with age, experience and struggle.Therefore, young person, jade of life, the spring of life, life of China also.Li Dazhao 30, everything was ideal because, for the implementation of the fruit.Lu Xun 31, thanks enjoy this article, please pay attention to more famous aphorism: ideal aspirations aspirations celebrity famous aphorism ideal motto in life ambition to make a famously ambitious man is a man of ambition GPS celebrity famous celebrities on Teacher’s Day Teacher’s Day quotes 1, a person scores on school surfaces, as well as high ranking, are unreliable, the only point is for you if you have learned the true heart felt like it really had much interest – fen 2, teachers are candles , burning their own light to others.- Anonymous 3, so that students respect teachers is the only source of morality and teachers only.- Einstein 4, three lines must be my teacher; choosing the good from it, instead of their bad corrections.- Confucius 5, in our education, often just for the practical and practical purposes, too much emphasis on purely intellectual attitude, has been a direct result of damage to the ethical education.- Einstein 6, is not universally division, benefits from the old course.- Liu, 7, whose ancient scholars will be strict teacher, teacher Yan was said then.- Ouyang Xiu 8 teachers to parents to treat students like feelings.- Quintilian 9, the opportunity for people who can not take advantage of it, what use is it?As the wind only to be able to take advantage of its talent is the driving force.- Simon 10, day as a teacher, father for life.- Guan Hanqing 11, to respect children, do not rush to make him good or bad judgment.- Rousseau, 12, holding a heart, without a half of grass to.- Tao 13, the gentleman is hidden in the body, to be the occasion.- Anonymous 14, disseminators of knowledge is not only a teacher, but also model.- Bruner 15, teachers are the engineers of human souls.- 16 Stalin, scholars will seek teacher, teacher to not not like too.- Cheng Yi 17, assuming that both virtue knowledge, then no doubt by virtue of education comes.- Socrates 18, a good bloom, it’s time to make the first pick, Shenmo beauty can no longer be, otherwise the moment, it will wither fade, fall dust.- Shakespeare 19, the raising of the body other than open intellectual, moral education as the most important Youyi.- Kang 20, no your not cheap, no long no less, stored Road, the teacher is also stored.- Han Yu, 21, who if there is a moment of fear, perhaps let go of the bait lucky in that moment of his outstretched.- Alexandre Dumas 22, school teacher expensive, but also expensive Friends.- 23 Tang Zhen, Gu Yu reform the country, we must first reform the individual; how to reform the personal?The only way, dedication to education.- Zhang Boling 24, Mo is more important than respect for teachers to learn.- Tan 25, stupid action, can make people in poverty; action appeals to the timing, it is able to rich.- Clark 26, all teachers lack is love, regardless of character or wisdom, are not sufficiently developed or freedom.–27, do not want to learn from the children who do not deserve the child’s Mr. Russell.- Tao 28, juvenile progress of the country progress.- Liang 29, miss the boat the weak, the strong manufacturing opportunity, no chance, this is the best confession weak.- famous quotes famous quotes about Anonymous Teacher’s Day Teacher’s Day favorite sayings about the fighting