A long-lost mood

On such a warm afternoon, after finishing the work at hand, I felt relaxed for a while. I don’t know what to write, but I felt like I had many words to say and haven’t written anything for a long time. I just felt like I had no ink in my chest and didn’t know what it meant to be numb. I always wanted the words to represent my thoughts and thoughts and put my joys and sorrows on the paper. That was the best catharsis and the best statement…     Just one afternoon today, I want to open up the long-lost space and express my feeling of tightness in the long-lost way.!     Life is trivial, but it is also not replicable. Every day in the busy life, there is no faith, no lofty pursuit and ideal, just want to live a good life!     I don’t know why I sometimes feel inexplicable troubles, perhaps because of the pressure in my work and life. Fortunately, I can change the pressure into relief and do something I like in depression, such as walking in words, such as browsing some beautiful articles on the Internet, so that I can forget a lot and enrich myself, but I am also glad I have an elegant mood. Although I can’t write with ink, I also like to write with ink and dance, and then enjoy it.! Feel very comfortable! And in self – entertainment.     It’s a good feeling that I haven’t knocked on the keyboard for a long time. It’s like telling my friends, but I’m not wary. I can speak freely, freely and easily.!     I really don’t know what title I want to write, nor can I name it, so I have to name it ” untitled.”. At least I can find my long-lost memories and feelings here. If this is always my paradise, I have no reason to waste it, have I not?     Spring is really coming. I smell the flowers, and then I only smell the flowers, which has nothing to do with sadness.