A trip to Lushan

Early autumn, blue sky like water, white clouds like sails … Ah, early in the morning, I drove to Lushan to visit a friend living in the mountains. Along the way, the beauty of rolling hills and the beauty of clear waves and flowing water could not find the right words and ink to describe under the pen tip. Then stay in the heart, carve in the heart, let the years hone, the good is always good!   In a small station surrounded by mountains, I got out of the car and my friends were already waiting there. With my friend, I went up a mountain road to the north, but only a hundred meters away. There was a small river: flowing from east to west, clear water, shallow river bottoms, large and small stones, all of which were extremely beautiful among the mountains.!   My friend told me that the small bridge here was washed away by the mountains and rivers in the heavy rain a few days ago.. I’m going down to cross the river.   My friend sat on a big rock and cleanly took off his shoes and socks.   I also sat on a big rock together and took off my shoes and socks on one foot. Just as I put my foot on the gravel on the beach, I was hurt by the gravel. I was busy and put on my shoes and socks..   In the mountains in early autumn, the water is cool. Walking inside, my heart: also wandering in the flowing water, curling up the heart river, talking and laughing, as if I had returned to my childhood – of course, my childhood could not be returned – only the beauty of pieces of broken pieces and the pain of mottled pieces – ok, ha ha, fortunately, the river surface is not wide, and I soon reached the other side of the river..   Sitting on a big rock heated by the sun, taking off the wet shoes and socks, pouring out the water from the shoes, wringing off the water from the socks, and airing on the big rock: Yes, I don’t want to take off the shoes and socks for fear of pain. Pain: What a mystery! Pain: I’ve been talking about it for 5,000 years, but I can’t finish it … Ah, my friend sat on a big rock, dried his feet, put on his shoes and socks, and looked at my wet shoes and socks and said, ” You’re going to run away wearing wet shoes and socks today, that’s a pain.”. Over a few hills, it was already noon . ah, on the well table in front of a cottage on the side of the mountain, there were several tomatoes that tempted me to approach them. The tomatoes have festered and there are still a few flies on them. They are disappointed.   In the midday sun, there was a colorful halo in front of me … Ah, my friend walking in front turned around and saw my embarrassment and comforted me by saying, ” It’s almost home, and the family has already prepared a meal.”. ‘ I know he said fast, but also over a few hills!   I cheer up, on my way; When I walked about a mile, my friends waited on the side of the road and I sped up the pace. It turned out to be a jujube tree. Jujube trees are full of fruit, but they are still small. Well, there is a red jujube with the power of temptation. Falling branches and picking the red jujube; I washed my hands and red dates by the riverside . Ah, this red date, sweet red dates, moistened my heart – the way of life. What a wonderful experience it should be! Affection, love and friendship … Ah, he climbed over two hills and saw a small farm in the mountains and curled up smoke … Ah, a woman wearing a worn-out red blouse and a pair of black trousers, wearing a pair of worn-out plastic sandals, disheveled white hair, a long bamboo pole on her shoulder and smiling head – on. The friend said hello to the woman, who looked at me and said, ” Here we are.”! ‘ Just like the warmth of a long-lost family member, the kind smile on his face is just like the sunshine sprinkled on us..   I took hold of a woman’s hand, which was a hand like a withered tree skin after many vicissitudes of life – in the years of life, did our hearts not behave like this!   Hello! The woman said repeatedly, ” Good, good.”. I saw the woman’s rare teeth … Ah, the woman held my hand tightly and said, ” Go to my house for dinner.”! I didn’t go to the woman’s house for dinner. I thank the woman in this mountain village and leave a good memory for me. I will miss her.!   When they came into the village, there was a barking of dogs, and then they heard their master’s shouts. The dogs were obedient and lazily lying in front of the door. I was surprised that the dogs in the mountain village were so hospitable that I couldn’t help crouching down and greeting the dogs. My friend laughed at me: ” You’re not hungry.”! ” .” In the afternoon, I left here, rolling hills, dense woods, clear running water, smoke curling up from cooking fires, a woman smiling like a child, smoking food, lazy dogs … Ah, when I entered the mountain, the advertisement said, ” You collect mountains, mountains collect you.”.   The sweet dew of red jujube, walking in the river’s laughter . Ah