As night continues from morning

How far is the free distance between real life and human nature? Both macro and micro real life directly affect our hearts, which are driven into a narrow space and squeezed into a center as small as a snail’s shell..   If the night continues from the morning, what good is this silent and colorless darkness? I am often amused by these crazy and unrestrained thoughts in my brain, or I am so angry that I want to cry aloud.. There may not be a profound ideological intention or a deliberate reference to it. What can I do? All the common bones of a child seem to break and rebuild this natural order by their own words, as if by their own will they can change the inherent pattern of life, as if by this they can suddenly stand up in front of the secular materialization and lift their proud arms like a giant in front of the world.. As a result, I will feel surprised and cold, just as a rebellious expedition, holding my voice and pulling out a discordant tone..     If the night continues from the morning, this title has already made me very sleepy, and my brain shows a wooden lag and blank. I just narrowed my eyes slightly this morning and did not wake up from sleep at all. I did not want to move my body. It’s exhaustion attached to the body and insomnia that makes me unable to cheer up. Just like the thinking of a childlike child, thinking about the absurd way of deceiving himself and deceiving others by hiding his ears and stealing his bell, he seeks the power of rescue for himself to sleep a little longer.. Next, I don’t know what kind of words to use to continue to write about the reasons for the continuation of the night. I even hope to immediately read the scriptures and find out the sage’s thoughts and experience to meet my next behavior.. However, with these help, I may lose my self – awareness. If I lose my self – consciousness, the spirit given to me by creation will be lost at the same time. I am a little afraid of becoming an ugly animal that knows food and sleep.. When the light illuminates my whole body, I give up the call of oriental brightness and white, and still cling to the black in the dark without letting go. I am not guilty..     Every day there will be fresh content, where will I stand? What kind of people do you contact? What kind of things do you do? Will there be unexpected bad news? When I walk out of this door, I will be slightly uneasy because I don’t know the exact answer. Hope to quietly shrink into the night, wander lonely in the empty sleep state with hope, and give up searching for the exit to break through the darkness abominably.. Sinking behind the dark and empty darkness, he was timid and did not dare to stretch out his head to meet the slight whiteness on the window glass.. Is this really a psychology of avoiding reality and fearing challenges? If we go back to this logic, it must be an object that needs to be saved and educated.. To say such a thing is a response that cannot be applauded.     In virtually shouldering the heavy pressure, my neck was suddenly swollen with green water, so I had the idea of a passive recluse.. The load borne by people in this world is so unbalanced. The sound of complaints will only be swallowed up by the roaring waves. Trembling with fright is only a tiny ripple mark. Even so, I don’t think the magic lamp in my heart can already be swept away by the wind and then put out the glow.. According to the scriptures, the light in a person’s body is extinguished, and the darkness is so great. Well, I can see the bright flames beating inside me, I can still see the door of hope clearly, waiting piously for the sound of the door opening at that moment.. Even if I make a long cry in the dark, please don’t judge me as being intimidated by the dark, but as being lured by laziness for a while, just as being greedy and enjoying the freedom of the mind when unloading in this quiet night.. I have never given up the dream of chasing drift from left to right. I stand up and squeeze into the noise during the day without looking forward and rushing to catch my own way.. The lust for the night and the desire for the continuation of the night are just flashes of fluorescence, which are not enough to tempt my consciousness. Accommodating me to sleep for a little while, just when I haven’t woken up in time this morning.     What is the free distance between real life and human nature? Both macro and micro real life directly affect our hearts, which are driven into a narrow space and squeezed into a center as small as a snail’s shell.. Meditation gives ear to the religious confessions of Shinto, ” Those who transcend worries, deviate from worries, enjoy nirvana, drive away greed and anger, and lead to the heavens are the winners of the path.”