Cherish life and time

Will time be quiet and beautiful in full bloom? Will Life Bloom Brilliantly?   In the unexpected meeting of hearts, there was a clear voice like a spring, flowing through the endless rivers and through the endless hours, gestating hopes and dreams, infiltrating the melody and sound of life, shaking and enriching the dull life of poverty.. It is a flower eager to listen and not grateful for youth, full of elegant and long-lasting fragrance.   The small hours were strung into dewdrops, devoutly embedded in the moment and moment of life, making the heart of Bingqing shining brightly.. The earth spews green, snow falls glaciers, flowers bloom and fade, sunrise and sunset, day by day, year by year, life is born, growing, maturing and falling in the flow of time. Living in the sun, trekking in the wind and rain, pondering in the struggle, singing under the rainbow, we both have happiness and happiness, but also have helplessness and sadness..   We live between black and white. Out of the darkness of night, dawn is just around the corner.   When moonlight is gently sprinkled on the dim light of night, how many fresh flowers are blooming, how many dazzling stars are shining, and how many ephemera are dying. When the sun illuminates your shy smile with metallic colors, I will plant some flowers in words. When your heart is tired, please listen to the sound of flowers..   The flowers bloom, the flowers fall, and the timing has finished its beautiful season.   When the wind blows, one flap of dream slides down. The brow, rolled up thousands of waves.   Holding thousands of thoughts, putting happy time in the corridor of life, making happiness spiral into a wild goose and fly freely.   Sing a song without a song, sing a lingering sound like water and time, surging, gentle, graceful and restrained thoughts.   Long years, engraved with the vicissitudes of life. The true and false of the coming and going, the joys and sorrows of walking and walking, need to walk before you can realize the complete river of life..   Take time lightly and watch the years rush by. Memories such as flowers and pure, heavy thoughts, blooming in the heart of caring, exuding light sorrow and joy. The banished melancholy and melancholy, desire and prosperity are forgotten in the dream.   Along the way, there are too many meetings to leave, rain or shine. The sea and the land have changed, time has passed, thousands of thoughts have been read, thousands of love has been shared, and dust has not been dyed.. After a long time, I picked up those pearl-like flash memories bit by bit, devoted myself to the marrow, and then bound them in the poetic images that I loved each other and returned to nature.. Let the breeze wash away the secular dust and give the walk a relaxed reality. The original is cool and simple, and wheatgrass will be permanent..   Through those years, how much innocent laughter rippled, how many beautiful past flowed, and how beautiful flowers blossomed, that was the outpouring and taste of true feelings.   The drizzle was dusk and the city was full of wind. Autumn – color ripple, light smoke and dreaminess. Who and the Degree of Jinse Nianhua? Ink dyed beautiful mountains and rivers, painted a beautiful picture scroll, the cool breeze sent love and the sea freehand brushwork, in order to stick to the transparent sincerity and eternal in the period of life together..   Know each other and live with each other, persist in sharing and bearing, and do not complain about separation and sadness.. Engrave your name in the wind, and let those beautiful dreams and those real thoughts bloom one by one in the deepest part of your heart like flowers.   Time flies, not to go, that once knew each other and cherish each other’s youth.   Autumn is getting thicker and more wild and red. Distant mountains are like clocks, wild geese break the sky. The years flow like jade, but the days fall like a riot of color.. A curtain of broken dreams, dense wind. Looking back on the past, I thought of flying thousands of mountains and feeling deep in the bay. In the face of sorrow and hardship, there is no need for loneliness, pathos, or sighing in autumn..   The memory of wandering, the wind is clear and the clouds are light. The pace of trekking, Qinghuan brilliant. Don’t ask me, don’t ask me, where I come from, I am a fallen leaf, returning to my hometown. Don’t ask me, don’t ask me, the direction of the dream, I am a flying eagle, lofty sentiments.   Take it, take it, I am brave, sincere and strong. Take it, take it, my humble feelings and thoughts.   Facing the future, life is bold and heroic. There are roses in the heart, and friendship will last forever. Don’t disperse the pure and beautiful memory like fog and haze, don’t tear the real love like night.Don’t leave Cambridge, don’t hurt the rain lane, once happy and moved, once cherished and hurt, happy our life.   Don’t let torture raise waves of regret, don’t let hurt break the heart of regret. Time goes by, days go by without much, life and yearning are cherished, life and time are treasured, and understanding is a bright warm sun and a smile is a beautiful fragrance.. Well, let’s warm and fragrant our lives together with sincerity, beauty and kindness.   What is life? Life is love. Is the white clouds, is the promise in the wind; It is a clear spring, a rose in the rain.   What is time? Time is love. It is tears of happiness and ecstasy of caring. Is unable to say sadness, is always adhere to the faith.   Face life and time, smile. Smile is a peaceful bright moonlight, illuminating you and warming me. Smile is a beautiful scenery that can’t be missed in life.   Tonight, when my thoughts slide past the eyebrow tips of the years, tears streaming down my face, lingering heart and flowers, the poem of life in the time is beautiful..   There are always some things in life that will never be remembered with the passage of time. However, there are always some things, such as sincere and beautiful feelings, which are forever engraved on our clear and transparent heart, no matter how the years change or how the seasons reincarnate..   Let’s warm and sincere with sincerity, warm and caring with love, and hold up a blue sky for each other with our thoughts.. Okay?   Time is like water, life is like rain. Thank god, thank time, thank fate, thank you, I will cherish . ah