Did you lose your home?

[ Original Text ]My mind suddenly broke through clouds and fog, and my memory began to clear up, so I remembered’ but no word has reached me from kin or friends, I am old and sick and alone with my boat”,’ Double Thinking of Parents During Festivals”, my mother of’ carefully she sews and thoroughly she mends’, and Mr. Zhu Ziqing’s father who took part in the back regulations..   When I forgot the key to the door was locked outside today, I felt panic in my heart and realized that this place in this room is not my home after all.. So where is my home? Did I lose it? I don’t know myself.     Cui ( my classmate, colleague and roommate ) has returned home these days, so I have to wait for the landlady to open the door for me. Silly stood at the door of the room waiting for a while, feeling that after all it was no way out, he went downstairs to the door and waited. The iron gate was locked and looked out at passers-by and vehicles. Think of two ancient poems” swing in the wall, front and back way. Wall layman, wall beauty laugh’. But now where do I dare to call myself beauty! Instead, they felt like beautiful women in the ancient harem, surrounded tightly by the palace gates, smeared with grease and powder every day, looking forward to winning the king’s smile. Xi Shi Neng” and the more the King loved her, the lovelier she looked, blinding him away from wisdom.”, Yang Guifei” if she but turned her head and smiled, there were cast a hundred spells, and the powder and paint of the Six Palaces faded into nothing’. But there is no such thing as a banquet. The king only listens to the new man’s smile. Where can he smell the old man’s cry?! So this magnificent palace is not their home after all. As for the parents’ side, they can only say such words as’ the water splashed out by the married daughter’,’ the chicken with the chicken and the dog with the dog’ and so on. ‘ The east wind is not with Zhou Lang, but the copper finches lock Er Qiao deeply in spring”. Even if Cao Cao’s copper finches really lock Er Qiao, how can they lock their hearts of thinking about Sun Ce and Zhou Yu?!     And for me! After graduation, I set foot on the train of working, carrying luggage, walking on strange roads and watching strange faces. When I found my first job, I thought I had found a home and had a place to live from now on.. But it was not a long time, so I came in a hurry and hurried away. I knew it wasn’t my home between the fingers in a hurry.!     Ma Zhiyuan sings” Old trees with withered vines and dim crows, bridges and running water. Ancient road west wind thin horse, sunset west, heartbroken person in the end of the world’. Feel oneself is the withered vine old tree bad crow.     Out of the first company. I stayed in the hotel for a few days, although the conditions inside were still acceptable, but I was looking for a job with a heavy heart during the day, dragging a heavy step back at night, and also paying a high price. So I knew that this place was not my home either. The home should be full of sunshine, warm and beautiful, and I wouldn’t stretch out my hand to ask for money.. A few days later, I found my present job and my boss rented us a house outside. The house was spacious, but there was nothing inside. So the next month, Cui and I bought some furniture and a TV set. After buying things, we have a total of 10 yuan money left, but we still have a week to pay. So he bought noodles with 5 yuan among them, and the rest of 5 yuan used them to buy some cheap food. For example, tofu can be bought in two pieces for one yuan, bean sprouts and a small bag for one yuan.. The vegetable dealer and Cui are a city, so he always affectionately calls us villagers. I listened very well, as if he had called for two sentences and found home again. Sometimes I would bargain with him, but later on, since everyone is looking for a home, I pity him for his difficulty.. From then on, he will no longer discuss the price of vegetables with him. Because I know this’ fellow villager’ word can be bought with this money! I used to be careless, and now I will be careful in my calculations. I feel like a housewife, so I fondly regard this small house as my home..     But now they are locked outside the door, looking at the hustle and bustle of people outside and looking at their smiles. It feels like they are laughing at me, laughing at me too silly, laughing at me too stupid, and laughing at me for taking this place as home. They seem to be secretly telling me, ” You are the catkin of the fallen leaves, and when the wind blows, you fly from home to home.”. Where is your home, but where is not like home”; As if they were still telling me, ” You are like the refugee, carrying your luggage and running around, but you can only come and go like a dragonfly and water.”. Can’t take root and sprout”.     As they spoke, the landlady returned. Took the key and opened the door, feeling like a lost lamb. Listen to Li Qingzhao’s drunken singing” Where is my hometown, forget to be drunk”, listen to Li Bai’s melancholy chanting” lifting myself to look, I found that it was moonlight, sinking back again, I thought suddenly of home”. My mind suddenly broke through the clouds and fog, and my memory began to clear up. I thought of’ but no word has reached me from kin or friends, I am old and sick and alone with my boat”, of’ Double Thinking of Parents on Festivals”, of’ carefully she sews and thoroughly she mends’ old mother, and of Mr. Zhu Ziqing’s father who took part in the back regulation..     So I knew that what was lost was only the body, and my heart was telling myself,’ My home is not on the Songhua River, but in a distant place where there are parents’.     Even if I have amnesia one day, I will definitely make the train to go home, and I will certainly recognize the path to go home, where there is ” small bridge and flowing water house”.[ Responsibility Editor: Yi Er[ Original ]