After the sadness, start over again

Every time I was brave, I didn’t get the response I deserved. Cigarettes were intoxicated with luxuriant beard and beer was pouring out endless wandering. Spring flowers and autumn moon, when will they end up. The garret railing, who is playing the piano. Once childhood friends, passing time. Today, each side of the sky is reduced to a joke. The wind is laughing, laughing at how stupid I am when I am young, and laughing at how hard I hate because of love.. People floating on the road, cars coming and going, thinking about the thousands of baidu people searching for her, who can play music for me this evening?     Standing on the overpass, overlooking the earth, the dim street lamp is somewhat sad in the dim darkness. Are you drunk in this chaotic world or are you sympathetic to me, an idle, good-natured teenager? Passers – by in the street were in a hurry, as if they were busy and tedious. No one noticed me, so small as I was, that I could be ignored and forgotten by me.. The wind is blowing, challenging, poking at my roots. Before I could notice, my hair was almost touching my shoulder. The funny thing is, no one cares whether my hair is long or short, whether it is beautiful or messy.. Empty, empty, empty. No love, no love, no romantic month. What a beautiful moonlight does not wear the shadow in front of me. I don’t know for whom the bright sky is hanging..     If there’s anything else in the world that can make me worry, there’s nothing else but your smiling face. For you, I have become a ruthless incarnation, a ruthless messenger. Perhaps only in the middle of the night, no one can reveal the only warmth in the vast open area. I forgot to fall in love and devote myself to the world. I always like to hide in the dark corner and heal myself. This kind of unreasonable miss, I was so reluctant to know that the beauty around me is fading away, and I just woke up like a dream.. Just like the crossroads at the foot of the road, sometimes we need to shed tears to cut our hearts and make the right choice.. At present, only the traffic lights coordinate the world management in an orderly shift day. I smiled, a little bitter. Why punish yourself with other people’s mistakes? I threw the pop can behind me, trimmed my skirts and walked smartly under the bridge.     If life is an infinite quagmire, the intersection in front of us is a challenge full of thorns. Only brave people can be black and blue but still smile to the end.. We expect beautiful stories to happen behind us because we still believe in our own life, reality comes too simply, and my disability is due to excessive pursuit of perfection. Even if it is a brush, a look at each other, I will always mistake it for a beautiful love. Finally, I bought a single for my own wishful thinking and owed a debt of gratitude for my ignorance. Since then, I have embarked on this journey of repaying my debts without any hesitation.     ‘ Boss, cut me a handsome short hair with a little sunshine.” I walked into the barber’s shop and said to the barber with a simple and honest smile..     The feeling at this time is just like the advertisement in this store’ everything starts from scratch’, watching the chaos of decadence slide slowly across the shoulders and leave the ground.. I smiled happily and felt extremely relaxed. Fall, fall, everything is over. In ancient times, I cut off my robe and cut off my righteousness. Today, I cut off my hair and cut off my hatred. Once my soul is released, my thoughts will flow all over the sky.. No longer expect, no longer fear, no longer feel dejected and hurt by the ruthlessness of the flowing water, no longer turn a blind eye to the happiness around you, and no longer fear for this long life. Hope that there will always be a good place for me in front of this intersection.     The spring breeze blows, where is life not natural and unrestrained.   The autumn wind gives some strength, where is life not satisfied.   Tonight, I will drink and sing loudly and soundly..   The wind slowly hit, very emotional, spend a full moon, I unbridled laugh and laugh.   Time flies quietly and far away, how much embarrassment, things are different, I indulge in high songs.   I will mount a long wind some day and break the heavy waves, and set my cloudy sail straight and bridge the deep, deep sea, since then, life, proud to face.