11 new map surfaced TPP countries

23, in the absence of the United States to participate in the case, the original Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP) 11 member states to reach a new agreement on the negotiation of new agreements, and is expected to be held in Chile March 8 signing ceremony is expected in early 2019 entered into force。 But analysts said the participating countries completed the domestic procedures still twists and turns, especially Canada signed an agreement could face variables。
Last-minute concessions TPP was originally in February 4, 2016 signed by 12 countries including Australia, Brunei, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the United States and Vietnam in New Zealand。
January 23, 2017, US President Trump announced that the US permanently quit TPP, Japan has been saved after the agreement in lobbying。
According to the US "Wall Street Journal" reported that in November last year, 11 countries in a summit on Vietnam is close to an agreement to sign a new free trade agreement, known as "comprehensive and advanced TPP (also known as CPTPP)", but Canadian opposition due to the breakdown of the talks at the last minute。
2017 reached a basic agreement on the new TPP, countries basically all the provisions of the copyright protection period to 70 years to reach an agreement to freeze such as 20, but the remaining four projects will continue consultations。 "Japanese Economic News" and other media reported January 24 that does not include the United States TPP11 countries from January 22 was held in Tokyo to negotiate a two-day meeting of chief officer, trying to resolve differences, including Canada, to protect its film cultural industry, television and music insistence。
11 countries confirmed the temporary freezing of the 12 countries in the TPP original 22 projects, including the US, and finalize the content of the new agreement。 Japan's trade minister Toshimitsu Motegi press conference after the meeting announced the news。
Japan's Kyodo News said, to convince Canada to sign the agreement, the Japanese side is considered to be the most difficult in the negotiations。
To protect the domestic French Canadian culture, film and other industry requirements and restrictions for special support measures。 States ultimately meet the requirements of Canada to protect their cultural supplement to binding weaker but determined not written in the text of the Agreement。 Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau 23 at the Davos World Economic Forum, said the agreement is "to maintain growth and prosperity," the "correct protocol"。
He said, TPP modified for the automotive industry and practitioners in the field of intellectual property and culture, it would be "more advanced and more powerful", in line with expectations on Canadian middle-class prosperity, growth。
After the excitement reached a new agreement and the coexistence concerns 11 countries, will be held on March 8 signing ceremony of the agreement, after which the country has completed the program in more than six countries to take effect after 60 days, is expected to take effect in early 2019。 The new CPTPP retained the TPP over 95% of the content, but also greatly reduced by difficulty。 Entry into force of the 12-nation TPP previously included the United States is the gross national domestic product ratification of the agreement (GDP) should account for more than 85% and the country's GDP as a whole as signed, while the sum of the original 12 signatories GDP in US GDP accounted for 60 %, equivalent to US exit TPP actual void。
The new agreement can be approved only six countries any difficulty greatly reduced。
The Japanese government will this Congress to draft agreements and related bills, and strive to take effect in 2019。
After the entry into force urged the United States to return to the TPP and more countries participate。 The current government of Chile also expressed the hope that the agreement signing ceremony held, as performance。 Singapore Trade and Industry believes, "The results, once again demonstrated CPTPP member states to promote higher levels of trade liberalization and regional integration of the collective commitment。 CPTPP will continue to be an important and high-quality agreements and multilateral agreements allow participating countries to benefit from the example of。
"Although the United States withdrew significantly weakened the influence of the agreement, leading to the signatories account for the global economy rose from about 37% to about 13%, but the scale is still considerable。
However, the participating countries will also keep careful argument, and the future has completed domestic procedures still twists and turns。 The Japanese government plans to submit the text approved agreements and related bills to parliament routine。 From the stand stakeholders, it seems to see the trace of worry。 Toshimitsu Motegi told the media made it clear that "all 11 countries will participate (signing ceremony), the date of the signing will not change."。
The relevant Japanese government official said, "Even if Canada withdraw, it will not change the schedule, signed by 10 countries."。
This in turn shows Canada signed an agreement could still have a little uncertainty。
Whether the United States return 11 countries reached a new agreement from the United States to withdraw from the agreement just announced a permanent one year。
Trump said earlier, compared to a multilateral agreement, the United States would prefer to negotiate with the TPP member countries Japan and other bilateral agreements。 But both Japan and other countries, has so far refused to negotiate around these bilateral agreements。 11 countries have on the United States after the US withdrawal from the freezing requirements of the relevant provisions of the United States until the return agreement。 According to reports, a total of 22 provisions of the original agreement is frozen。
But Toshimitsu Motegi also said the United States continues to open the door, "we will explain the importance of this agreement to the United States again, I want them to come back."。
Japan has always advocated to promote the TPP and TPP wants the United States to return to the main。
Toshimitsu Motegi told a news conference after the meeting, said after the Agreement enters into force "will expand the TPP into account."。
Member States are also welcome to join other like-minded economies, which indicates that this is an open agreement。
Trade and Industry Minister (Trade) Singapore Lim Hng Kiang said, CPTPP will strengthen trade between countries in the Asia-Pacific region, promoting intraregional trade, services and investment flows more seamlessly。
He stressed that Singapore companies benefit from the agreement, including all kinds of goods to reduce tariffs and non-tariff barriers significantly improve a wide range of areas of service provider marketing channels, as well as to improve the ease of investment, etc.。 In addition, the channel will improve government procurement contracts。
Trudeau said: "If we go backwards, to resist the trend of globalization of trade, then we will get worse。
We must put concern for ordinary citizens and their well-being at the center of negotiations。 "However, the US could return is a big question mark。
Currently, the government and the Trump Canada, Mexico renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) does not progress smoothly。 Trump has repeatedly threatened unless major changes in the agreement, or we need to abandon the agreement。
Earlier even Canadian government sources said that Trump may be about to announce the withdrawal of the United States North American Free Trade Agreement。 Canada and Mexico are all TPP members。
Just a few hours before the announcement TPP, Trump also announced the imposition of high tariffs on imports of photovoltaic products and a washing machine。 It is reported that Trump will be considered this week at the annual meeting in Davos advocate of globalization, and made a speech on the global trade outlook, might once again promoting its "America First" theory, will raise concerns about participating country。