. I am not a monk of spiritual practice. I can do four things in one place and exchange colors freely and naturally.. What I need for the night is only a chance to relax my mind, just to use the time I can control to build a resting place for my mind.. Let your heart out and breathe the free air. At the same time, welcome the glorious appearance of authenticity and goodness.. There are also those hidden pains and half-frozen hopes that need to be comforted in the dark. ‘ The sound of the leaves of buttonwood leaves is parting from the rain in the third night”,’ Apricot flowers in spring rain, flute till dawn”, which sentence is not to open the heart door at night and touch poetry and ci with heart. If you face the bright and white sun, maybe these deep sentences are inconvenient to take out. What darkness brings to the mind is not pressure, but love and care..     The great beauty is silent, the night is the hotbed of all things sleeping, and I think this is just a temporary lack of sound.Life at this moment is preparing a wonderful opening speech to dawn tomorrow morning. Where are the birds? They are combing their messy feathers at this moment, waiting for bright appearance tomorrow morning. Where are the trees and flowers? They are sucking nectar with fiber and nourishing their energy. What about me?? Maybe he will still lie on the bed, touch the wrinkles inside and try to smooth them out. Adjust your state of mind, correct your goals and grasp the way forward. My mind abandons my body and whispers to the camellias waiting to be placed on the rooftop. During the day, I have seen a little glow on the flowers. It takes a long year for the green buds of camellias to change color.. Finally, when the night comes, they are blushing and adorning their faces. For the first time, they are stunning and need to dress up well enough in the dark.. Yes, I saw this tea blossom in the morning, and I know it never stopped fiddling with its shape last night..     At night, the eyes lose the function of recognition and cannot see themselves clearly. The heart is most active at this moment. The ability of the heart to go beyond the eyes is that it can penetrate the temptation of appearance, like a probe that does not simply identify things, but makes an in-depth analysis. It can only be the night. After the wisdom spirit has been cleansed, you close your eyes and call everything slowly, and they will come to life in front of you.. Xuanhuang miscellaneous, the sun and moon overlapping the wall, with the image of hanging beautiful sky, mountains and rivers shining brightly, with the shape of paving the ground, all the elements of nature are called. The sounds of nature converge into a symphony of souls. In the night, the world that cannot be measured by eyes is easily called and condensed into your heart.     During the day, I felt like a machine without any awareness. I thought the spirit of modern people’s trekking was beyond mules and horses. The busy rhythm is like the monotonous sound of an axe chiseling the wall, with a sonorous sound but no lasting appeal. I’m just a traveller, not a rational wise man. I only know that the time of night will be mine. Only in the night can I lose my reserved expression, and the feeling of returning home seems to be to find a free end – result.. There is no need for a solemn and profound process of striving for freedom of the soul. It is when the night comes, the angel will return freedom to your hands, and the angel will not comment on what you did during the day.. Loneliness in the night is the way to the soul. I am free. I used to never actively find something to do in the dark. I will digest the tiredness with my friends in the light and wine. By chance, he will only turn over a few pages of books and smell the familiar ink fragrance, and then he will want to sleep after reading a few hundred words.. Later, he learned to write and began to lay out other people’s lives. No matter what I do, it is my arrangement. I freely do what I want to do according to my own ideas. I don’t want to have a phone call or a sudden invitation to visit. I have good reasons to refuse all invitations.. No one can deprive me of my freedom in the dark.     Looking at those people who are rushing home in the dim light of night, I am deeply moved. They flashed in my sight. I can imagine the expression of the moment they turned on the light when they got home, closed the door, let off fatigue, and stretched their hearts freely in the small space.. Tired of leaning against a soft cushion, lay down with a comfortable bed.     If the night continues in the morning, the freedom of the heart will also continue. My wisdom also seems to be most active only when the black gradually fades away and the curtain is about to close in the night.. It is probably going out of this free time and space that I value this possibility of continuation so much.. At dawn, the day is used for traveling. Alas, the night will not last in the morning. I can only admit the fact that I should get up.