I practice alone

The snow has passed, the winter solstice has not arrived, and the smell of winter is becoming more and more obvious..     Passing the school lawn this morning, I saw that the yellow-green lawn had become white and covered with frost.. It seems that I haven’t seen such a scene for a long time, because I like to sleep in the warm bed in the winter, but this winter, I have only two days to sleep in..     Today, I have been practicing alone for a week. During the working day, I live from seven to seven every day. I take the bus back and forth for more than two hours every day and walk for an hour. Although I am sometimes tired, I am still happier than others, because many office workers have to stand and squeeze the bus for a hard day..     Every time I used to sit by the window in the back of the car. Early in the morning that position can be bathed in winter sun; When night falls, you can watch the city lit by colorful lights. You can look out of the window at the endless stream of people. You can also take a nap by the window. Such a day, although without the former ease, has been on the move, but very full. This is the current process, though not as perfect as expected, but very happy afterwards.     Once I heard Lin Youjia’s participation, I always imagined a person’s life when I was practicing a person’s rules.. Today’s self seems to be living alone. A person to take the bus; A person to eat; Go out alone; A person blowing cold wind; A person basks in the winter sun; A person returned to a quiet dormitory; A man turned off the light and lay in bed. I do many things by myself every day, although some of them are not used to such exercises, sometimes they even want to escape. When I see a car leading home every morning, I want to set foot on the way home willfully, but I can’t. Because I haven’t done the right thing yet, how can I go home like this.     I have lived in this city for two years, but I still know something about its strange temper.. Although the road is not frozen in the cold and the road is far from the horse’s death, the cold wind in winter is sometimes really biting, especially in the early morning and evening.. I can’t escape from this city because I haven’t got the wings to fly yet.     Gradually I began to adapt myself to a person’s life practice. Although I sometimes miss you, I know I can’t walk back, but only move forward.. Just like xinbo Fu’s song in my one-person rule: ” So I became a person from now on, there are many things I still need to finish, and now I finally follow my intuition.”. If you have love, you will not be afraid, and you will forget the first evening away from home. No matter how far you go, your heart will always be concerned about your home. Song is still circulating, it makes us face the future road optimistically, even if a person has some helplessness and some loneliness, don’t be afraid.. Listen to him sing” The twinkling of an eye is a strange road. Go ahead! Don’t be afraid of one person. Even if I was left alone, I also asked happily, how about tomorrow? Be it so! I’m alone, go ahead, alone.”.     Life is so helpless, many times we have to face all sorts of worldly things, but since they have appeared in our life, they must have their meaning. In that case, I should be braver to practice such a life.     Although the winter without you around me is very cold, my heart is not cold, because I understand that your warmth will not decrease because of distance. Since I already have so many, don’t go to find excuses to choose to retreat, because you are the driving force for me to fly. What’s more, such exercises can’t be done well. How can we walk around the world in the future?.     Over the years, I have read many books and understood many reasons, but what I really have done is very little. Now I just want to work hard for myself once and for once. No matter what the result is, I will do my best to finish this exercise..     There are still many people practicing one person with me this winter. What we want to say is that we should not be afraid, sad or envious. We should find the meaning of living in this world.. All the exercises of human life will not appear meaningless in our lives. Their existence will enable us to learn a lot, understand a lot, face life bravely and firmly and face the sun..