Back to Inner Mongolia

Once I was gone, willows and willows were coming. Today, I think it’s raining rain and snow . Ah, back in Inner Mongolia, it’s winter and snow is all over the mountain, feeling full!   Inner Mongolia should be counted as my hometown. I was born here and left at the age of five. I still have a vague impression in my memory.. memento mori, scattered and scattered, was intermittently dressed as the initial picture of childhood.   A small village surrounded by mountains. Home is in the south of the village, in front of a small hill and green grass, hiding a stone chariot that I don’t know when or who lost it, and it has become a good place for grandma to lead our group of grandchildren to visit once in a while.. Grandma sat on the stone chariot, and we ran and danced around, catching a dragonfly and running back to show grandma, chasing butterflies and making fun of each other for a while.. In the sun, grandma’s smile was so vivid and amiable!   At that time, I like to play with my second brother, who is one year old and older than my uncle’s family.. The second brother has a very good temper and is very simple and honest. In fact, he is only three months older than me, but he really has the demeanor of a elder brother and gives me everything. Therefore, we never quarrel with each other, even if I occasionally have some unruly willfulness..   What I like best is to save thin sand in the yard with small hands and stroke it into a’ wall’,’ yard’ with square sides, with’ house’,’ house’ and’ well – designed’ bedroom’ and’ kitchen’ inside.. After designing a small and warm ” home”, the most enjoyable work began: making a series of ” good dishes” in the kitchen – picking up a few pieces of colourful glass, making a dish of three to five pieces, and smashing the rest with stones to become ” delicious food”. Reflect the golden sun, glittering and translucent ” vegetables” as a feast for the eyes! It is true that the small hearts of us at that time were filled with infinite joy.   Many years later, the lovely house scene is still vivid in my mind.   In those days, we were a big family. There are grandparents on the list, and here are the uncle’s family, my family and my uncle. My parents are all good at hard work, whether they work or work in agriculture.. Grandma takes care of a large group of our grandchildren every day. It is happy and the family is thriving..   Remember when the family had flocks of cattle and sheep and horses. Every evening, the scene of ” the evening of the day is over, the cattle and sheep are coming down” is real: as soon as the flock of sheep has entered the circle, the herd of cattle has come in with gusts of fire and fury, and mom and aunt are so busy that our children hide in the house and watch the scene of bustle at the window.. When uncle came back from work, dad and uncle finished work, the family sat round and round and had a lively dinner, although it was coarse tea and light rice, it was delicious and carefree.! After dinner, they went to grandma and grandpa’s room to chat with their parents and make them happy. Our children surround the front and back of the old man’s knee, listening to the adults chatting, seemingly knowing or not, but producing peace and happiness.. The busy and tired day is easy to dissipate unconsciously in the soft light and the conversation … Ah, the old time … Ah, the hometown that will last forever in memory.!