0-2 years baby feeding problems and treatment of common diseases (very grounded

0-2 years baby feeding problems common diseases and treatment methods (summarized very ground gas) time to a tomboy slowly carved into a small beauty.Suddenly, Han Han two months, two years old, and I rush from a parenting novice gradually exercise into quite the experience of parenting experts.The following Han Han Ma will be part of what I learned, to share once like me confused with mothers, please criticism.A feeding articles 1, with regard to milk choice, in fact, breastfeeding is the best option, of course, but many mothers for various reasons, can not do exclusive breastfeeding, you can only choose the formula.But I always feel that a lot of mothers exclusively breastfed can be achieved, for example, I was born Han Han finished just under three days for milk, milk I will go spillover.But because the yard had several heart, I have not qualified to become a cow.So, in the yard that depressed mood depressed moments, it is important to control your emotions.In addition, he said traditional Chinese medicine, the milk is the blood of so during pregnancy and confinement, make up the blood is critical, it is recommended fresh dates and other blood food supplement.I turn around there are two successful mix of exclusive breastfeeding mothers, their experience will later sorted out for everyone to share.And my only regret in the body to achieve a two treasure.If you really need formula, then it would give the baby carefully chosen.After all, milk powder market is still so confusing market filled with synbiotics, mercy and other fake foreigners, so many mothers spent odds, the most important is the baby has not been well fed.Han Han started drinking a can Ruikang of New Zealand, about six months into the United States Su Jia children, around half years old baby and replaced the sun.United States Su Jia child personally feel very good, do not get angry.Going to change back.Around a lot of the baby to drink Abbott, looks good.I think the milk is the best choice in the election of five international brands inside, hundreds of years can not maintain credibility down by advertising, but excellent quality in supporting.2, on complementary feeding according to the doctor’s statement, the baby in 4-6 months during the beginning of complementary feeding.Han Han is the official added time in five months, mainly in thin rice soup and egg yolk-based mud, mud and slowly add the fruit soup mix.Soup mix is a common North pasta, which can add Tintin carrots, chopped vegetables or potatoes Tintin so can.At first you can not salt, put a little soy sauce.Many children do not like the words of soy sauce adults, excessive levels of sodium, so it is to buy big adults like to eat.Preferably a food supplement one can not eat all of a sudden a few, in order to better digestion of food and practice-based, as far as possible less oil and salt, a baby is not to increase the burden of kidney and stomach, and the other is to train health taste buds.3, on the problem of feeding the baby after one year of age, adults can eat a lot of food she can eat.Han Han-year-old before I have to do for her to eat alone, after one year follow me eat together.I just do it will try to fit her tastes, such as noodles boiled a little, a little soft steamed rice, if I like to eat the food she could not eat, I’ll fry a baby can eat.During the 1-2 year-old baby, still insist on not eating too complex, or increase the burden on the stomach, causing indigestion.If you do not want to eat the baby, determined not to feed.99% of babies are aware of hunger and eat.Also note that most in need, do not always give the baby to eat cold, especially in the summer popsicles, ice cream must eat less, because the baby’s stomach is very delicate, poor ability to adapt to hot and cold, eating too much cold drinks or fruit will make the stomach mucosa vasoconstriction, over time easily lead to intestinal disorders.Therefore, the refrigerator fruit and yogurt, etc., should be put out after 1 hour, etc. scattered breath before the baby to eat.Cool stuff, including autumn Li Gao, bean soup, watermelon juice, should be eaten in moderation.As shown, about the baby grew up not like to drink a lot of water 4, the doctor said that breast-fed babies in the yard can not drink.Formula-fed babies, the amount of water a day according to the weight to count 1: 150, which means that 1 kg 150 ml of water, but I think this is unique and individual, only as a reference.Do not because the baby does not love to drink water on water supply inside sugar, or drink against what ah, that would only undermine the taste buds without health.It can occasionally touches another cup or container to drink baby.Small Han Han students fight is water, not a good start to drink, let the elders sugar, I still do not agree, then until now all love to drink water.5, on how to eat fruit fruit is a good thing, but not all babies can eat fruit.For example, Han Han always before eating kiwi diarrhea, after investigation, we found that experts had recommended that children had better not eat kiwi fruit before 1 year of age.The other is the persimmon, eat this because Han Han also had intestinal obstruction hospitalized.Grandpa night to feed the baby persimmon, I say do not feed, but the old man does not listen, the next baby to the hospital.After I became a strong safety for the baby and from the nerve up, and since I specialized with baby, everyone had to listen to me.Since then Han Han rarely sick.The doctor said this thing persimmon, soft and astringent, because many adults have to eat persimmons obstruction hospital abound in this season, not to mention the children, after ten million did not dare to eat.Another said that the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, persimmon is arctic things, so it is best to eat do not eat.Han Han-year-old before a lot of fruit I have been for her to eat steamed or cooked slowly on a big point of their own slice eaten, the heat will be under water, not hot like when Xiao Juzi winter, as exercise.As shown in Figure 6, snacking on many children like to eat snacks, but due to the high calorie snacks, easy for children to produce satiety, eat the meal time, such as after a meal hungry and took snacks to eat.Such a vicious circle, in the long run, meals biological clock is disrupted, have the chance of chronic gastritis and functional dyspepsia will be greatly increased when they grow up.Therefore, the best choice for children to eat healthy food snacks such as oatmeal, yogurt, fruit, and instant noodles, ham and other best not to eat junk food.Also the best time