Beware the beginning of spring and health contraindication of these things

Beginning of spring beginning of spring regimen taboo What is a solar term in the spring of twenty-four solar terms, which in this spring season health what are the things it should be noted that the following Xiaobian to tell us something about the beginning of spring regimen taboo, Oh, these things must be careful!The beginning of spring and health contraindication to hide the spring, the beginning of spring is the escape of the day。
The beginning of spring is the first solar terms round solar terms inside。 "Li" is the "beginning" means, Chinese people have been accustomed to the beginning of spring as the beginning of spring, rebirth new beginning。 Therefore, the importance of the beginning of spring can be seen。 Traditional customs to the left, to the beginning of spring every day can not have a war of words, and must live in harmony, calmly greet this day。
And some local customs inside, hiding in spring this day should not be relocated to visit seriously ill patients to participate in the funeral and so on, so as not to provoke adverse impact of luck throughout the year。 Three main dish for spring tonic solar terms beginning of spring arrival, indicating to enter the spring, early spring health care should be based on Liver Yang and then spring to eat what do spring sun care health recipe, what does the following to recommend several recipes, there is enhance yang effect, it may be timely to add that, take a look below。 A health taboo beginning of spring, eat more green and yellow vegetables anti-Chun Kun Chun Kun is the case a lot of people in the spring are often in Chunkun when people often feel physical fatigue, lack of energy。 So in the spring should eat more red and yellow and dark green vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkin, tomato, green pepper, celery, good for energy recovery, vegetables in season, such as Malan head, Chinese wolfberry can improve the body's resistance to top。
Second, Xin Gan of the goods to help Chunyang spring we start germinal body yang, while Chinese medicine also believes that the liver in season in spring is one of the body's internal organs, should be appropriate to eat Xin temperature rise of casual food and cold hybrid sticky thing it should be needy, so as not to damage the spleen and stomach。