My hometown is in northeast China. There is a song that should be sung like this. Northeastern people are proud to sing it. Everyone wants to change the lyrics. I just want to say that Northeastern people don’t take a bath, at least in my impression.. My hometown has many mountains and clear water, and I can bathe many times a day. Every village there has a river passing by.. When the Northeastern sang this song again, they had to hold the black soil and admire themselves. Ancestor worship is a major feature of the Chinese people, and homesickness and ancestor worship cannot be separated from the feeling of hometown. I also like ancestor worship, because Qingming Festival is a good holiday season, and I can go to the mountains to find the trail of wild boar.. People who are not too tired can play. It’s too early for me to choose the graveyard. I’m young, and the beautiful girl hasn’t landed yet. It’s unlucky not to pull so far.. homesickness is the mood at this moment. A man is supposed to live all over the world, but it doesn’t conflict with the river that misses his hometown, does it. When I was a child, I went to catch fish in groups. My friends and I couldn’t forget it. My little friends and I are no longer children who catch loach. Some have already taught their children not to go fishing on the shore where they went when they were young. Some have forgotten the river but have always been thinking of giving gifts to their mother – in – law. Some are just like me in thinking about their hometown and going to school. Sometimes they go home and look at it, listening to their children call their uncle.. Lu Xun said in his novel that a person’s life is a circle, but it’s only about the distance and the near, which is probably the meaning. My life is not far away. I haven’t wound around Guangxi yet, but my brother is already in Shandong. I don’t know if I will go back to my hometown in the future, but I did take root there and can’t walk away there.. Whether the river in my hometown changed or not, whether I was no longer young or not, grilled fish was the most delicious when I was a child.. Home, in Gu Hongming’s eyes, is the oldest unit and the most harmonious organization of mankind. In my eyes, Gu Hongming is actually a traditional guardian, but this is reasonable, except for those who do not think of family conflicts. In fact, I can’t tell where the difference between home and hometown lies. My home has been there for more than ten years. My hometown is there, but it will always be different.. There are many beautiful girls in my hometown. I can be a countryman with them, but not a related family. This is the difference between home and hometown. I’d be happy to have no such difference, beautiful girl.. There will also be some beautiful things in my hometown. When I was a child, I thought the river was too big. When I grew up, I thought the river was too small. Now I just think the government is going to control the pollution of the river.. People are always thinking that their birth is not good. Why should God let them be born here? In fact, don’t blame God too much. Life is just a journey. Why should we care too much about the starting point?? As for that noble born in the rich and powerful family, I feel that my hometown is quite good and my home is quite happy when my consciousness is low.. It makes sense that one side keeps the other side in water and soil.. During the Mandarin lesson, the teacher said with great certainty that I am from Nanning and my accent is quite heavy. It is estimated that the Mandarin proficiency test will not reach 80 points.. The mark my hometown left on me was discovered by the teacher, but the teacher won’t know anything about it and will never know it. The first sentence I learned was not Nanning dialect.. Hometown, please give me a piece of land to sleep in. Beautiful girl, we are countrymen, please give me a beautiful smile.