Birthday panic

Tomorrow is my birthday again. In this quiet night, I dare not say how many years old my birthday is, but feel a little bit of inexplicable panic and quietly rise in the empty heart..     In his childhood, when he rode a bamboo horse around the bed and sniffed at his childhood, he was most eager to celebrate the New Year, play freely, eat well and wear new ones.. The second is looking forward to a birthday, which is the second holiday after the New Year. Every year’s birthday is a mother’s good Friday, and she will cook a delicious meal for her children, even if they make mistakes in playing with skin on this day, they will also get tolerance and understanding.. Besides, after a birthday, I felt I was a year older, physically taller and wiser, and I felt that it was a good day worth looking forward to.. Just like looking forward to the New Year, just after the birthday of each year, I can’t wait to count the number of days with my fingers and look forward to the next birthday soon..     However, after passing through the rough and difficult life and tasting the sweet and sour of life, this eager expectation for birthday has been replaced by a kind of inexplicable panic.     As if the sun in the sky was so vigorous when it first came out of the mountain in the morning, and the young face was so red and glowing.. However, as soon as the sky passed by, the sun became white and desolate, and a thin cloud could easily stop it.! The middle-aged man is the sun that has passed the middle of the sky. Every step by west is one step away from sunset and western hills.     As a result, there was a strange panic about birthdays.     However, I also know that this inexplicable panic may lead to two results. One is that panic has become a fetter, a fetter of our progress and a fetter of our lives.. Another result is that panic has become the driving force of our spirit, encouraging us to cherish our time, like a meteor in the process of limited life, streaking through the light marks that are short but exceptionally beautiful.!     Tomorrow, in the sound of friends’ blessing, I will have a good time thinking in the midst of the confusion. What kind of result will I make this panic become on another birthday of middle age??[ Responsibility Editor: Chloe[ Original ]