A calm heart is like a lotus before fragrance all the way

The spring breeze blows the cold building, the light night is sober and cool, the moonlight is hazy, and the shadows swaying alone, ” the ease of flying flowers is as light as a dream, and the endless silk rain is as thin as sorrow”, the gentle moonlight flows through the ground in silence, and the longing for love renders the desolation through the ages.. Quiet, listen to the moon night wind bamboo knock spring rhyme, gaze, how many gloomy. Look at the grey white hair combed out of the hair gap by time, and the thoughts also quietly flow to the distance.     The world of mortals is boundless, and worries like rain can not be brushed away, and the fate like water can not be ended.. The lakeside of reincarnation washes away the lead, lonely beauty temples are like frost, and years of displacement have become a sea change.. I don’t know where I am, but I look back on my feelings and feel sad and heartbroken.! Life could not have been four seasons like flowers, and there would always be some regrets, sometimes sad, sometimes painful, sometimes possessed and sometimes lost.. It is perfect to think it over and see it open! Without fame and fortune, without greed and strife, life can have a beautiful poetic life of red cherry green banana..     The autumn wind knows the fallen leaves, winter snow recognizes the cold plum, places the eye on the south mountain moon, and makes the wine alone joyous, boundless and boundless. yearning and reality are always so far away. too many disappointments always make people hide in the lonely harbor and tell the vicissitudes and helplessness.. The busy life will always fade away some charming colors in the complicated world, forget some small plots in the corner and cool some real things. ‘ Have a good time and listen to the cool breeze slowly, flowing water, singing a song of ci poetry, singing a song of broken hearts, combing the plain days into a poetic landscape.”.     Smoke and rain, the world of mortals, tread all over Qian Shan, accustomed to the trivial matters of dust, there will always be some fragments that are no longer mentioned, and there will always be some pain that has always been hidden in the bottom of my heart.. The past is like smoke. Go ahead! Come on, come on! In the days of flying, flowers bloom with hot flowers and fallen leaves with quiet beauty. ‘ used to watching autumn wind and winter rain, a pot of turbid wine likes to meet”, raised his glass to the moon in silence, drank the world of mortals alone, laughed calmly and sang the end of the world, and never regretted the end of the string..     The lonely smoke in the desert is straight, and the long river falls into the yen. The lonely smoke has the quiet beauty of the lonely smoke and the setting sun has the magnificence of the setting sun.. Buddha said: One flower, one world, one leaf, one bodhi. It is a kind of mood to smile at flowers, a kind of state to admire flowers and fall, no one in the bright moon praises Ming Che, and no one in the sun admires and warms alone.. All worldly dust has a pure lotus flower in every heart, a peaceful heart and calm eyes.. If you want to stay at will, tsing yi’s plain heart will be ” why look for hibiscus in thousands of miles” to laugh at your past ambition. fate always has to go through the cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter and the immersion of wind, frost, rain and snow. on the long way of life, you must always learn to be calm and calm, and throw away all sorts of things, and enjoy a pool of violet with a heart that is moderate in shade and ease. Zhuo Qing Lian is not a demon, pure and elegant in heart, not dirty and dirty, but light in vanity, so that the past Huan of mixed feelings of sorrow and joy can be washed into a faint warmth..     Life is like a dream, and turning around is the end of the world. In this journey without turning back, the scenery along the way is beautiful, but we should also learn to forget while walking.. The world changes from heart to heart, everything follows one’s inclinations, learning to choose and choose, putting down greed and persistence, you are a rich man and you are an extraordinary man.. Everything in life has cause and effect. The heart is selfless and the world is wide. The heart is wide and the road is wide. If you let go, you will be stronger, if you lose it, you will have more, if you fail, you will be more resolute. If you don’t argue, it will be compassion and if you don’t argue, it will be wisdom..     The bustling 3,000, such as flowers and pure dreams and fingers, has passed through Qian Fan in a hundred years, leaving only a handful of yellow sand.. Looking back, who left a shallow smile for who broke the bridge outside the post station, and interpreted it as’ the head of the building has a dream of five more minutes, and the flower bottom has left sorrow for the rain in March’; Who is cooking wine for who is childhood sweethearts, ” the clothes are getting wider and wider and will not regret” and ” forget the date of return; Who is singing ” Lonely Flowers Without Them” for Whom? . ” Too many and too many clouds and past events have to be put down all the time.. The world of mortals has a long way to go. Abandoning troubles is clean, ignoring right and wrong is comfortable, and simple makes people relaxed, happy, peaceful and peaceful.. Simplicity and simplicity are the only way to realize the lightness of life, to understand the stillness of life, and to be calm as a lotus is the only way to fragrance all the way.     ( Essays on the Day and Night of February 24, 2017 ) )