90, six kinds of attitude to bring the job

90, six kinds of mind to take the job after 90, after 90 take six kinds of attitude to the job, bring the six kinds of attitude to the job Man / Lihong Xu when have the right mindset, the right attitude gracefully, with the right job search skills, and the will of perseverance, will always find the right job.It is understood that fresh graduates of 2012, many people young man in 1990, that is to say, after 90 graduates started to become the main force in job search.But in fact after college, technical school, college, high school and other schools of the 90 graduates a few years ago have begun to enter the workplace.From my years of observation we found that most companies have recognized the inevitability of the arrival of 90, but with 60, 70, 80 management staff for the real subject of the enterprise level, determine the most difficult for enterprises in the short 90 changes made after much time.Many companies today have basically formed a view on the 90, 90 considered dynamic, personality, learning ability, but not practical, too self-discipline is poor, can not be hard-working and other disadvantages are also obvious.After 90 mostly expect requires a good working environment, the release of personal discretionary holiday time, respect and loving personality, humane working environment, etc..These requirements and expectations after 90 is not too much, but most enterprises, especially SMEs for the desired post-90 and not ready.So, for now, needs and conditions of the 90 most domestic enterprises can provide is a contradiction, and this contradiction will be for a long time in memory.For the 90 graduates about to enter the job force of reality, I think they need most is to change the mentality, looking for direction.The environment can not be quickly changed, then change their.When have the right mindset, the right attitude gracefully, with the right job search skills, and the will of perseverance, you will always find the right job.I think students should focus on training the following six after 90 mentality: one zero mentality, the mentality is to re-start.Will be relatively large differences between Eastern and practical skills needed in the business school to learn, no matter how good the school, the enterprise is to start again, so when the job do not feel good about themselves, too pick, graduates need is to find a suitable job to make a living as a start.Second, pragmatic attitude, the mentality is to get down to work.With the popularity of university education, university graduates are no longer the pride of the emperor, but an ordinary worker.Just enter society, engaged in grass-roots work, both bitter and tired of doing the work can not be avoided.Only get down to the grassroots do a good job, you have probably took higher positions, better return and treatment.Third, optimistic attitude is proactive, hope for the future state of mind.China’s economic fundamentals are good, plus there is a labor shortage, finding a job is inevitable.University study although not necessarily directly used in business, but you learn to develop methods and nurtured qualities and abilities so that you can do a good work to be done.Fourth, moderate attitude, people skills is to be able to grasp the degree, able to accommodate others think, do not be too assertive.From school to enter the enterprise, in addition to explicit rules, there are hidden unspoken rules to face.If too personal, too provocative, it is easy to violate the rules of the enterprise, affect their development.Do first, after work.For 90 university graduates, the formation of the doctrine of the mind, will avoid detours.Fifth, the mentality goal is to have a sense of direction for their own development, goals, planning.University graduates if no goal, no career development plan, would become unstable, often flow, resulting in the lack of development is difficult to adhere to.Although access to the community, into the enterprise, your own development is difficult to completely follow your career development planning and implementation.(Inspirational quotes) but has a target, with some planning, help to improve the efficiency of your job search, help you prepare in a limited time, limited resources provided.Sixth, learning attitude.For the 90 graduates, and workers in the past compared to the biggest advantage it is actually quick to accept new things, learning ability.This advantage, more is brought after age 90 is located.In addition, 90 grow along with the Internet era, the era of network adaptability is better than other previous era.Into the community, into the enterprise, perhaps different people different starting point, but with the mentality of people tend to learn to go further, climb higher.For career guidance department in universities, the actual situation of university graduates 90, the following suggestions should do two things: first, to assist 90 graduates to do the initial career planning.With career planning, job search would not only graduate in direction, while also preparing for the job to be able to more accurately and efficiently.Can recommend a professional, industry, please come help guide the company in HR.Second, do a good job seeking skills training for college graduates 90.Generally, the reason does not meet the HR department resume reading habits, plain personal self-introduction, poor coping skills of interviewing, resume delivery channel is too narrow and insufficient number of issues are all university graduates apply for low efficiency.Recommend employment guidance department to train university graduates job-seeking skills, interview simulation training, if necessary, so that graduates trained before looking for a job.From the point of view of supply and demand, 90 university graduates and 80 graduates facing the demand side and there is not much difference.After 90 to society is inevitable, while enterprises embrace 90, but you need to do is to change the mentality of 90, in addition to career guidance sector to provide the necessary training and coaching support.