Hand in hand in the wind and rain, and hand in hand in the plain

[ 1 ]Hand – holding in the wind and rain may all be emotional people. I have too many similarities with my friends. I like listening to snow and getting wet in the rain. I like walking along the river bank on a windy night with picturesque scenery, which always makes people relaxed and happy.. In summer, on an afternoon when Shan Yu was about to wind up, we asked our friends to get wet in the rain. More often than not, we both praised the clouds in the sky than the scenery on both sides of the road.. Layers of dark black clouds rolled and piled up like a steed leaning forward and backward, pulling rolling hills, followed by strange monsters flying rapidly from south to north.. Layers of dark clouds soon covered the sky. Because we were going out to get wet in the rain, my friends and I were not at all alert to the flood of dark clouds, and we walked slowly toward the suburbs while pointing and praising the kaleidoscope of dark clouds.. Looking up at the steed pulling the mountains, he pressed the nearest hill, several rows of buildings at the foot of the mountain, and pressed the top of our heads.. Suddenly, a strong damp smell came to my face. A few raindrops in dribs and drabs hit my face. My friend and I quickly reached out to pick up the raindrops.. While my friends and I were enjoying the’ seven or eight days away, two or three o’clock in front of the rainy mountain’, the pouring rain caught us off guard. The pouring rain instantly soaked our bodies, and our hair and clothes were tightly attached to our bodies. Every two or three steps, we had to touch the rain on our face before we could not breathe.. At the moment, there was a loud thunder, and huge raindrops’ wow, wow’ pulled up thousands of heavy rain curtains, tightly blocking the line of sight. After walking in the rain for about ten minutes, the oncoming wind picked up the pouring rain and blocked our forward steps, so we had to turn our backs before we could breathe. My friend and I held hands tightly, and the other hand wiped the raindrops from each other’s face again and again, or smoothed the hair on the forehead.. The torrential rain at the moment has no pity for us standing halfway up the mountain in the suburbs, beating our whole body in reverse.. The golden snakes snaked and crawled along the edge of the dark clouds every few minutes, sending out dazzling light and darkening the sky. After the golden snake’s instant brightness, it quickly darkened again.. At this time, the thunder was louder than ever, becoming clean and tidy from the continuous waves just now, and thundering thunderbolts played the symphonies that captured the hearts of the people one after another.. The wind, rain and thunder were impeccably matched, like a violent symphony.. Although we turned our backs to face the direction of arrival, my friends and I didn’t mean to go back. In this storm, two emaciated women held hands tightly and stood quietly halfway up the mountain.. Dense weeds and wild flowers on the hillside tilt and crawl along the direction of the wind, floating a layer of red, yellow, purple and white petals and green leaves along the rapidly flowing water along the terrain, and a few vigorous trees are dancing wildly in the wind. With the howling of the wind, the entire crown is twisted in a serious tilt.. Perhaps the torrential rain drenched my mind along the hair roots, and my mind was blank at this time. My sentimental feelings seemed to flow away with the rain, looking at the flowers and trees in the storm, my mind did not have the compassion of the past. For the first time, I felt that the ground was red and not so sad. Falling flowers and flowing water were also a fate.. There are only a few flowers that are willing to follow the flowing water to wander, without asking where they are going, falling into the arms of the flowing water at the moment when raindrops kiss their foreheads, and looking for the paradise of dreams with the flowing water.. In this way, we stood silently for half an hour, holding hands in the rain watching the fallen flowers and running water, feeling thunder and lightning. Friends said, ” People are all in the same boat or holding an umbrella together through the rain and rain. We want to pull together, only holding hands, which is also a bit too shabby.”. I said, ” Whether we are in the same boat or sharing an umbrella, it is not necessarily more pure than us.”. Our friendship can not be separated from the naked wind and rain, and holding hands has proved that our friendship is as strong as iron and steel.. ‘ Say that finish this sentence, the two of us laughed at the same time with tacit understanding. Friends said: ” This rain was a good shower. This is the first time such a heavy rain has hit the spot.”. However, you are weak and I am afraid that the time will be too long. You can’t afford to go. Let’s find a place to take shelter from the rain.. Fortunately, although we are in the middle of the mountain, not far away, there is a residential area, as long as we cross the road diagonally and walk tens of meters, it is the property transmission room of the area.. At that time, the flowing water pouring down the hillside from the high place gathered on the road and formed a flood that ran down the torrent of the road. The brown flood was mixed with a few pieces of red and green, which were no longer on our feet.. Because the speed of the current is fast and urgent, walking in the water, some feet are unstable and will follow the rapid flood to the bottom of the current, where the current is most urgent, my friend and I have walked seven or eight meters along the direction of the current before we can control the direction of the foot..[ 2 ][ Original ]It was not easy to walk up to the reception room of the village in the middle of the night and avoid the endless torrential rain with the half-foot eaves I wanted to borrow. Who thought, I and my friend had just stood close to the eaves and the door of the reception room opened. A kind-hearted big ye waved to us.’ Come in, come in, I saw someone coming through the window. I said how suddenly I could not see you. So you hid under the eaves, so much rain, come in quickly.. ‘ I and friends a suit of rain, how good to disturb? We declined for a moment, and the big ye was in a hurry: ” if you two are not coming in, I’ll go out and drag you in. it’s such a heavy rain that it’s dangerous outside.”. ‘ see big ye so enthusiastic, my friends and I had to darling into the house. I didn’t think there was an old lady in the house. She said when she saw us, ” Look how uncomfortable your clothes are, and let your uncle find you some of my clothes to put on.”. No, no, really no, aunt, after a while the rain stopped, we went away. ‘ friends and I hurriedly shake hands. I think, at that moment, my friends and I were in a mess in the eyes of big ye and aunt.. Because of a few words of kung fu, the water on the clothes has dripped down the skirts to the ground and looked at a pool of water. the big ye hurriedly brought the floor and wiped it, then brought us a clean basin and let us twist the water on the clothes.. My friends and I screwed the water hard, including the ponytail we wore, where we could hold the clothes.. It’s hard to imagine that the clothes of the two men could wring out so much water and see the water in the basin. Aunt said, ” Look at the two children, this heaven has drenched you with rain.”. ‘ When she looked up at her aunt, she was looking at me and my friends with concerned eyes, a friendly smile on her face, warm in the hearts of my friends and me.. At that time, aunt dry cough a few times, the big ye hurriedly to bring a glass of water to aunt’s hand. Then he squatted down and massaged the aunt’s lower leg. My friend and I discovered that although it was summer, the aunt’s leg was still covered with a thin layer of cotton cloth. It turned out that the aunt’s leg was not good and she could not walk freely.. The big ye massaged the aunt while telling her the story of her and her aunt. the two men had a rough life and never had enough food and clothing in the 1950s and 1960s. they kept going all the way, and they were both happy and bitter.. Boyle once kept the big ye from eating all day, in order to make the big ye tired of doing physical work eat a full meal. The big ye once did not sleep well for three days and three nights in a row, in order to earn more centimeters ( in the 1950s and 1960s, when he did his work, he recorded his work points and divided his food by centimeters at the end of the year ), and he added a new dress to his aunt during the new year.. Big ye said, aunt this leg, is when I was young, winter reluctant to add cotton-padded clothes flipping down. Boyle said that since the legs could not move, thanks to the meticulous care of the big ye, the big ye massaged Boyle for half an hour every few hours, like a day for several years, without interruption.. Boyle said that one autumn, the big ye caught a cold and had a fever of 40 degrees. he was not willing to take a day off to pick sweet potatoes on the mountain. the big ye just gritted his teeth and picked more than a dozen sweet potatoes from the mountain top along the bumpy path. Boyle feared that the big ye’s illness would worsen and branded a cake with only a little white flour at home. when the big ye came back to let the big ye eat, he said nothing but to let the big ye eat. in the end, they quarreled about who ate the cake.. On another occasion, the big ye sprained his foot and all the work outside his home fell on his aunt. the big ye looked at his love dearly. one night, he went to the well two miles away while she was asleep and lived on crutches and picked out half a load of water. the big ye took five hours to return from the one-hour trip on weekdays..After I came back, I was scolded by my aunt. I also smiled and said, ” Is it not half a load of water?”? Do you need to have such an atmosphere? Speaking of which, Boyle put down her cup and held the hand that uncle was massaging her legs tightly with one hand. Her smiling eyes glistened with dew of happiness.. Perhaps, in this life, they didn’t say’ I love you’ to each other, but they showed their love to the fullest in their ordinary life.. In fact, love is so simple, a love, a company is enough. The big ye and the big aunt looked at each other with gratitude and love while telling the story of the past.. A dozen flat cottages are full of the smell of happiness. I think. Happiness can be contagious. At the moment, every nerve on my body is being played up by the happiness of my uncle and aunt. I can’t help but walk over and gently massage my aunt’s other leg with my hand.. While chatting with the big ye and enjoying the happiness of the big ye and the big ye, an hour passed without knowing it, and the wind, rain and thunder outside the window were all small. It’s time to get up and say goodbye. My friends and I waved goodbye with the happiness of the house in the wind and rain.. Out of the village’s reception room, we were wet all over and shivered by the wet wind.. Fortunately, the dark clouds in the sky have drifted across the mountains in the distance, the deafening thunder has also gone away, and the evening sky is tinged with a glimmer of light.. Friends and I walked all the way through the running water, enjoying the sky in Chu Qing after the rain and the flowers and plants with dewdrops on both sides of the road. Although there is no beauty like’ the water is shining brightly, the mountains are empty and the rain is strange’, the beauty like’ the flowers are blooming after the rain, and the evening dew falls on them’ is also drunk.. Along the way, my friends and I are tasting the love between the big ye and the aunt. Two people, from youth to old age, stumbled all the way, helped each other all the way, and never abandoned each other all the way. When each other’s youth is away, the love is still there. The years take away the youth and deepen the feelings as they first saw.. In the day of plain water, always give each other a care and a love, no matter how many ups and downs along the way, in the ordinary fireworks, I treat you like the same forever.. Wen: falling into the world of mortals and laughing like QQ: 1483563655