Constellation language

Persistence Capricorn: I love people who don’t like to share with others and don’t allow anyone to hurt me. If you are mine, no one else can step in. You are mine, I can’t bear to bully, which can let others bully!   Fraternity Aquarius: How I wish someone could accept my caprice, my nonsense, my sensitivity and sweat; How I wish someone could tolerate my bad temper, my barbarity and my insolence. How I wish someone would warm my life, my heart, my love. If you add a time limit to happiness, I hope it will be forever.   Dream Pisces: I’m fine, don’t make noise, don’t show off, don’t be wronged, don’t laugh, and don’t need other people to know. Some words only say to people who understand. You don’t understand. I’d rather be silent.   Ares Aries: Loneliness is that no one is with you. Loneliness is that those who miss you are far away. Everyone will be a lonely walker, and those who have love in their hearts will be lonely. Loneliness is a habit, loneliness is a pain, love is deep, even breathing is painful.   Stubborn Taurus: Being with you is just a helpless excuse. As long as you love me enough, there is no impossible future. If you decide to leave, please stop wishing me happiness, because after losing you, my happiness has nothing to do with you.   Changeable Gemini: If you can’t always treat me well, please don’t approach me. The most hurtful emotion in the world is not that you can’t feel warmth, but that you let go of your hand after giving me warmth..   Tender Cancer: A loved one, like a quicksand, turns to the end of the world at the moment of letting go.. You owe me an apology, but I won’t say it doesn’t matter, because I love you, it’s just once.   Leo the King: My heart is not big, so small that I can only hold you, and my eyes are full of you. My heart is big enough to hold all your emotions as long as you like. My warmth is so much, all of it has been given to you, if you want to return it, I only want you to have a heart.   Perfect Virgo: Some people say that those who live together for a long time are all calm love. In fact, what is around you is not necessarily the favorite, but the only thing that doesn’t fit properly. The favorite is always in my heart, so I still love you.. I met you in my most beautiful years, only once in my life, and I forgot myself for someone. It is enough to be vigorous like the plot of an idol drama, not everyone can experience it once in his life and have a confidant in his life..   Swing Libra: Some people have come to teach you to grow up. Some people came to accompany you to your old age. After turning around, you are still you, I am still me, I only remember that you have been here before.   Extremely Scorpio: Sometimes how I wish you were by my side, even if you don’t say anything, as long as you have one arm, it is better than thousands of words. Sometimes I wish you knew my heart, the taste of missing, and the bitterness in your heart.. If you say you miss me too, then everything you do for you is worth it. Perhaps the greatest happiness in the world is when I miss you and you just miss me.   Optimistic Sagittarius: The furthest distance in the world is not between life and death, but when you miss you, you are in the sky. The furthest distance in the world is not when you miss you, but when you miss you, you don’t want me. The furthest distance in the world is not missing you, you don’t want me, but I miss you, you don’t know. The furthest distance in the world is not that I miss you, you don’t know, but that I don’t say, you don’t understand, only silence.