to eat snacks between meals fixed, that is, around 10 o’clock and 3 o’clock in the afternoon, do not affect the normal three meals a day.Second, common diseases and treatment method, many children born with jaundice will have jaundice, but most of them are self-limiting, the hospital will deal with their own serious.Han Han mom here to remind everyone that, and now private hospitals rampant black heart, be sure to select children to see a doctor in public hospitals, not to be omnipresent advertising Fudge.I have a friend a child born in Xinjiang, because jaundice spent hundreds of thousands in private hospitals, small money does not matter, newborn children do not know is how to toss in there!2, Han Han has eczema eczema no how serious too, I just pay attention to the sun, then wiping point Yumeijing.Just back to Xi’an, the district where a baby’s eczema is very serious, I put half a bag Yumeijing gave her mother, baby wipe two or three days just fine.So the effect of that stuff really good, Han Han has been with the facial.3, children generally eat more food plot, too complex, or the adults do not pay attention at the time of intensive feeding, can lead to indigestion.The food plot will lead to many diseases, such as acute gastroenteritis, fever, etc..Han Han every time you eat a hybrid when I gave her a feed point lactobacillus tablets, an old Chinese medicine such recommendations, usually standing at home hawthorn pills.So do not eat too miscellaneous to the baby, try a little fine the production of baby food, such as vegetables such as chopped.Also note that cold food eat better.4, the middle of the night crying baby calcium deficiency will be a lot of crying at night, because there is too much eating, upset stomach.In addition there are often colic in babies 0-8 months old, this is episodic, just a moment, when the disease as much as possible vertical hold the baby, so the baby feel better.In addition superstition point, but the method is very useful afternoon with the baby out to play, it is best to come back early in the evening, or at midnight is always inexplicable crying baby.It delayed late, came back holding the burning point of paper doll jump.5, fever circulated on the Internet a lot of fever go to the hospital own method of treatment at home, I am not in favor of.Baby burn all eighty-nine thirty degrees, and still at home toss Gesha ah, you think you are more professional than the doctor?Standing at home fever stickers affixed a fever when the baby, and then go to the hospital, as long as it is not a big trouble to eat the doctor prescribed medicine.To follow the course can not take medicine injections, injections can not be playing bottle of thinking, so it is best to go to a big point of the regular hospital.And so you become an experienced mother, you find that baby fever, Tong care to drink, to sleep.Why do I insist on sick went to the hospital, because the child weak immune system, the development of the disease quickly, go to the hospital to ensure that not a big problem, people can rest assured.Han Han fever now, I have to feel she probably knows how many degrees the temperature, not bragging, because I have baby fever when, half an hour the amount of time the body temperature, the amount of the night.6, cough if your experience is generally not sufficient to determine the baby’s cough or pneumonia, it is best to go to the hospital to call a doctor to help you look.Han Han cough with phlegm when the normally blue ling plus oral anti-inflammatory drugs.In addition to all of my diet are replaced Huatanzhike, future articles will specifically push this article, since different foods are different for cough.7, a child falls falls are frequent, Han Han is my grandfather once hold out to play, a hole above the eyebrows fall.When I saw the baby a broken heart, and quickly go to the big hospital nearby, said that in view of the results where the baby is still small, from the cosmetic point of view, we do not have cosmetic acupuncture, large sewing needle afraid baby leave ugly scars.Recommended to Xijing Hospital, where there is a special cosmetic acupuncture, but the thief expensive, Han Han only a small wound took more than 900 stitches.8, diarrhea baby diarrhea, to go to the hospital for testing, determined not to bacterial infection, then take medicine, do not arbitrarily given medicines indiscriminately at home.Because different causes diarrhea is formed, therapeutic agent is different.But sometimes the hospital opened the medicine is not necessarily good, before Han Han diarrhea, channeling dilute style, Children’s Hospital to open medicine to take a week is not better for the community to find old doctor opened a more than three money SHENLINGBAISHU scattered, eat three meals Jiuhaola.Also home massage Chinese medicine is also very useful, but also with a wild grass to their feet, but really do not know what it’s scientific name is.(Hongtong Zaza dialect is natural, as a red knot of sweet fruit, vines stick to the clothes people) three or more children to wear clothing articles easy to get sick, children under the age of 1 are generally recommended clothing more than adults one, 1 year old, like adults, but we always worry about the child when the mother chilled out.The elderly is recommended not to touch the hand is what scientific reason, doctors say the best touch below the neck piece, if hot is just right.I Taobao sell children’s clothing sold two years, some of the clothes or the study.Do not expect on Taobao same picture you can buy a lot of clothes with you the same quality.Generally about 10 dollars more expensive, it is not very different with a little cheap.Of course, choose the best clothes, cotton, then ABC is divided into three categories, children generally choose underwear Class A, B can coat, class C is not recommended to wear.Fourth, the law is a living piece baby develop a good sleeping point she was sleepy, get up to the point you do not call, even shit are fixed in time and frequency, the key is to grasp adults.You turn off the lights early in her sleep early, try to create a suitable environment to sleep, if you have to coax the baby while playing side of the phone, then blame the baby refused to sleep.In fact, many times we adults must first lead by example.Baby sleep, too important to be tall, can develop intelligence, but also has a strong physique.Doctors recommend that babies under one year old slept 16 hours a day; 1-3 years old children 12 hours of sleep per night, during the day and 2-3 hours; children 3-6 years old sleeping 10-12 hours a day; pupils is 9-10 Hours.Of course its also vary, as long as not a big change like.