Essays on Workplace Life

Talking to colleagues about work and future life at dinner time may be the reason for thinking too much. It has become a common practice for colleagues to leave one after another. Think about what they have learned in the workplace for more than a year and how to communicate with others. More and more I feel my heart is slowly getting older and I don’t know whether it is mature or old. There is no previous childish, some stable, perhaps the reason for not looking for a job when I first graduated. I have been looking for a job for several months.? Many times I ask myself, is this what I want?     Although it is very happy to be content with the status quo, my heart is calm, but I can’t get any development or more salary here. Stability can only make me grow older. If I want to keep a young heart, I will not be content with the status quo. So how can I work hard??     Sometimes I hate the workplace environment and feel like doing work for others. Even if I do too much, I can’t bring myself more. This is what I earn from work. Sometimes I want to do something for myself. But what can I do as a girl? I also want to earn more money and make my father live better. At least I can make him retire early without being so tired. But now I only have a salary of over 2,000 yuan a month. I just can live in a city like Beijing. How can I think about a better life for my family? How can I do it?? How can I work hard? I would like to work part-time on Saturday, but people are often inert.     Too much thinking can only add to worries, but as the saying goes, people will have immediate worries if they have no foresight, and I think more every day. At the age of 23, I have been living a homeless life, which makes me very unstable and doesn’t feel like home. This is Beipiao, and humble abode. I have occupied all these words, some lost and some confused…..     quiet inside, weak and clear – minded, can only comfort himself with these words now. Maybe I will live better in the future, so I will walk every step of the day instead of thinking more about tomorrow, because people who can’t walk well today let alone tomorrow, have a happier day, save a little each day, and make progress every day. I believe I can live better in the near future..