From Art Museum to Bookstore

From the Shanghai Art Museum, some people were reluctant to go, so they raised their mobile phones and photographed this church-like art palace..     In my mind, I think it is the first time in my life that I have seen systematically the development of Chinese painting.. Although I don’t understand the art of painting, I like the lifelike landscape figures since the Expo saw the dynamic participation in the Qingming Festival River Painting Bill.. I know this is a very shallow level, but it opens a new door for me.     In the area where I participated in the exhibition of representative works of modern and contemporary Chinese paintings in the collection, I first appreciated the multifaceted nature of Chinese paintings, and for the first time I systematically appreciated so many master works. There are Lin Fengmian, Liu Haisu, Guan Liang, Zhu Qizhan, Qian Shoutie, Xie Zhiliu, Lu Yanshao, Feng Zikai, Lai Shaoqi, Wang Yachen, Tang Yun, Wu Guanzhong, Cheng Shifa, Liu Danzhai, and Fang Zengxian, Shi Dawei and Lu Fuzheng.. I solemnly write down their names, and I also want to engrave the brilliance of art in my heart to improve my aesthetic interest.     Seeing Wu Hufan’s participation in the Shixi monk’s autumn mountain map, Wang Yachen’s participation in the purple gold medal and Guanshan’s participation in the imperial concubine’s drunkenness regulations … I especially like Xie Zhiliu’s participation in the lotus bill, because it is summer and because I just walked past a pool of blue lotus the other day, now I see this Bai He again, with a feeling of beauty and elegance in my heart..     On the second floor, when I saw the portrait of Ge You in print, I couldn’t help feeling slightly happier than the way he advertised for China Mobile.. I also like Russian printmaker Rafruxin’s prints to take part in the Autumn Bill and enjoy the quiet and distant autumn day..     After coming out, I saw the Great Bright Cinema. I think it must be very busy during the summer. In a hurry, I crossed Tibet Road, Mu’en Church, Lefuji Square and Fuzhou Road, which I knew well.     My heart has an artistic beauty and reverie. I walked in the hot world, I walked slowly, my heart felt poetic, and I even wanted to be a gardener at that time..     I spent two hours in the bookstore because my baby was interested in Chinese zodiac recently. I bought the draft regulations on Chinese zodiac culture published in Shanghai dictionaries for my baby, and I also bought the Nanjing volume of regulations for attending Chinese celebrities’ former residence study tour: The Tide of Jinling. This is an era of reading pictures. I want to let my children measure the landscape and humanities of China with their eyes, so that they may know the power of distance in the future.. Besides, some of my classmates in Nanjing are scattered in several corners of the city.     As for buying books, I am still gluttonous and have to control myself. I have almost piled up the whole house into a scattered study. Fortunately, my heart is not in disorder.     And bought a Shandong literature and art publication to participate in Dai wangshu’s classic poetry anthology regulations. I like its cover, its simple pen is sketched and poetic. Touch it, touch the romance and sadness of an oil paper umbrella.     I bought a selection of Hong Kong literature regulations to participate in the autumn border bill. Most of the authors in the bill are from inland areas, such as Shu Ting, Wang Anyi, Su Tong, Chen Ran, Deng Youmei, Han Shaogong, Sun Shaozhen, Xiao Fuxing, Chi Zijian, etc. Among overseas Chinese in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan are Dong Qiao, Ma Jiahui, Li Oufan, Bai Xianyong, Zhong Yiwen, Liang Xihua, Jian Zheng, Nie Hualing, Youjin, etc. which I have read.. It’s not just curiosity, it’s an attempt to read the openness and inclusiveness of Hong Kong culture. Recently, many top students in the college entrance examination gave up Peking University, Tsinghua, Fudan, etc. and chose to study in Hong Kong. This is thought – provoking..     After French classics, Rousseau and Montaigne, I chose Diderot.     There is always no way to bypass Chinese contemporary literature. Modern and contemporary literature is the same as my original intention of coming to Jiangnan. Here are Lu Xun, Mao Dun, Feng Zikai, Yu Dafu and Dai Wangshu … Ah, bought a collection of works that won the first Yu Dafu Novel Award, edited by Jiangnan Magazine, which is a contemporary destination for my ten-year Jiangnan complex.     On that day, Fei Baiyou left a message about joining the bill on a brief history of Japanese literature. Today, he met Zheng Minqin’s bill on joining the history of Japanese national poetry, with a thick 666 pages. He hesitated and thought of Matsuo Musa, a haiku master, but still didn’t want to miss it..     There is also a Japanese literary master Akutagawa Ryunosuke’s participation in the Chinese Travel Notes Bill. I would like to see what this master, who lived only 35 years old, looked like to China in those days.. Akutagawa Ryunosuke only took part in the Rashomon Bill, and he could be immortal.     If you buy books, you will always spend some silver and think of supporting your family, you really need some restraint..     On that day, I saw Wang Xiangfu chatting with Ge Xiaoping and Wang Xiangfu once lived in a temple and talked about the monk who ate shrimp and drank wine at night.. This is also interesting. I think the monk also has troubles, and when he saw Wang Yuexing’s participation in the Buddha also has troubles, he won it..     Who can really have no worries when searching for Buddha to explain the way??     From the art gallery into the bookstore, from the picture into the text, my heart has a colorful beauty, even the cervical vertebra that has been crying silently did not cry for pain on this day.