The devils fled for their lives under the strafe of the plane

The third time I remember about nine years old, Japanese planes bombed the whole street, from Shuidong Street to Taiping Bridge, hundreds of meters long. The shops on both sides of the street were almost completely destroyed, and those not bombed were also burned down. Adults said it was a petrol incendiary bomb..   Article 431 Where a ghost soldier goes, he is robbed, raped, burned and killed, and lives are lost wherever he goes.. Where the devil’s plane flew, it bombed, strafed and burned the house, and the old and children who could not run were injured, killed, burned and burned, leaving their families dead and homeless..     The devils did nothing evil and killed innocent people. It was clearly a loss of good fortune and brazen saying’ co – prosperity’. It was a disaster and a pest, but they dressed themselves up to save the suffering and rescue. Which people did not hate it, which people did not gnash their teeth and hate their guts, and which people did not wish to peel their skins and break their sons and grandsons?.     Only traitors or traitors who seek glory from the traitors will speak well of them and even flatter the devils shamelessly..     The devils are really hateful and cruel. Where did the people in the mountainous areas in my hometown provoke them, they even did not let go, sending planes to harass and bomb them when they couldn’t get into the mountains..     During the eight years of Anti – Japanese War, I fled the Japanese planes for several years back and forth..     I remember just running to the foot of the mountain and the devil’s plane came, scared my legs and feet soft and couldn’t run. I still remember that mom and dad’s shop was blown up with rubble, broken bricks and scorched earth, so mom had to embroider and knit sweaters for others and put small stalls in the street to support her life..     I remember fleeing the plane every day, almost many times in the day, before the alarm was lifted, the alarm sounded again, before I sat down to rest, and then I had to get up to flee the plane and go to the shelter to hide the plane..     It started with parents hiding in the cellar of their neighbor’s house, and ran to the shelter on the mountain from the third grade until the fifth grade, when the county seat had an airport and allied planes were stationed here, the devil planes did not come again.. I still remember that I was afraid of hearing the alarm and that I was scared every day.     Whistle from one to three, the most afraid of three emergency alarm. ” whoops” a sound seems to be shouting: ” the devil’s plane is coming! The ” whoops” and ” whoops” sound, probably: ” Run quickly and the devil’s plane will arrive soon.”! ” Whoops Whoops Whoops Whoops Whoops Whoops Whoops Whoops Whoops Whoops Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops, Whoops! ‘ Alert a blare wow, from home, or from school, on the way to school, or from the school classroom, back up the bag and ran to the mountain, often panting, even weak legs and feet, can no longer run.     I will never forget the day when I fled the Japanese planes, especially three of them will never be forgotten..     One was immediately followed by a preliminary alarm, two alarms and three emergency alarms.. To get to the foot of the mountain, I have already heard the gentle roar of the plane. My classmates urged me to run, but I was out of breath and couldn’t run, so I had to sit alone on the stone steps.     The second time more nervous. I have already seen the black thing hovering overhead, afraid to look, but I want to see it again. Not only did I see it, but I also heard it roar noisily, louder and scarier than the thunderbolt.. Even more afraid, I heard intermittent machine gun fire.     Just close to the mountainside, there is still a distance from the shelter. Afraid of bullets coming, I can’t step away. There are also people who are in a hurry and shout in the distance: ” Don’t run, if you run, you will expose your target. Grab it quickly.”! ‘ I dare not run any more, I already can’t run, my legs and feet don’t listen to me at all.     In a dilemma, where to strip off? There is no room around, not even a hut, no trees, bare, only rocks, loess, weeds, and small short pine trees.. I dare not look into the sky again, for fear that the devil’s machine guns will sweep over..     I gasped for air and jumped in my heart. What an unforgettable moment, the devil plane almost killed me, can I not remember it?     Once again. People who don’t believe in devils’ cruelty listen: I watched devils’ planes drop bombs from behind their buttocks with my own eyes. The plane has round Peugeot, which adults call’ Plaster Flag’.     Because the air-raid shelter was too stuffy to breathe, the smell of SAO flavor could not bear to be squeezed out of it, standing under a big camphor tree together with some that probably could not bear the smell of SAO flavor..     Happened to watch the devil planes circling in the air, flying lower and lower, then dropping bombs. Some people saw red flares rising, saying they were issued by traitors.     Then as the bombs dropped down, smoke billowed forth, flames flickered and houses collapsed.. The sound of houses collapsing and rubble continues.     After that, the mothers-in-law and mothers under the tree burst into bawl: ” Kill the head.”! Of the childlessness! Wolf heart dog lung! The whole family is dead ” .” Some scold devils and others traitors.     As the devil planes bombed, the adults talked about pointing to the smoking place: it’s like Shuidong Street, it’s like Lion Street, it’s like Longevity Palace, it’s like Taiping Bridge … Ah, it’s not the government, nor the army, it may all be temples, bridges, shops.. I heard it was Shuidong Street, and my heart was immediately pulled up. Mom and Dad’s store was there.Such a day will never be forgotten.     Many refugees who had been displaced and uprooted by the devils came from their hometown, crossing mountains and mountains from all directions with a southern accent to the north..     Refugees have black faces and ragged clothes. Some pick a load of bamboo baskets with a child on one side. Some women hold one in front and one behind, while men carry a heavy load of bedding and pots and bowls of sundries..     It was a man who was driven to desperation by the devils, and he only fled here in spite of all hardships and hardships..     This is the mountain city, surrounded by high mountains and rugged mountain roads, and the devils are less than a hundred miles away, because the mountain roads are rugged and the devils have never been able to enter the mountains.. However, the devils refused to let go, often sending planes to harass and even bombard them..     My third memory was about nine years old, when the devil plane blew up the whole street, from Shuidong Street to Taiping Bridge, hundreds of meters long, almost all the shops on both sides of the street were destroyed, and those that were not blown up were also burned down. Adults said it was a petrol incendiary bomb.. The plane is in the air. Who dares to come out and put out the fire. My parents left only scorched earth, broken tiles, broken bricks and black beams in a store..     This beautiful mountain city with mountains and rivers is full of dutiful businessmen, hard-working workers, dedicated teachers, hardworking students and farmers, all of which have turned into flames, black smoke and scorching odors.. Some people don’t even admit their crimes or even compliment them, alas!     My oil and salt store has become scorched earth. The next day, he pounded back and forth in the ruins, only collecting weights, scales, iron spoons, copper washbasins and black-burning nails..     Looking at mom and dad’s face, I didn’t say a word, crying in my heart and hating devils, can I not forget forever.     Almost seventy years ago, what a deep and sad memory! Think of the days when the devils fled for their lives under the machine gun fire of the devils’ planes, and their hearts will still tremble almost now.. I don’t have to take it seriously. I really want to forget it and treat it as a nightmare. But no, it’s deeply engraved in the heart. It’s really too deep to forget.     Take part in the ” http: / / blog” of the rain cloud’s 70 – year nostalgia essay of 500 articles. Communications company. CN / Dydy ABC[ Responsible Editor: Yuet Hua[ Original ]