L-carnitine is really that magical No adequate evidence

Really that magical?In recent years the network, appeared on television a lot of news about L-carnitine, is said to be able to effectively lose weight, it is not really that magical L-carnitine?Following small to tell you really that magical L-carnitine。
L-carnitine L-carnitine really that magical English called L- carnitine, also known as L- carnitine, BT or transliteration of carnitine left, the chemical name β- hydroxy acid trimethyl ammonium γ-。 In mid-1905, the Russians took the lead Gulewitsch and Krimberg found L- carnitine from meat extract, since then, scientists from various countries begin its in-depth research。
Earlier studies found that, L- carnitine is a vitamin nutrients and named it vitamin BT。
Beijing Chaoyang Hospital, vice president, nutritionist Professor Shen Yanying told the "Beijing Science and Technology News", L-carnitine was discovered in the last century, the 1950s, Western scientists discovered through animal experiments, L-carnitine is a fat burning process carrier。
The human body needs energy obtained by burning fat, and fat burning in cells' energy factories "- mitochondria completed, however, the fat itself is not automatically reach the mitochondria, and L-carnitine as a transfer vehicle, you can to carry fat into the mitochondria。 L-carnitine really so magical it is clear that if there is no L-carnitine, the body can not burn fat, L-carnitine deficiency may cause fatigue, obesity, etc.。
Shen Yanying said, however, that people do not have to worry about。
Our human body needs 80% of L-carnitine can be synthesized by the body itself, the remaining 20% can be eaten by acquiring other red meat and dairy products, and therefore, normal is not lack of this substance。 Only such as vegetarians, athletes such unbalanced diet, calories burned and a lot of people suffering from chronic kidney failure or lack of L-carnitine innate talents need extra。